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Naked and Unashamed – Episode #854

Naked and Unashamed

Naked and Unashamed
Episode #854

Walk and talk with John Enslow
Uncovering the Naked and Unashamed Reality: How Surrendering to God’s Ways Can End Shame in Your Life

Well hey there, today I want to talk about the naked and unashamed reality that Adam and Eve experienced. As I’m writing this book on overcoming shame, I am really diving into a lot of topics and a lot of different shames. One of the shame is the shame of our nakedness. So as I have studied that with Adam and Eve and what really happened in the Garden. Adam and Eve had the experience of having no need of clothes. That literally God’s thoughts and Light were their clothing. And it was only when they were tempted to know apart from God, that they gained the shame of their nakedness. And there’s really nothing like the reality of living naked and unashamed. And this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with clothing. 

As with Adam and Eve, the concept of their nakedness was more of an internal thing than it was external thing. It was internal that this nakedness was presenting itself. There shame came from the internal, which is an amazing thought, the shame came from the internal nakedness more than their external nudity. And we live naked and unashamed in sheer vulnerability to God. Their hiding was the shame of their choice, not the exposure of their bodies. The external clothing was just a statement of their internal shame. And that to me really blows my mind, that to me is a fascinating reality.

I believe that when we go to heaven we’re not all of a sudden gonna be wearing white clothing. I think we’re gonna be wearing light. I think we’re gonna go back to the original reality of being naked and unashamed and we are literally going to be clothed with His thoughts of us and His light.  That’s gonna be our clothing. And so as I’m diving into the shame and I’m looking into all of this, I’m realizing that we can, each of us can live in that reality now. And how we do that is walking open hearted with Him His ways and His mind. There is a top to bottom vulnerability on our God. And though we can’t walk around in nudity all the time, we can live completely covered by His thoughts of us. It’s a surrender to them and I’m excited about that. I’m excited about the surrender to His thoughts and to His mind and His light to cover me and cover my shame. And I ask for your prayers as I go into this writing of this book because I really really really want to have a deep impact and really be emotionally stirring. I wanted to give reality to living out of shame and living unashamed.

Shame is the most debilitating, the most crushing reality in our lives. We walk in it and it colors everything about us. Our interaction, our influence, the way we interact with others.  Other people will respond to a shame rather than us. Shame is a deadly cancer that stymies our life and kills our life. And so I want to write this, and I wanted it to… my hope is to really do some thing that exposes the shame and then shows the process and the way to come out of shame because there’s so many men that I know that walk in shame, that live in shame. And I think that can end. I’m gonna be bringing a bunch of testimonies from different men about their shame. And shames that they have overcome, shames that they are overcoming, and shames that  they have. I’m gonna bring all those in and I’m gonna pepper the entire manuscript with stories, with actual shame stories and I pray that it has a deep impact.

So please stand with me in prayer as I come here and I do this work and I put this thing together. I look forward to getting it in your hands and I look for the impact is gonna have on those who have struggled with shame all their life and who needs to have shame end today! I love y’all. I’ll talk to you soon.

Naked and Unashamed – Episode #854 – DivineDesigned.Life

Prior to Adam and Eve’s shame of nakedness, they were naked and unashamed. Their shame was more an internal truth than external reality.

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