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Obedience is the Call of the Hour – Episode #772

Obedience is the Call of the Hour

Obedience is the Call of the Hour
Episode #772

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest Kyle Smith

This the continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #771

We’ve been talking about obedience and I want to hear what Kyle could tell us about obedience.

Well, obedience to me is waiting and when you wait on the Lord, because all of my life I’ve cried out to Him and even when I hated Him I was like “You’ve got to do something. You’ve got to be something to me.” I cried my whole life. I’ve fought my whole life and finally these last couple of months diving into my relationship with John and where he was obedient to God it led me to being able to hear even though I didn’t want to hear. Because that’s how Christ works in obedience. He will bring you the answer to your question whether you like it or not and it will present itself to you and you have the option, the choice to whether I hear You or I don’t hear You.

And obedience is…The church preaches obedience that it’s so happy and I’m not saying that it’s not but obedience to me is death because truth comes and He tells you your truth and you either have to obey what He’s telling you or you don’t. And even me being brought to this place and being with you guys first of all I’m so thankful to be here, I’m thankful that He put in me the obedience because I cannot, me Kyle Smith cannot obey. It is going through the fire, the trials and tribulations and the endurance and the waiting on God that brings you He Himself that is the obedience to His Father. I cannot obey.

It is the removing in death of self that allows Christ to be the obedience for you because when Christ came to me three weeks ago and asked me to be solely His and give up my marriage, kids, it was the most painful thing that I have ever been asked in my life. But it is such a blessing on it that I haven’t even seen yet. But it has brought me to this point. Saying yes to Him no matter how bad I wanted to say no, saying yes to Him has brought the kingdom, heaven, from heaven to earth because now I get to walk it out and in front of you guys like John has. John has walked out his relationship with Christ in front of you and you have been able to see heaven on earth.

And now He has come to me and in Himself it says, “If you obey Me and you stick to My will, I will bring heaven on earth through you and for you.

Martha told me the other day that you can never out give Christ and she said that He’s coming. She asked me yesterday the question, “Are you ready to receive more than you have given up?” And I more than willingly say, “Yes” to that.

Obedience is pure, it’s bliss, it’s love, and it’s pain because He trying to free you from yourself.

Amen brother.

You just did the recording of the Message of the month that will be coming. I’ve got a backlog that I’m editing right now. I need to spend a whole bunch of time to edit these. I don’t know when this is going to come out but I was basically when I was listening to it, I wrote down, “Yes, Come Lord Jesus!” I feel like that’s an apt title for it.

I would love to know what y’all received and what y’all got out of it. What y’all saw through what she was saying because it was really a call and there needs to be a response to the call. There was a total call to us and I feel like you have been making this call for a real long time. And there has been a progress. There has been a progression of how we have…


…responded and proceeded into this. It’s not like…There was a preparation between the calling and the fulfillment of the calling of Ruth. There was a season of preparation. There was a season of anointing. There was a season of cleansing. There was a season of preparation. And I feel like we have been for years in a season of preparation. And it’s ok. It’s good. It has to happen. You don’t just flip a switch. Don’t you believe that we have been in a season of preparation?

And He’s been moving in each of our lives for years trying to maneuver our hearts into a place and now it’s like our hearts are in a certain place and I feel like our hearts are pretty much real similar in similar places. But now we have situational change in our country and in our culture that all of a sudden now our prepared hearts are going to meet a prepared situation and I don’t think that any of this is an accident. I think that we literally…It’s like it has been orchestrated. This entire process has been orchestrated for this moment and I can look at this moment and be exhausted. I can just be weary in the moment and just say, “Let’s just flush the toilet and go. Let’s leave. This is awful.” But I feel like God is saying, “No, I have created you, I have prepared you, I have been working on your heart for all these years so that you can be ready for this time.” It’s not an accident. This is not a…

He is not surprised.

He is not surprised and this is not a second thought. I feel like we have literally been prepared. That’s all I can say. And some of us have been prepared longer than others but I think that we are being prepared for right now what’s happening.

When I look at everything that’s going on in the world and it just every day seems to get worse. I can’t even look at it anymore. My heart just sinks every time I look at it.

And then I’m realizing that’s not a secondary thing. This is not an accident. This is literally the purpose. I’m in this place. It’s not an obstacle. It is the path! It is the way. We are in this scenario that’s going to allow Him to rise. And it’s not going to be fun and it’s going to be painful and there are things that are happening in this world that are deeply painful and deeply disturbing.

They went through that kind of stuff in World War II. I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life; fifty-three years. This is brand new for me.

But I would love to get y’all to respond just about the calling that she did or say anything about the message because it really was precious. It was a precious message and when I finish editing it, it will be seamless. It was not seamless; it was a little dysregulated.

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Obedience is the Call of the Hour – Episode #772 – Shulamite Podcast

Are you ready to receive more than you have given up? Obedience is pure, it’s bliss, it’s love, and it’s pain because He trying to free you from yourself.

3 Responses

  1. LeAnn Zeitouni says:

    A quote I saw from Spurgeon said it succinctly:

    ‘We are not saved by obedience, for obedience is a result of salvation. We are saved by faith, because faith leads us to obey.’

    Kyle is right; none of us can possibly obey. Only Christ in us, the hope of Glory!

  2. Nancy says:

    “There was a season of preparation. There was a season of anointing. There was a season of cleansing. There was a season of preparation.” John’s phrasing of the process of heart change in Christ is so right on. That preparation so changes us, me, that my whole being cries out “Oh Yes, come Lord Jesus, come!” We have to catch the real Fire of heaven to endure what’s coming next. Our Eternal Yes will be there in obedience, accepting His grace to walk in obedience. Have found it so! His grace is sufficient!

  3. Helen Whaley says:

    In the shaking, what’s at stake! In the face of the world situation… I’ve prayed, “Shake us loose, Lord.” The prayer came, even as my heart cried, Oh, God… Obedience dare not look around adjusting to ‘how to please others’, or self! There’s no such thing as obedience…plus. Heaven & earth are joined in obedience. Heaven’s perspective in God’s Will as touching the earth, yes…& yes to further reaches than we can imagine. Every nuance of obedience is in the Beloved Son. The measure of obedience is Christ! Every nuance…i set my heart to be LISTENING..THROUGH. He brings us into His Answer as part of it. Answer is Living….live-ing. YES! to this “path”, “the way”, that looks like an obstacle! Only Love will obey this way…He is the only seeing here. “But human pride shall be laid low, man’s haughtiness shall be humbled; the Eternal alone shall be exalted when he rises to overawe the earth!” (Is. 2:9, Moffet) “only what is unshakeable will remain…an unshakeable kingdom…as we lay our lives down in absolute surrender filled with awe.” (Heb.12)

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