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The Living Seed of the Word – Episode #563

The Living Seed of the Word

The Living Seed of the Word
Episode # 563
September 17, 2017

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Fabiola Fernandez

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #560.
What’s the difference between a heart where seeds (the word of God) sprout and a barren heart? Is your heart fertile ground for the seed of God’s word?

(Fabiola) No wonder in Revelation the call to the churches, “If you listened enough to see this side of the Son of God, this side of the beginning and the end. If you listen enough to see who is Him, if you listen enough, you will overcome,” (paraphrased) all because… You mentioned that in the conference. If you listen with, listen in the heart then you will be able to…
(John) That’s what Marsela said, is that it was a heart to heart interaction; that that’s where all this life comes from is the Lord interacting with our heart. And it’s not our brain, it’s not our, you know, logic. It’s right in our spirit and in our heart.
(Martha) And back to what Gaby was saying about the will of God being our food and listening to the Lord. I’m just, this is something I’ve taught over and over again. But it’s wondrous always to me, that the voice of God, the words of the voice of God are a living seed. And to hear that living seed is to have put within you precisely what He’s asking of you. In other words if you hear Him say, “Go to Honduras,” and you hear it in your being, it is a living seed, and it bursts open and becomes a trip to Honduras. It becomes what He asks for by the seed that goes in. So, it depends on how deeply you listen. And that’s the three kinds of soil. The barren soil, the sun scorched it. The soil by the wayside that the enemy picked it up. The other one didn’t take root, because there was no deep root in the person. Then there was trouble and persecution that caused the word to go away or die. So, the condition of your heart, as Marsela said, is the soil. If you’re repenting and pulling out the weeds of sin, then you’ve got a good ground for the seed to go in. But the seed contains – I want to say magical life of itself to produce itself. Am I making sense? The word produces itself if you hear it in the depth of your being. I remember teaching that in Florida where Vicki lives. And I had seeds, and I showed them this tiny seed could feed the world. In multiplication and reproduction this one seed contains that dynamic, because the word of God said, “Plants, live, produce fruit after your kind,” and that command is going on with the force that we rarely appreciate. And so, one of the ladies took a piece of tape and taped her seed to her book, and I loved it, because it’s an amazing principle. It means that what God plants in you becomes life and food and food for others, so that you throw your seed of life at them. They take the seed and it goes on multiplying all around the world. And there are people we’ve heard from we that we thought, “We’ve never heard from you, and you’ve been with me twenty years? I don’t know you, and yet you know everything.” I met with a lady that I have never met before. I never heard her name before this conference. And so, we sat down. She had some things she had to talk about. And she could tell me what year I did this, and she had every single CD of the Month in her mind. And she said to me, “Now in 2009 you were different. You went up!” And I knew exactly why. She said, “Something happened to you, and you were liberated.” And I said, “Yes, it did. You’re absolutely right.” Can you imagine hearing to that degree, and staying and just… It’s just a tape, and yet she…
(John) Yeah, I can imagine it.
(Martha) (chuckling) That’s what we’re all to be – gardens that receive the seed without any resistance, so that it can take root in our being, produce life in us. And then the seed produced itself and reproduces itself and cast out to the world. We used to hear where people were getting our App, iPhone App. And it was all over the world. It was astounding. Lots from China, some from Iran I remember. Uzbekistan. And it used to be very exciting.

And my granddaughter, Anna Claire, took – her major was creative writing. She said to me when our office was in my house in the basement, John put up a map. And he put a little pin everywhere the book had gone. And it was covered with pins all over the world. And as a little girl she looked at that and thought, “That is the power of words.”
(John) Wow! I didn’t know that story!
(Martha) And that’s why she chose…
(John) I sure didn’t know that story.
(Martha) Yeah, she wrote me a letter about it, and it just crushed me with joy. She said, “I looked at that map, and I looked at your writings.” And I think later on she came to two conferences, I believe with her friend. And she said, “When I was trying to decide what to do with my life, I saw by that map the power of words.” And so, she has a degree in creative writing now.
(John) And I could only do it so long, and then I couldn’t keep up with it. It just “pwwwww,” you know, exponentially. So, but that’s a cool story. I didn’t even know that one.
(Martha) I still have that map in that office with those pins on it.
(John) Oh, that’s so cool.
(Martha) It is cool.
(John) They were the little dot ends, weren’t they?
(Martha) Uh, huh, yeah. And so many times we feel like the message is not going out. Is anybody listening? Is anybody with us? And we have no idea. Because it should be from Christ in each of us, what we’re doing. And is from Christ, I will say it is. It’s all we’ve got. He is all we’ve got. That it’s going out no telling where. And it’s His to scatter it.
(John) And He does, and He absolutely does.
(Martha) This woman had from 2009, that’s already eight years ago. And she had at least eight years of listening to the Tape of the Month, and way beyond that. And somebody was passing it on to her in her life. It’s just incredible. Then I met with someone else who had a knowledge of the subjects of these tapes, which I don’t have. She had them in her mind exactly by the titles. And I went kind of, “Duh” (laughing).

(Everyone is laughing, too.)

The Living Seed of the Word – Episode # 563 – Shulamite Podcast

The Word of God is a living seed that is meant to bloom in the heart of the one who hears it. So what is the difference between a heart where seeds sprout and a heart where seeds find no purchase? Is your heart fertile ground for the seed of God’s word?

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