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Let Go and the Father Does It All – Episode #566

Let Go and the Father Does It All

Let Go and the Father Does It All
Episode # 566
October 08, 2017

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #564.
How amazing life is when we let go and let the Father take care of everything, just as Jesus did! That’s when we see and experience His lavish provision.

(John) In this ministry I’ve had to come not knowing and letting over and over and over.
(Martha) You have. You came here not having any idea. You left, you sold your business and came here to live with this group of people that you really didn’t know. You had to let go of your friends, your family, your home, your business, your world, your Christian world, everything. You had to let it all go. I’m amazed.
(John) I wasn’t even thinking about that. I was thinking about, you know, get a website and the Lord makes me become a web guy, which I had no idea how to do. The Adwords and Google campaigns, I had no idea how to do that. I didn’t, I don’t know how to do anything. What I have is nothing, and I’ve had to let go, and His fulfillment of that is amazing. I mean, I’m blown away by it.
(Martha) Well, I’ve watched you do this countless times. We will hire web guys, and we will need something on the website that they can’t do, they don’t know how to do, and you tell them how to do it. So, you are… Because God gives you the wisdom to find it, and then over and over again you’ve said, “Here’s how you do it.” And they’re supposed to know and do it for you, but you do it for them.
(John) Ummm.
(Martha) That’s the reward God gives you for not…
(John) Well, it’s a very convenient thing that I have come uneducated with any of this stuff. I have nothing to fall back on. I don’t have any training. I don’t have any schooling in these areas. And so, it’s not like I come sufficient and then have to figure it out. I’m coming completely empty and with nothing to fall back on. That’s it.
(Martha) Umhmm. Well, I think it’s hard for us to comprehend what Jesus let go of.
(John) Hmm.
(Martha) He let go of His own glory, His place in heaven. He let go of being the Son of God, and He lived as a human being leaning on God in the absolute most incredible dependence on God. And then constantly had to let go. He had to let go of His own life. So, there is no, there’s no end to the fact that He has experienced as a human being indwelt by God, the Father. But He has experienced what it means to have to wait, to have to let go. He’s acquainted with our suffering like that.
(John) Ummm.
(Martha) And that’s, that’s phenomenal that He would let go of His own powers to that degree and limit Himself to the incarnation.
(John) I wonder what kind of pleasure it brings Him for us to wait, for us to be willing to wait and let go? I wonder what smile that puts on His face?
(Martha) Wow. That’s a wonderful thought. One day we’ll know.
(John) It’s got to be so. It’s gotta be so.
(Martha) I believe it. I never thought before, but I believe it. It’s letting Him be God.
(John) You come empty, and you come not sufficient but insufficient to do it yourself and require everything of Him. It’s like you’re proclaiming Him as Lord over it, over the situation. And I just, I don’t know what it does, but there is something to that of the pleasure it would bring Him coming empty, willing to wait and letting go of everything that you have or think you have. It’s amazing to me.
(Martha) Well, it’s the exact counter opposite to Eden, where Adam and Eve wanted to be self-sufficient and not have to depend on God. When Satan tempted them, they didn’t even go discuss it with God. They were that independent. When he tempted them to distrust God, then he tempted them to act independently of needing God. So, Jesus comes with this exact opposite.
(John) Oh, wow.
(Martha) He’s completely dependent on the Father. He didn’t have any word except what the Father spoke. He had nothing but what the Father gave. So, if the Father didn’t move, He had nothing. So, He has experienced what you were experiencing, the agony of a man having nothing.
(John) With the faith that the Father was going to completely do it.
(Martha) Umhmm. Umhmm.
(John) I guess it’s our parental wounds or whatever, you know, wounds that we think that He won’t come through, because in every case that I can think of, He’s never not come through. It may not have been on my timing. It may not have been how I wanted it to be. It may not have had the end that I had envisioned, but it always is completely done and always better. It’s never, I mean you know, it’s always better than I would have imagined.
(Martha) Umhmm. I have that same, I could say that same thing, John, that He always shocks me with what He gives. I think in this conference, the Way to Life (The Road that Leads to Life), the people there saw me come in absolutely weak. But that is a stark terror if you’ve got a hundred people that have paid to listen to you and give their time to you, and then you feel utterly empty. Not only was I empty, I didn’t know where He was going to go to speak.
(John) You didn’t even have the subject.
(Martha) I didn’t. It’s the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in any… But I had the most peace I’ve ever had in any conference. It was strange, because many times I’ve had to say, “You’ve never failed me. You won’t fail me now.” But that time I was, this conference I was at peace about it even though it was the worst nothingness that I’ve ever been through. And my weakness was evident to everybody, and then not only would His words come, but His strength would come, His energy and vitality would come. So, but it is how we are to live. Really, we’re talking about a way of life of living, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of God.” I see that in a different way now, because I am the poor in spirit. I am the beggar, but mine is the Kingdom in that position and it’s the position of the child.
(John) I wonder if all the insufficiencies that it talks about there; the poor in spirit, the meek…
(Martha) …those who mourn
(John) …those who mourn, yeah, all those. I’m wondering if those are not our direct connection where we’re hollowing out and giving place for Christ and God’s life to be.
(Martha) Absolutely. I’ve never seen it that way, John.
(John) I’ve never seen it that way.
(Martha) That’s awesome. Absolutely. I do believe that.
(John) The reason I inherit the kingdom of God is because I’m willing to be poor. I’m willing to be nothing. I’m willing to be a beggar. I’m willing to allow Him to fill that… Oof.
(Martha) And then, you can be willing to do it, and then there’s another side of it where you can’t even, you can’t be that. It’s done to you. Does that make sense? Where He orchestrates it to such a degree that you’re not trying to let go. You have nothing to let go of.
(Both laughing)
(Martha) That’s the worst.
(John) (laughing) Letting go… It’s, say you have something. How about, tell me let go of your nothingness.
(Martha) Let your nothingness be. It takes a lot of courage to live that way, and He gives that courage. The only thing you need is courage. You don’t need to do or be or achieve it or make, orchestrate it. And what we have so much in Christendom today is people who have made it happen without that dependence. There are people who simply will not live that way. And I sort of haven’t had a choice. (chuckles)

Let Go and the Father Does It All – Episode # 566 – Shulamite Podcast

How amazing life is when we let go and let the Father take care of everything, just as Jesus did! It’s incredibly vulnerable to live in the reality of our nothingness and total inability, but that’s when we see and experience our Father’s lavish provision.

4 Responses

  1. tammy says:

    “…in every case that I can think of, He’s never not come through. It may not have been on my timing. It may not have been how I wanted it to be. It may not have had the end that I had envisioned, but it always is completely done and always better. It’s never, I mean you know, it’s always better than I would have imagined.”

    Such beautiful words of truth!

    When I was first learning of what a life with Christ might be about there was a song that was sung in the church I attended. It’s probably sung in many churches. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with the song – I was just never able to sing all of the words. At first I laughed at myself. I was so new in His Word, so unfamiliar with Who He is – I just thought with time I’d get the real meaning of the words to the song and then I’d be able to sing them. It took time but He taught me – No, He showed me that for me, the reason I could sing certain words was because for me – they weren’t Truth.

    “He never has failed me, yet…” I could sing the entire song but when it came to the word “yet” it just couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t come out. He has NEVER failed me, nor will He ever.

    Blessed Beyond All Measure.
    Warmest love to you all!

    1. tammy says:

      Correction ;-)
      “the reason I could NOT sing certain words…”

      1. Bless you, Tammy! I love your story, do you remember reading a similar situation I wrote about on GetAlongWithGod.com?
        https://getalongwithgod.com/living-loved/jesus-loves-me/ hehehe Seems He desires the heart, the life, the words, and song to be in union. He is so faithful to not let us be deceived. Love you!

        1. tammy says:

          I had not read that particular post John. You, as always, give me much food for thought.

          Your words are a needed reminder that the woundings of life have no respect for age.
          “I willfully and determinedly would not sing those three words. I knew the cost and was completely unwilling to comply. I would be strong. I was a child and I knew I didn’t want to be weak. Worse, I would NOT be weak.”

          I spend most of my days with 3 & 4 year olds. I pray for and about them out of what I witness in the moment. Seldom do I take into consideration their possible history. It’s “His prayers” for them I need to be hearing and offering back.

          Bless you.

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