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Living The Overcomers Life – Episode #790

Living The Overcomers Life

Living The Overcomers Life
Episode #790

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Joan Wentzel and Ladonna Spears
Warfare is always something very foreign in understanding the real dynamics of the overcomers life.

On the podcast lately we’ve been talking about the abounding messages and how we’re tapping into the plethora of messages that you have given over the years since the eighties. And we’re going into them and we’re going to be turning them into booklets. We’ve got a huge Storehouse now. The Storehouse is almost done; we poured the concrete for the second part this week. They have got it enclosed. Right now, we’re waiting for the electrical to come in for the second half and then we are good. We’re gonna have that building done; the garage door is going to be there on Tuesday. They are pouring concrete for the driveway coming up in a week and a half. We’ve got this huge big cornucopia of Storehouse and what are we going to fill it with?

And so, Joan and Ladonna and I and you, Martha, are all going to start working on taking CD Messages that you’ve done and turn them into booklets both in print and in Kindle. We’re going to start with Kindle but then we will have them ready to go in print.

The first one we are doing is The Overcomers and the very first message in the Overcomers series is The Sword. And I would like to talk to Joan and Ladonna about it. They’ve gone through that message and they have reworked it so that you’re taking it out of the verbal and bringing it into the written which is a daunting task because you’re having to basically take something that someone else’s baby and as Ladonna says, “Drop it off at the Daycare hoping that they are going to take care of it.”

This is a labor of love but I really believe that this is going to be part of the Shulamite Ministries that’s going to be happening; taking these messages and putting them out there.

One of the ones right now, Joan is tallying up all the Kindle books and how the Kindle books are selling, one of the ones that is selling the most right now is Overcoming Self-Hatred. I’m blown away at how many each month are just going out. And that message was originally an audio message and then we turned it into a Kindle. And it’s beautiful. It really does deal with overcoming self-hatred. I would love to go re-read that.

When we get the Storehouse done, that will be one of the first ones that we

send off to the printer to actually get that one in print because I want that one available to just rapid fire that thing out because self-hatred is so huge in our culture right now.

And then we’ve got Overcoming Anxiety. That one is finished and I’m finishing the cover up. The painting’s done. My art teacher is taking it to get it digitally printed so that we can take it and put the type-set in there and get the cover done. So, that going to be great. And that will be one of the ones that we do first, too; Overcoming Self-Hatred and Overcoming Anxiety. And if we don’t live in an anxious culture right now, I don’t know when we have because this feels totally anxious for me.

I want to talk to Joan and Ladonna. As they are processing this and as they are bringing it through to the written format, I want to hear how it’s impacting you. I want to hear any kind of gleanings that you are getting from it and anything that you want to share about the process.

When we were talking earlier, touching somebody else’s work is fear provoking. And actually, Jacquelyn said, “It’s touching something holy.” The respect that I have for Martha, the anointing that Martha carries and the work of living out the story of her own warfare and being willing and able to put it down in print is far too big. And I said initially, “I can’t do that.” And John gave us a prophetic word. “Yes, you can.” And Joan and I said, “Well, ok!” We sat down together and because we’ve worked together for a while and known each other forever and grown up together basically for thirty-six years… Are we that old! (Joan…We are!)

It was a real sweet time, anyway, to do it. As I said, it was fear provoking and scary to do it. The wonderful thing about even getting into it was the fact that these messages Martha did, I believe in 1998, that’s a long time ago and they are so relevant and so pertinent, and so lacking but necessary within the body. Even being associated with a way to have them available for the body is an honor…even though it makes me scared.

It’s a privilege to be able to do this. It is very daunting and overwhelming because you’re touching someone else’s revelation, really their life with God and that’s a fearful thing. But it’s been wonderful because Martha’s words are as fresh on the CD as they were then; the help to our lives especially for mine. Warfare is always something very foreign to me in understanding the real dynamics of it. One of the most piercing things we’ve come away with is we don’t yield the sword. The word is the sword but the Holy Spirit yields that sword not us. And being very careful to understand I can’t just pick up a word out of the word and say, “Ok, Satan, here we go!” and swing my little silly sword. It doesn’t work that way. Martha is very clear to let you know the sword can not only be used by you but it can be used against you and being aware that we live on both sides of the sword. God may give us a word through the Spirit for someone else but then He also gives someone else a word about us through the Spirit; that the sword then turns against us but all for positive; it’s all for the goal of preparing us to be filled with the Spirit completely governed and controlled by the Spirit. It’s just an amazing revelation we are seeing in this word. And even of how Martha lives in just being so honest about her own trials of using the sword and listening to warfare and saying, “It didn’t work and it’s not right.” So, maybe she can touch on that a little bit in this moment.

I need to read the manuscript and I’m serious about that. Sometimes when the Holy Spirit does a work in you that is of Him and not me, sometimes, I’m disconnected from…. Thank you for nodding yes. You understand. And, of course, that one is some years ago and I do need to re-read it again.

You were just in our last writing trip you were going over that. That is part of what you were looking at with the Won War. So, this is interesting how this is all coming out because of the fact that you were reading over through that and you saw how daunting it is for your own self to go over and take old stuff and bring it forward.

I could barely work with it.

I know. And that’s when I realized, “Ok, we are not going to do this anymore. I’m not going to put this on you anymore.” And I just said, “Ok, God, You’ve got to do something.” Because I’m not going to put this weight on you to do this and then that’s when Ladonna and Joan stepped up and said that they were willing and I know that they are able because I know that the Spirit of God will do it. This is His message. He gave it originally to you and we’re just literally bringing it forward in a different media. That’s it. That’s all we are doing.

Living The Overcomers Life – Episode #790 – Shulamite Podcast

We are working on bringing into print The Overcomers series and the very first message in the Overcomers series is The Sword which is about living the Overcoming Life.

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