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Don’t Be Ashamed of Shame – Episode #872

Not Being Ashamed of Shame

Rise above shame, discover your essentials, and unlock the power to annihilate toxic shame in your life.

Don’t Be Ashamed of Shame
Episode #872

Walk and talk with John Enslow

Well hey there, so I want to say, “Don’t be ashamed of your shame!” I know that that’s easier said than done. But shame is trapping and shame is force to hold us in, hold us under and keep us trapped. The enemy uses our shame so so well to disable us, to nullify our life, to prevent us from living as we were created. And when we get into toxic shame, we boil down to self-contempt and self-hatred. But what if our shame is literally there to be a tap on the shoulder and say,”Hey, there’s something wrong here, we need course correction. That is amazing because then we can use our shame as a motivation, and as a force of good to say, “What’s going on here?” rather than saying, “Why am I in shame?” say, “What is the purpose of this shame, what is shame telling me and how can I look at this in a different way?”

It’s amazing to me how when we get out of our shame focus and we focus on the essentials, how our paradigm shifts and can change. We can get above the shame and get a light on the subject matter so we can have a different perspective on it and it won’t be as tragic and annihilating to our soul and our life.

Looking into my essentials, which is my relationship with Christ, going back and seeing my design rather than living by default. Living by default is what happens when we are in shame. We literally go on autopilot and we literally allow Shame to drive the bus and take us where it wants us to go and it’s never a good place. For me personally, when I’m in shame, I enter into a frozen state. It’s like I’m in a block of ice. Some people flee, some people fight, some people faun… I freeze. I literally am unable to do anything. I feel frozen and trapped and I am not able to even think clearly.

So that’s why refocusing my vision and my view, and looking for my essentials: who I was created to be in Christ. It’s huge who I am in Christ, who Christ is in my life. It’s living by design rather than default, and I go into that in my book His Will Alone. I love living by my essentials and to live your essentials in a nonessential world, where things take us away. To focus and to gain that perspective, to rise above the shame so that you can see where you’re at and what the shame is huge. It’s very, very huge regardless if my shame is personal shame that I’ve developed inside or shame that’s been put on me, all these shames can be notified by gaining a proper perspective and by focusing on what really matters.

I don’t know about you but every time I’m in shame, I literally am scrambling, in my frozen state, to make due.  And what I find is, I grab hold of and I do distracting work to keep me out of the shame, but it doesn’t work. Shame has set me into a perspective and a paradigm that I lose true perspective on who I am. I lose the shine on my life, and I tail spin down into literally nonessentials where I am literally just doing what I can do. It’s maybe nonsensical, it may be distracting, it may be thumbing through thousands of reels. That could be how I would cope with my shame. Does that help me? Does that pull me out of the shame? No, because I’m not focused on the essentials, I’m focused on the distraction. I’m focused on anything that can alleviate that pain of shame so that I don’t feel trapped anymore. I’m at least moving forward. I’m at least moving and doing something even if it is an essential. But the fact is, that’s never really going to truly resolve the shame, it’s just going to delay dealing with the shame.

When I go back down to essentials, when I go back down to what matters most, at that point, I can gain the light I need to see. It just lifts me above so that I can see. There’s so many things that can, even good things, that can distract and keep us outside of the realm of dealing with shame and healing from our shame. I know people that are workaholics. I know that people that are sex addicts. I know people that are food junkies, people that… I mean there are so many things that I can use to try to extinguish the fire, the burning fire of shame. But if I can use that shame and I can use that trap as a motivation and build a fire of motivating me to my essentials.  That’s the fire in need, that’s the fire I want, that’s the fire that brings life.

There is so many keys in shame that I’m discovering and that I’m finding and then I’m witnessing and others and I’m loving this whole process. I’ll be writing again coming up in a week and a half and I really I want to finish this very soon and get this to you. I am blown away by the testimonies that I received. I am loving where the book is going and I’m really excited about it. So the Overcoming Shame book. it’s still in the works and I’m believing that there’s things that are coming in my life that are showing me deeper the message of shame, and how to survive shame, how to recover from shame. And I’ve shames coming into my life that literally are giving me signs and directions clues so that I’ll deal with it and so that I will face it and focus on it.

So I love you guys. I’m very, very grateful for your following me in this journey. This has been a very difficult subject matter. To believe God is sovereign is one thing, to believe that my life is Christ life and it’s not I but Christ and for His life to be my life is my hope of glory, that’s wonderful. And to Overcome Anxiety… great! And how to live and know the will of God, that’s perfect. But there’s something about this subject, about shame. I think it’s a lifetime of dealing with shame correctly and incorrectly. I have struggled with shame, and I have overcome shame, and I have found more shame. So the process of dealing with shame has been super difficult, but it’s very, very, very enlightening. I have loved finding out about shame and about my shame and about the shame of others. I really, really want this book to carry a weight and a power to annihilate the shame and give people direction in their shame, because when we’re in shame, we’re literally pointless and directionless. We are literally consumed by shame. But when we focus on our essentials, when we can go into our essentials, we can change that perspective and rise above the shame to deal with the shame and put it to rest.

Toxic shame annihilates our life, annihilates our creativity, annihilates our joy, but there is a solution and there is a way out of it. So that’s what I’m looking to achieve and this is what I’m looking to face and focus on in this book. So I love you, I appreciate you and I will be talking to you again real soon.

Don’t Be Ashamed of Shame – Episode #872 – DivineDesignedLifePodcast.com

Rising above shame is a journey worth taking! Join me on a path to refocus on essentials and unlock the power to annihilate toxic shame.

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  1. Choyea Reddish says:

    How can I great a copy of, The Sovereign Touch .

    1. DDL says:

      Hey there Choyea, thank you for asking. You can get your copy here.

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