Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #39 – Oil Of Preparation

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) We’re supposed to be in a continuous supply of the Holy Spirit, moment by moment, day-by-day, because the oil is flowing freely into the candlestick. I think we’re probably the candlestick; Christ is the light that dwells in the candlestick, but the oil of the Spirit ignites and fuels the light and life of the Lord. But it’s continuous; it’s without effort. It’s without military might, that’s what that word means, not by might, not by human power, do we have this. We have it by being a receptive vessel. And we talked receiving last time as well.
(J) Right, right.
(M) It’s receiving the Holy Spirit, it’s needing Him, it’s being dependent on Him. And in that state of being, the flow of the Spirit is continuous. That means the flow of light and life, are continuous within the believers life. Isn’t it wonderful?
(J) It really is
(M) It finally answers for me how it is you accumulate oil. Well you see I’ve been filled with the Spirit today, for next week.
(J) And if you were not listening, and walking in the Spirit today, you would not be prepared for next week; and everything would be a surprise, and then you would be in fear, and then…
(M) Right, right. That’s the integrity of God, to give the Holy Spirit, the means to prepare us, for whatever we face. So that when we face it, it’s really nothing. I’m resolving now, the natural fears of going. I imagine the people we’re going to visit have fears too.
(M)It’s a new experience that produces vulnerability, that drives you to the Lord. That’s not sin in of of itself. It would be sin if it were not resolved into faith. So I’m on a venture now, that probably every day, I will have the oil of the Spirit available to me, if I will not be foolish, and get busy and miss it.
(J) You know, the funny thing is that a lot of the things that you’ve been doing lately, could look like distractions; but they could be the very preparation for the trip.
(M) Yes, exactly.
(J) That’s why you have to be so open handed and free with the Spirit, to allow Him to guide your day, and your doings, because, you don’t have any idea what’s coming, nor what preparation is needed in order to get you to where you need to be.
(M) That’s right, and to know that is a wisdom; and to ask Him, to be receptive to the Holy Spirit. Those who are led of the Spirit are the sons of God. And I think it’s Sparks that says, outside of that, we do not function, we might be born again, but we do not function as the children of God, only when we’re led of the Spirit; and the Spirit leads you right out of fear. He comes, He knows you inside out, He knows what’s coming, what’s past, he knows what you need, and what you need to hear, and He knows what the Father’s agenda is. Oh, the blessed Holy Spirit.  How we need to be in fellowship with Him every single day, if not every moment.
(J) Every moment, sure, every moment.
(M) I got a certain faith this last week, that there is no reason not to be continuously filled with the Spirit, because the supply is continuous. I often feel, that I’m both, either severed from the supply, which is unbelief, or that the supply isn’t there, which is unbelief. It changed me somewhat this week to…I wasn’t even on this side of it.  I was on another side of the filling of the Spirit when I realized it’s a continuous, unending, free, flow of oil, which is the anointing of the presence of God.
(J) We’re lacking nothing.
(M) Absolutely. And it’s going to be exciting to see what other preparations He will do. I have been focused on the preparation of my home, and my husband, and my packing, and my office and the ministry; I’ve been focused on the practical preparation. And He, through my dear friend and intercessor, turned me a bit to give me a scripture to prepare me in the Spirit. And He has to even do that.  That’s part of the oil of the Spirit too. He captures you.
(J) Everyone can obviously hear from the last two podcasts they can hear that I’ve been being prepared too. Through repentance and, usually that’s it, usually there’s a lot of repentance before you go out into something.
(M) Yes.
(J) And that’s hearing. I really don’t want to be an unwise virgin; I don’t want to not be prepared, and to be in fear.
(M) Right.  And the ultimate, oh my goodness, the ultimate end of it is, the Bridegroom closes the door on you. You know, I believe that’s the door of the rapture. And they come and knock on the door and He says, “believe me I do not know you.”
(J) Because you didn’t know Me.
(M) You didn’t know Me by the Spirit, I don’t kow you.
(J) You didn’t listen, you weren’t doing what I was doing, and so.
(M) You weren’t giving me time.
(J) Good-bye.
(M) Its serious consequences for the future. And what that all means, we really may not know, but it is very vivid; it’s one of those black and white, stark, messages of the Lord Jesus. It’s either yes, or no.
(J) And one that I certainly don’t want to play with. Nor do I think our listener’s would want to play with that.
(M) Right. But that’s the end.
(J) It’s too costly.
(M) Yes, it is. But He will prepare us to wait for Him, by the Spirit, and only by the Spirit. The Spirit is completely sufficient, outlandishly lavish, and we are wanting in nothing; everything is in the Spirit. And all we have to do is receive, spend time, listen, and receive. It’s that wonderful simplicity, that we can do that. I was talking to someone this week, a missionary, and I said, what you don’t understand is how the war is against this. And I said you have to pray to pray, and you have to pray to be protected from the distractions from the Spirit. So though it is simple, it requires a war.
(J) You go to our John Dunn quote: “the buzz of the fly, the creak of the door.”
(M) The distractions.
(J) And that’s about it; it can be the creak of the door, the buzz of the fly, that pull you out from the presence of God.
(M) And right before this trip I have houseguests that are delightful, family houseguests who were perfectly willing not to come, you know, if I was too busy. But it’s been, the Lord has sustained me though, and given me tremendous help.
(J) And actually used them, to prepare you.
(M) Yes. He has.
(J) And you had to surrender to that, because it looked like a distraction. And then you said, God, what is your will on this, and He said yes, have them. And they ended serving you, by making you prepared to do things to get ready.
(M) Yes, I had the house ready and the food cooked. 
(J)Yes, because you were getting ready for them.  So that’s awesome. So it’s all in perfect order. And even that is being led of the Holy Spirit, because it was up to me, to find God’s will, because they would have readily said, we won’t come if you’re too busy.
(J) But circumstantially, you could have said, and missed God in it, you could have said, this is too much.
(M) Practically.
(J) Practically, this is way too much. I’m in the middle of closing everything down, and getting ready, and packing, and I’ve got bags everywhere and I’m using the room you’re going to be in, to pack. And ah, for you to come right now is just not.
(M) If I were logical, I would’ve said no.
(J) Yes, but you surrendered, and you listened, and if you remember, when you brought it to me and said, this is what’s going to happen. And I said, what’s God saying to you? And you said, He said let’s do it. Even though there was a struggle just to surrender and submit to it, the amazing thing was that when you said, yeah, this is God’s will, it was like no question anymore, well ok,  then let’s just do it.
(M) I had tremendous practical help. And in many, many, ways, the Lord has taken the whole thing under hand. He took His will and He did it. But we’re so independent, and so self-sufficient in American Christianity. I can down that,…I am. I know how to be independent. But the Holy Spirit is our supply; He is the source of life and light for us.
(J) The main thing that I look at in it is the logic. If you run on logic, rather than the Voice, you’re done.
(M) That’s right.  Your in your flesh.
(J) Right, you’re in your flesh. But you know something?  I don’t know if I’m getting that across, I’m just seeing, if you logically look down, you can say that’s not helping, that’s not facilitating, getting ready or doing. But you can bring this into any area of life. Oh, this guest shouldn’t come right now, ‘cuz I’m in the middle of preparing for this. Or, ah, this, this, this, whatever it is shouldn’t happen, because I’m too busy. Well I get there all the time, unfortunately.
(M) And the thing is, the thing is the will of God.
(J) And you know something, when you fight it, how frustrating is it, and how frustrated do you get? I get extremely frustrated.
(M) And you have no grace.
(J) None.
(M) For what God has not commissioned.
(J) Right, because I’m fighting what He has commissioned.
(M) Yeah.
(J) Because I don’t think that’s the right way. Ooooo, it’s big.
(M) I want to say allot more about it, if I get a chance.
(J) Well, it will be October’s CD of the month. We’ve already got September’s done because we’re not going to be here and Donna’s going be sending that out. But October’s CD of the month, this would be that message. I’m really looking forward to hearing it as well.
(M) I could tell by your expression, you’re really impacted by this.
(J) Oh my gosh, I need to go meditate on this. Let me go listen, because this is uhmm, this is just where I’m at right now. This is what God’s telling me; in the realm of that He’s impacting me in my spirit, so, yeah.
(M) He’s calling you to hear, and He’s telling me the fruit of that hearing, which is preparation for the future, which we’d all love to have. And I have a real passion in my heart about these tapes we’ve done on fear. I kept thinking we were done, but a little touch here, a little touch there. But it’s a stream. For us it’s a stream of the Spirit, into the body of Christ, because something’s coming.
(J) Right.
(M) Something is coming.
(J) And we need to be prepared, and not logically think ‘this’ is a distraction. We need to allow the Spirit to prepare us.
(M) Personally.
(J) Personally and individually.
(M) Corporately.
(J) You know something?  The fear, the level of fear in the world right now, would say, that there is not a relationship and a union with God; and a listening to God, on the momentary walking. Wouldn’t you say that would be true?
(M) Well, we read an excerpt from a novel, that this writer says, “We do not live in a state of democracy, we live in a state of fear.” And that deliberately politicians evoke fear to gain a following, and it’s true.
(J) And they use the media.
(M) The media evokes fear. Everywhere.  In an amazingly safe, healthy society, we’re more fearful than many other countries in the world.
(J) And do you believe that’s because we’re not listening to God to prepare us for the next moment?
(M) Well, I hadn’t connected it but, yes, I think you’re right. Yeah. And Christians are susceptible to that fear as well, because it’s a constant satanic method. It’s a very diabolical, deliberate method. When you’re afraid, you will be captured by that fear. By what you fear, you are captured.
(J) If what you’re saying is that what precipitates the fear, is the unwillingness to be prepared in the moment with God, and getting oil with God, and relationship with Him for the next moment. Well, this is what I‘m going to leave with; I don’t know what anyone else is going to leave this podcast with, but this is what  I’m going to leave this podcast with, and think, because, that explains a whole lot.
(M) So you see, it’s evidence of His faithfulness. He says it in the scripture, Jesus said, He will announce and declare to you the things that are to come that will happen in the future; He will honor and glorify Me.
(J) You know, a shepherd knows, because I was a shepherd, I understand this, you know what’s ahead and what’s going to happen. And you prepare the sheep for that happening, so they won’t freak out.
(M) And they have no idea what’s coming.
(J) They have no clue.
(M) When we would see bad weather coming, you would go and take them, get them in the barn.
(J) And I could do it prior to the weather ever showing itself, so that I could deal with them in that moment, and get them to where they needed to be. But if I waited… I have to believe He’s a Good Shepherd, that He is taking care of in the moment, the next moment. (M) And in John 10, He goes before His sheep; He goes before them, He’s already gone before us in our journey’s.
(J) Oh God, please, I surrender.
(M) It’s so wonderful; He is so sufficient. It’s we who do not take advantage of what He’s given. It’s we who do not hear and go and listen, and spend time. It’s we who miss it. But He is faithful; He is lavish.
(J) Is it because I’m not believing that He is sufficient, and good and, I mean, is that what makes me not listen?
(M) Yes John, and it’s also the faith that we are sufficient to take care of it.
(J) Oh, well, you remember Ruby, little Ruby, the red sheep. She was very sufficient in her taking care of everything. And she’d kill every single one of the…other sheep…running away from something that didn’t need to be run away from at all.
(M) She was the most fearful, because she was the strongest willed.
(J) There’s a whole message in itself.
(M) Well, it’s time to go back to my guests. But thanks for comin’ and being willing to do a pod cast spur of the moment.
(J) No problem, I’m gonna meditate on this.
(M) Me too. God bless you all.

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