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Episode #483 – Melchizedek, Being a Priest and The Will of God

Melchizedek, Being a Priest and The Will of God

Melchizedek, Being a Priest and The Will of God
Episode #483
March 6, 2016

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Carole Nelson

(J) Well, as I told you all last week and invited you to get the Message of the Month for March, we actually just taped it, and it is on Melchizedek, and it is a completely different teaching than I’ve heard of Melchizedek. It is so powerful. And Martha’s here, and she’s literally poured herself out, so if He fills her back up, she’ll be in this podcast. Otherwise it will just be Carole and I. But it was an amazing message. It really, really was. To understand the priesthood, and I don’t want to give the secrets of it away, but it is… The priesthood is so clear now for me. So, I’m hoping that a lot of people will go and get that CD and either the mp3 or the physical format to listen to mp3 or the physical format to listen to that, because you took it in a real different direction than you did when you did the “Royal Priesthood” messages. This is like a launching off of that
(Martha) It’s a new comprehension, a new revelation of it that I didn’t have back in that one. And I was so excited about it.
(Carole) I am going to have to listen to this over and over again. I had, really, I have to confess I really had zero comprehension of Melchizedek. Really. I have to kind of go over him very quickly, because honestly, he is a mystery. He has been a very great mystery to me. So, this teaching is so powerful and brings such clarity to Christ as priest, and Christ as priest in us, and what He has called us, the privilege of what He’s called us to.
(J) You took it out of the mystery,
(Carole) Umhmmm.
(John) And you made it my reality.
(Carole) Yes!
(John) So, I realize how Melchizedek is connected to me, how that reality is connect to me.
(Martha) Well, I’ll have to tell this to Sue Casey’s credit. She, for years now, she would, from time to time would say to me, “You’re Melchizedek and the priest. You’re the priest.” And I would kind of say, “No, no. I’m not Melchizedek,” because I didn’t stop to ask the Lord about that. I just said, “No, no, no,” in all modesty, you know, “I’m not Melchizedek.” But the Lord has so revealed it that I realize the significance of Melchizedek and that everyone who lets Christ be Priest is in essence like entering Melchizedek order. It’s called an order, the order of Melchizedek. It’s an order for us all, like religious orders. He’s our religious order.
(John) Well, I was sitting there, and I was just getting all this revelation, and I was just writing it in. And actually this is kind of cool. It’s going to be in the Logos Bible software, so you can go to those notes and those verses and my little note will be in there.
(Martha) Can’t you read your little note?
(John) I had one that I was really, I really liked. Hang on one second.
(Carole) I don’t want to say a whole lot, because I want Martha to talk about it, but it’s just as we sit here and go back over what she spoke, and we did pray for that utterance and the Holy Spirit absolutely answered that prayer, and He bound every enemy from coming in,
(Martha) There was no opposition.
(Carole) and there was absolutely no opposition, and it was clear, and it was something else. But I just have the vision now that is growing. I’m just at the beginning of the vision. The door is open. I see light on the other side, and it’s drawing me in, of what it is and what that priest’s purpose and, I don’t want to say job, but I can’t think of another word right this minute. His very purpose of being and what we’re called to is just so clear. And people perish without a vision. “Without a vision, the people perish.” And Martha’s given a vision through this teaching this morning that just ignites the desire to move into that place that He’s absolutely called us to be in.
(J) I don’t really want to read this note because you literally opened up, you didn’t just connect me to Melchizedek, you…. I don’t know, it’s really cool. When you teach the Spirit will come in, and He’ll weave in your message, He’ll weave His own revelation through it to me. So, I’ll literally be hearing it, and I’ll be saying, “Oh, my gosh,” and I’ll literally fly off way over here, and then He’ll bring me back, and then I’ll be with you again. And then it’s pshhhhhhhew. So, it’s like a meandering river kind of coming through. And I mean, He connected the rest and peace and the King of Salem. He connected all these things to me, and like connected the dots. So, I was seeing it throughout the Scripture and how all of that was connected to the Melchizedek priesthood, the order of Melchizedek. All of a sudden I was like going, “Oh, my gosh, and that one’s connected, and this one’s connected, and this Scripture’s connected, and that’s how that’s connected. And that’s why you said that.” That’s what I got out of that. So, I’m gonna, I’m gonna reserve the right, but you can go back to the Scriptures, and you can read the notes about the inclusiveness and the… See, you got the word, “exclusive,” and I got the word, “exclusive and inclusive” at the same time. So, any way you were going to leave it, and I’ll read the other one about the will of God.
(Martha) Well, it happens that Carole and John and I are out of town to a meeting. And when I was with the Lord this morning, He spoke to me very clearly, “Mark 3:33.” “Ok, I’ll go to Mark 3:33, Lord.” It couldn’t be clearer than that. “Answering them,” the crowd, the crowd said, “Your mother and brothers are outside.” Verse 33 said, “Answering them, He said, Who are my mother and my brothers?” That’s the question; Who are they? “And looking around at those who were sitting around Him, He said, ‘Behold My mother and My brothers. For whoever does the will of God, He is my brother and sister and mother.” And I just started writing about that, because I saw that the will of God is the binding of the Body of Christ, and there is no other bond but the will of God to the Body of Christ. And I’ve known for a long time that you can only be in relationship through the will of God. And so, I called John and Carole to come and, “Let’s have a come to Jesus meeting.” And I was telling them that our utter commitment, our passion, our one quest and our one request, our only agenda must me the will of God. And you have that out of relationship. It’s not that you put the will of God before relationship. The will of God comes out of the relationship. But that is fellowship. That’s true fellowship and relationship. That’s our only connection that we can stay connected to Jesus is the will of God. And we don’t have any Body life apart from the will of God for every individual. And it is the individual’s responsibility to seek, to live in and commit to the will of God. For years now I’ve tried to tell people, “Ok, if you’ll just commit to the will of God, then everything will be fine, and you’ll know exactly everything you need to know. It’s the will of God you need.” Well, but I didn’t understand that that comes out of the deepest love relationship, and that you can’t be committed to the will of God unless you’re committed to the Son of God, unless you’re committed to God, Himself. And you can’t separate the will of God from relationship. Relationship becomes your motivation to do the will of God. You want to be close to the Lord, and so, you have to be, you have to do His will to be close to Him. When I step out of His will, I step out of relationship. I step out of His pleasure, and I lose His favor. And I told about it. Coming back into His will is not just your restoration to Him. It’s your restoration to yourself, to your identity in Christ. And I told about losing my place, kind of, when Kenneth was diagnosed. And that’s what I meant. I wasn’t in His will, and I didn’t know where to touch His will. I knew that there lay ahead of me a great, huge responsibility, but I wasn’t connected. And when He took me to the priesthood, then I was in the will of God, so I was connected to God, and the flow of God began. And the flow of God was to provide everything we needed, everything individual, every direction, every provision flowed in the will of God. See, I used to say, “God lives on ‘My Will Street,’ and we go down ‘Happy Avenue,’ and we are totally outside, we have no connection, because He’s not going to come to ‘Happy Street’ on your terms. He is going to be on ‘My Will Street’ only. So, you’ve got to come to His place to be in harmony with Him. So, I’m going to say the will of God is the mandate and the solution to everything. And I told about that in the last podcast. But I wasn’t deliberately out of His will. It was just that His will had changed with the circumstances, and I had to find His will anew. And that happens all the time.
(J) I was going to say, don’t you see that the will literally is moment by moment changing and you have to follow where He goes, when He goes, and it can one moment be one place and it could be another place? And you have to be flexible.
(Martha) Absolutely. That’s the word.
(J) So, it’s like your “Trees or Wheat,” you know, the teaching that you did, “Trees or Wheat.” Remember that one?
(Martha) Umhmm.
(J) That if you’re wheat, you can be harvested, cut, but if you’re a tree, you’re stuck. You’re planted in the ground, in the earth. And we literally have to be like wheat that we literally can be harvested at any point; “Be fruitful,” in and out. And so, literally your direction can change in a moment. You can’t say, “Oh, I always do this on Sunday. I always do this on…” you know. You have to be able to be flexible at any moment to be able to turn. And your entire world changed. Your entire life changed. And if you had become rigid, and if you had become legalistic and said this is how it’s gonna be, it would have hurt. You would have broken. Like a tree in the wind, you would have broken, rather than flowed back and forth like the breeze on the wheat. It can move. But a tree, you know, is stiff, and the hard breeze… You had a hard gale that came against your life with Kenneth and everything that went through there. This wasn’t a light, light breeze in the spring. You know what I mean?
(Martha) It wasn’t just a turn on the road, it was an entirely new world.
(J) Absolutely. And it has changed everything for you. And so, your flexibility to say, “What do You want.” And for Him to open up your world and say, “I want you to be a priest with Me.” Martha, if you had plugged your ears and said, “I know what I need to do.” If you had an “I know” in that, oh, my gosh..
(Martha) I would have ruined the whole thing.
(J) Well, yeah, and oh, the
(Carole) The ramifications…
(John) The ramifications, that’s exactly it.
(Carole) The ramifications would have been deadly.
(Martha) Umhmm, yeah.
(Carole) It would have been death, not only to you, but to those that He had called you to be a… I’m not going to say that right. He called you to be a priest to Him, and it would have absolutely hindered what He wanted to do through you as the priest.
(Martha) And I’m still not really free; too private, too sacred. I’m not free to tell a number of things that did happen, because I was out of the way, because I was doing God’s will alone, not Kenneth’s need. I was not focused on Kenneth’s need, and his need was constant. But when I watched and waited, I was ready.
(J)  But if you were inflexible, Martha, if you were inflexible and you couldn’t go with His flow and where He said, “My will is taking a turn on this street.” You can go to Functionality Avenue or whatever.
(Martha) Yes, I would have functioned.
(J) Yeah, but you would have missed Him, and you would have missed bringing His Life in that situation. Whew..
(Martha) Right. He did give me a place to function in it. He did give me, well, just by shear prayer by the things that happened, and the things that He said, I was in my place. And I can just say, I didn’t go to my human love, my good humanity and just ‘do the right thing,’ and “I’m here for you,” and all that you would naturally do. It was a divine hour.
(J) How many years were you married?
(Martha) 57 years. And the kindest thing I could do for my husband was get me and my ‘good, goodness’ out of the way, and just be the vessel of Christ, for Christ; there for Christ. And he encountered God powerfully, he really did. I don’t know all of it, but the part I know…

Melchizedek, Being a Priest and The Will of God – Episode #483 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. Sam says:

    I love your simplcity, brothers. I love His simplicity in you.

    Love abounding,

  2. Sandy says:

    Once again I am amazed at the fact that reality is not what we see around us, but that which we don’t see… Truely.

    The terrible situations are what we SEE, but they are IN FACT Jesus’ inviting us!
    It’s the Wind blowing on us! Inviting us to be wheat!
    And so we enter the dance! He blows! We move!

    Martha! Peter wasn’t the only person who walked on water!!
    So did you!!
    How amazing! How exciting!

    1. Susan says:

      Amen Sandy, where the wind blows. Sons of God are led be the Spirit of God.

  3. andrea says:

    thank you ……

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