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Episode #321 – Niagara Of Love

Niagara Falls

Niagara Of Love
Episode #321

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Don and Carole Nelson

(J) Well, we are sitting here viewing Niagara Falls from a hotel room, and we’re just amazed at the power here of the water. But I’ve seen pictures of this.  I’ve never been here, but I’ve seen pictures of it, and even looking out from this hotel window, I can look at Niagara, and I can see it, but unless you get right next to it and you feel the power of the rumble, you just don’t get the immensity of the power of this water force. And I mean, you know, even just being across the street here looking at it, it’s beautiful, but it’s nothing in comparison to literally standing next to it and having it in your feet and in your knees and in your chest, where you can feel the ‘Rurrrrragh’. So right before we came here, coincidentally, ‘ha-ha-ha’, no coincidence’s in God, the Read MK site had a devotion called…
(Carole) “Niagara Of Love”.
(J) “Niagara Of Love”. And so Carole’s going to read that right now. This was November 8th, “Niagara Of Love”.
(Carole) First Timothy 1:5 in the ESB: “The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” “When we don’t speak out of the Niagara of love, we need to hack up our brazen podium and not speak again until love is the overflow and undercurrent in any stream of revelation. Love is a force that is not stoppable or predictable. Love is unquenchable. The only thing you can do to love is…miss it. Love is the only power, the only truth, the only authority.”
(J) And so when you feel this, this power of this love, when you feel this power you realize you’re talking about something so immense.  It’s overpowering. There is… You don’t stop this with your little ‘no.’  This is overpowering.
(Don) Oh, it just came to me, we go down and it’s so powerful and overpowering, and that love cannot be contained. There’s no way to contain what you look at. It’s gonna roll on and…”
(J) To the point that it’s eroding the earth, and moving, it’s so powerful.
(Don) Seven miles? Did you say seven miles? (Carole speaks in background: It moves seven miles.) Yeah. Well, it’s torn up seven miles with its immense love.
(J) (John laughs.) Of rock!
(M) I can’t imagine that I wrote that. I saw the Niagara Falls, but I only saw the smaller portion of it years ago.
(J) So, I’m supposing that you viewed it from the U. S. side, and you didn’t come to the Canadian side.
(M) I didn’t come to the Canadian side at all. And on the American side you cannot get down that close to the falls. We got down where it was just, at one point just a few feet away. And the roar of it is incredible. And I read 340 million gallons a minute pour over that falls. And I stood there, and Carole and I both stood there and stared at it for a long time, thinking about… I was thinking about comparing it to His love. And how His love will roll over and keep going. It’s day and night for centuries this has been going on. And that’s incredible to me.  Were does the water come from?
(Carole) It is ah, beautiful, it is magnificent, it is ah, alluring, and it is violent as it rolls down. Starts out, starts out from the upper part looking very smooth, and when it comes over those rocks, over that ledge, it just pours over with a, an explosion.
(J) Yeah, because if you look at out here its, the lake is, is calm, and then you come down this one little area here, this is the U. S. side, but you come ah, down this one little part and it all of a sudden becomes white water, you know, coming all the way through, and then drops. And that’s the, you know, the American side. The other side, oh my goodness, yeah.
(Carole) And I don’t know whether these facts are correct. You told me, Don, yesterday, and if I took it in incorrectly then, but the only surviving person to come over those falls was a seven-year-old child. Anyone else who has attempted to master it…
(J) You can still make the point; there, there were two other people in a barrel, but they made it. One of them was in…
(M) Hospital three months, and the other one had only scratches.
(J) One was only scratch’s. But the boy went over this falls with just a life jacket. And the Maiden Of The Mist, which is the ship that goes up to the edge of the falls and you feel the mist coming down from the falls, they ended up picking him up. They saw him in the water.
(Carole speaks in background.)
(Don) But he was embraced by the love and was, didn’t have a scratch on him even as powerful as that love was, and tremendous.
(M) Ahhhh.
(Carole) The issue was he was a child.
(Don) It was a child, yeah. And the child was.
(Carole) And that’s where I was going with it was it….
(Don) And the child was embraced by the thunderous love of God.
(Carole) The child entered into it.
(J) And rode it and, and survived.
(Don) Without a scratch.
(J) Without a scratch. I mean when you look at it there’s not way, I mean. And even if you went over on this side here, you’d be smashed against rocks.
(Carole) yeah.
(M) I didn’t get it Carole. Thank you. The child.
(Carole) The child went over.
(M) Is safe in the enormous torrent of love, and no one else is. Wow.  He was caught, the others chose.
(Carole) It was unintentional.
(M) It was unintentional.
(Carole) It was unintentional, he was caught in it; ‘oouuu’ I didn’t get that, yes.
(M) You said, as you were giving a ‘bio’ recently, that you were captured by the love of God.
(Carole) You know we think we pursue Him. (Martha laughs) I struggle, I strive to pursue Him. God help me. (Martha laughs.) And, and feel like I fail constantly at pursuing Him. And I turn around certain days and I go ‘oh, You got me, You have captured me, You have put me in a place that I find myself in’.
(J) You know, I can assure you that if you were put in a place of the love, if you were laid at the foot of those falls and those waters were coming down upon you, there wouldn’t be anything about your thinking. (John laughs incredulously.)
(Carole) No.
(J) You’d be washed away.
(Carole) Yes.
(J) You could have all day long, uhmm, God, or but God, and ahhh, ‘pguuhhhsshooow!’ you’d be gone.
(M) This was written sometime ago, and I can’t imagine. I didn’t even remember I realated love to Niagara, but “When we don’t speak out of a Niagara of love we need to hack up our brazen podium and not speak again until love is the overflow and undercurrent in any stream of revelation.”
(J) See, most of the time it’s law, not love.
(M) Right.
(J) And love is so, so much more powerful than law. Law is destructive in one way, love is destructive in another.
(All:) Ahh, ouuu, wow.
(Don) That’s good John, yeah.
(M) Well, this says love is the only power, the only truth, the only authority. I didn’t know that.
(J) Well, I’m sure it’s just the power of life and death. Love is the power of life, and law is the power of death, and you see that in the, you know, “He bound you to the law to reveal the death that is in you”, right?
(M) Right.
(Carole) We were shut up.
(M) Which was love.
(J) Shut up to disobedience,
(Don) That’s cool.
(J) so that we might receive mercy, which is love.
(M) Umhmm. Well, someone said, “Why are you going to Niagara?” And I said, “I don’t know.” “Where are you going in Canada?” “I don’t know.” I just knew that when the four of us get here the Lord comes. And we’ve had enormous presence of the Lord and His council. But we’re here to see the power of His love.  That’s one reason we’re here, and to believe in it all new.
(J) And it’s amazing that we start this trip right here in Niagara, that this devotion comes out at the same time and, you know, we didn’t plan that.
(M) Umumm.
(J) Actually we had no idea that this was going out. Julie did this and set this up and this was well before we ever even, you know, had this as a thought. So it’s just cool.
(Carole) I gasped. When I saw I went ahh! I was sure, I was sure you both had…read it.
(J) We didn’t do it and we hadn’t read it.
(Carole) To you, I said to John, I said wow.
(J) It was a ‘rainbow’ wasn’t it?
(Carole) It’s was rainbow. And then I mentioned it to Martha and she looked perplexed, and I realized she didn’t realize.
(Don) I read it at work and I thought, oh, that must be because we’re going to Niagara. That’s what I thought.
(J) Well, I thought at first I thought, oh well, someone must have known this.  No. (They all laught.) Yeah well Someone did know, capital ‘S’ Someone.
(Carole) Well, it was then, Martha writes this.  The Lord gives us this through Martha, and then we have actual object lesson, and the experience of exactly this.
(Don) I’m trying to get over this part about “We need to hack up our brazen podium and not speak again”, because if you don’t do that, we can’t get away from the law, we can’t remove yourself from that, then there is no overflow of love, and there is no revelation.
(J) It’s dictates and doctrine, that’s all it is.
(Don) Hmm.
(J) Rather than love.
(M) Or methods.
(Carole) Hmhmm.
(J) Not a methodology, but a living impartation. (Martha laughs.)
(M) One day I’m gonna get it, John. One day I’m going to understand that.
(J) Well, you know something, it’s not like I understood it when I said it.
(M) And that was many years ago that you said it, so.
(Carole) Which just proves the point that He’s ‘The Pursurer’ and ‘The Capturer’. (Everyone is full of laughter.) Well, I don’t know if we ever have a clue! (Carole is laughing!) Like you wake up one morning and go ‘really?’ (More laughter from all.)

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