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Not the Mountaintop but the Journey – Episode #843

Not the Mountain Top but the Journey

Not the Mountain Top but the Journey
Episode #843

Walk and talk with John Enslow
I can set a goal for the mountaintop and missed the point of the journey.

Good morning, I just had a couple thoughts I wanted to share with you this morning. I am by nature a fix-it guy. I see a problem and I look to fix it. I’ve done that on my own life, I’ve done that friends lives, I’ve done that in business life, I’ve done that everywhere. Basically I’m a fixer. That’s part of my internal family system that helps me cope and supports me through different things in my life.

So as a fixer, I can set a goal for the mountaintop and missed the point. I can miss the point of life by looking for the mountaintop. And as I’m sitting and waiting with Him. I have that sense that the Father is saying, “I’m not interested in the mountaintop. I’m interested in the journey, I look for your presence, your company, your fellowship in the moment.” I can’t get away from that, living in the moment is so huge.

And as we are scaling up mountains in our life and trying to overcome things and trying to fix things and trying to achieve things,  we can get so fixated on the end result that we lose the blessing that is right now, right in this very moment. I’ve learned that relationally, where if there’s a goal to achieve, to an event, to accomplish, and to conquer, that I can lose the very moment of time with that person. The journey with that person is life. The end result is just another mark on the path.

So if I am hiking, say I’m hiking with three or four guys and we’re in the mountains and we’re making our way through and all we have said in our head is mountain peak, mountain peak, mountain peak. We’re gonna lose and we’re gonna miss the times in the valley, along the river, on the path. We’re going to miss at time of fellowship, of time of connection and I don’t wanna do that. I have the propensity to do that, but I don’t want to do that.

So my challenge today is that we would each stay in the moment and remain present in the moment and get the quality out of the time, not the quantity, the quality of the time, for what’s happening in this very moment. Whether it’s connection, relationship… I don’t wanna miss any relationship. I don’t want to miss any connection. I don’t want to miss any union with my brothers and sisters or with my God or with myself.

If I am so fixated and focused on fixing and in achieving the goal, I lose the connection with myself. I lose the connection with experiencing life and that’s tragic. That is pitiable! Because I have one go around on this deal. This life is once. I get to go through it once. If I’m constantly setting goals, setting landmarks and not focusing on the path that I’m on today. I’m gonna miss all of it. Because if you think about it, OK so you hit the goal you reach the summit you look it’s beautiful and then you start back down. You have to start back down. So the actual experience of the summit is a very small, small, small part of the journey, very small. It’s the moment, the excitement. Yes, it’s a dopamine rush you achieve something, but did you choose something and lose all the preliminary work, all the preliminary relationship, all the preliminary journey. That’s tragic! So that’s my challenge and that’s where I want to make sure that on a daily basis I am not setting my sights on something and losing the moment.

I love y’all. I appreciate y’all and I will talk to you soon.

Not the Mountain Top but the Journey – Episode #843 – DivineDesign.Life

The Father is saying, I’m not interested in the mountaintop. I’m interested in the journey, I will look for your fellowship in the moment.

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