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Love is the Answer to Cold Love! – Episode #847

Love is the Answer!

Love is the Answer to Cold Love!
Episode #847

Walk and talk with John Enslow
Often men in the body of Christ, feel more rejected than they do loved.

Hey guys, I’m just processing a lot of things right now and I just wanted to bring them to you and open them up to you. I’m processing the nature of love in God and cold love. I’m gonna be going over in the blog about cold love because I feel like cold love is the antithesis of actual love, and quite a part from our own design. So, if we were made in the image of God and God is love, then that means that you and I are LOVE. That literally for us to be in hatred, we have to be counter to our making, our design. We have to literally oppose who we are to hate.

When I think of cold love I think of hatred. It’s diabolical because it fuels our fear of rejection and cold love is bone chilling. And “the love of most will grow cold in the last days.” I feel like that is the temptation. Is to come into the satanic order of things and gain cold love. Cold love is selfish, cold love is self-consumed, cold love is self protective, cold love is reserving, cold love communicates rejection and abandonment. Cold love is horrible. And as I’m pursuing understanding love and understanding what love really looks like, I know that it’s Him.  It’s connected, it’s attunement, it’s self sacrificing, it’s deeply affirming. So I am I’m really excited. I’m just excited because I am looking to enter into loving brotherhood and experience that in the body of Christ.

I know that a lot of men in the body of Christ, feel more rejected than they do loved. And we fear as men making ourselves vulnerable, of bringing our hearts out and expressing love and affection. Because will be judged or will be manipulated or it’s too emotionally vulnerable. But it’s the very thing that we need as men. We need love. We need that connection and we yearn for it and we long for it. And what I saw on the weekend that I just had with the guys was just men who wanted to experience brotherly love. Wanted to experience connection. Want to experience acceptance.  They wanted to experience body life. The body of Christ functioning together, and that isn’t a safe love and that isn’t a comfortable love. That‘s a open hearted and love in an open hearted expression. So as I’m just looking at cold love, and I am looking at the temptation of Satan to make us separated, isolated. I realize that he’s working on us to make us further and further apart and resistant to the order of love, which is God.

The other side of it is to get it for yourself. To extracted from others so that it’s for you. Ultimately, it’s never for you. It’s never for me. It’s ultimately for Him. And as we love in Him, we experience body love with each others. But the focus is Him. And so it’s tricky, it’s risky, it’s vulnerable because I have to know that I am literally going and focusing on Him, His love and let the letting Him expressed that love through me. And it’s very hard, it’s intoxicating, that love is beautiful and all of a sudden your like (gobble). All your lack of love in your childhood, in your life, all of a sudden you want to fill those holes with that love for yourself. But I’m seeing that, that’s not how we necessarily fulfill that love we fulfill that love by our focus on Him, our connection with Him, our love of Him and are allowing Him to love our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ, which is absolutely beautiful.

I’m excited to experience it, to express it, to discover it. And I may not do it perfectly, but I am purposing to be present, to make myself available for love’s connection, for love’s purpose, for love’s design. And yes, it’s going to be risky but I know that He’s holding me and He’s holding my heart and He will perform what He wants to perform and do what he wants to do. I will witness LOVE coming out of me like a fountain. And as I make those connections, I will enjoy and drink deeply in the body of Christ. So I bless you each of you and love you and thank you for following this podcast. I ask for the Holy Spirit to keep each of us as we experience His love as we expressed His love, and as we discover is loving nature in our bodies in our beings in our lives. Thank you for listening.

Love is the Answer! – Episode #847 – DivineDesigned.life

When I think of cold love I think of hatred. It’s diabolical because it fuels our fear of rejection and cold love is bone chilling.

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