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To Need Christ in Everything – Episode #774

To Need Christ in Everything

To Need Christ in Everything
Episode #774

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest Ladonna Spears, Sue Casey, Kyle Smith, Joan Wentzel

This the continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #771
it’s the need that Christ put in me to need you, the Christ in you needing the Christ in me.

I think what I’m doing right now is what you said earlier was believing what God says and identifying what I say about me that isn’t true; it’s a lie. I was thinking do I even need to identify the source; I don’t know that I even need to know the source. I just need to know it’s not true. And then replace it with what God says about it.

And I thought it was funny because earlier you were talking about the pillar, that scripture in Revelation 3, that we would be a pillar and from Psalm 44, one of my verses, “Our daughters will be like pillars carved to beautify a palace.” Of course, kings dwell in palaces. And in my brain, I thought it was just a pretty piece of something or another. You just sit there real pretty but you talked about the purpose of a pillar and then I thought, “Oh no, pillars carry a huge burden, a weight; they are a foundation of the next level and then I got not quite so excited because here’s another maybe lie that I’m going to say about myself, I’m inherently lazy; not true. A pillar is beautifying but it has a purpose. It’s not just there to be pretty. It has a purpose.

When Martha has been encouraging us through the word that we’re going to be protected in this end time, I’ve already experienced it because of my age and my position of being a widow. I haven’t been a widow a real long time but I’m so overwhelmed of God’s protection and His blessing and those that He sends to serve me and take care of me and encourage me about my life.

It started with Martha and John coming to my home and telling me that I had endured and I would have never used that word. And when she read the scripture today about those that see Him coming in the clouds, they will be wailing; I did that in church one day. We were singing a hymn and it was What a Friend We Have in Jesus and I thought, “This is so wonderful.” Bill was sitting by me but he couldn’t stand. So, I was standing up singing and all I got out was What a Friend and I started wailing like I’ve never done in my life; to the top of my lungs, I was wailing trying to sing the song. I couldn’t sing anymore. Then the women that we in front of me and beside me, some were a family, but the women in front of me were just holding onto me like, ok, I was thinking they were going to go get somebody and say, “Ok, let’s just go ahead and take her out…” But evidently nobody else heard me in the church. I was really grateful because I couldn’t stop it. I did it for the whole entire hymn. But I also saw there was some way that God was letting all that suffering that I was getting ready to go through, He was building it. I can’t explain that. I wouldn’t be able to tell anybody else it’s going to work, but it does.

And He’s just given me so many things. Even this week with my situation with the cabin and the real estate lady saying, “That is really awesome.” I don’t even know what word she used about me meeting the man that wanted to buy the cabin. I said, “No, that was God.” And it was so God because I was ready to give up. I thought I can’t endure anymore. And that experience made me realize that I had asked God to let somebody buy that cabin that would love it and his wife said to Jean, “I love this house. Oh, I just love this house.” And I know that it’s God’s plan for him to have it.

Just so many ways that He’s already protecting us that are in a vulnerable position of being widows. And He’s also shown me that He’s not going to let anybody else take of me; not children or friends. He’s going to do it! It’s glorious, it’s wonderful because He’s faithful.

Does the endurance not count if you complain three quarters of it?

It must. Trust me I complained.

It’s just like Martha told me the other day when she said that God loves when somebody wants to fight with Him because He will win that fight. It’s when we ignore the confrontation because He’s always trying to confront us with something. But until we acknowledge Him for Him and say, “Well, You know what? This might be You but I don’t like it. I don’t want to do it.”

I’ve been on a hamster wheel and it’s been fast. Seriously. My mom told we all the time, she said, “Kyle, I’ve had friends for forty or fifty years that haven’t gotten what Christ has given you; the understanding that He has allowed you to just…” I mean, I don’t even understand it. Sometimes it will be months later and then we’ll be having a conversation about something and it will just hit me the answer. But it’s that confrontation. He wants to fight with us because at the end of the day He knows He will win that one.

He wants us to be honest.

You have to be honest. And to be honest with you just setting up this whole what we’ve been talking about, the commitments, the sacrifices that you guys have made throughout the years, the praying and asking that you need some help here, well, that’s what brought me here.

You dedication and your trusting and your belief in Him, it’s not you asking for help, it’s Christ in you asking for the help. And that’s where we have to separate the two. Because I didn’t want to come here. I will be honest with you. I’m a beach boy; coconuts and sand and beach. I could live the rest of my life diving in the water and getting fish. In a million years you wouldn’t catch me living in the mountains ever. But it’s the need that Christ put in me to need you, the Christ in you needing the Christ in me. And the relationship to the father however than pans out. But there was a need that you guys had and there was a need for me that Christ in me to be here.

I’m so grateful, Kyle.

I was just going to say, like Ladonna, I’m in place of just believing, just choosing to believe the Lord about life and situations. We had a little family gathering last weekend for a grandchild’s birthday and unbeknown to us one of the grands was sick and so we were all called. And he tested position for Covid. And we were all like, “Ok?!” And we really didn’t talk amongst ourselves. I feel like we’ve had protection for our families, for ourselves during this time. It’s believing what the Lord said and my daughter that has four children was a little concerned but she said her husband sat the family down and said, “This is where we are going to live” and prayed Psalm 91 and read it to the children and said, “This is where we are going to live and we’re going to stand in this, we are going to believe this for this family.” And I have to tell you other than the grandson that got sick and that particular family all of us that were there did not get sick; no one got sick, no one was sick; the children went on and went to school.

And I’m just so excited about the Lord’s protection. If we will just go to Him and say, “Ok, we are Yours. We need Your protection. We are just sheep. We can’t take care of ourselves.”

Even this grandson that got the Covid within twenty-four hours had no fever and his symptoms were gone. He’s fine. The others if they do get something they are moving through it quickly. I’ve had two children in the family that have had Covid and they’re just moved through it and God has graciously taken care of everyone. So, I feel like it’s exciting to see what the Lord will do for us if we will look to Him.

To Need Christ in Everything – Episode #774 – Shulamite Podcast

We all need Christ in everything. Our Father set up life like this. Christ put in me to need you, the Christ in you needing the Christ in me.

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  1. Joseph V Gallagher says:

    When the enemy comes in.

    Like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

    The enemy is NOT the flood!!

    The Spirit of the Lord is the flood.

    When the enemy attacks. The Spirit of the Lord responds like a tsunami to protect us.

    Love u all

    It is well!!!

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