Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #11 – Leave Thy Parents

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(J) Well, on today’s podcast we want to pretty much put a closure to a long series of messages that have been going out, about the heart, about man’s heart, and about leaving your parents. And in this particular podcast we’re going to be playing clip from the “Leave Your Parents” CD series to bring a closure to this whole message. So Martha you just heard this clip that we’re going to be playing; tell us how you think it brings closure to the message. What does it say to you? And what closure does it bring?
(M) Well John, to tell you the truth I’m astounded at the insights in it; I had forgotten some of them. This series was done awhile back, some years back actually. But I do feel I have even more insight into this, and one of the things that I want to go into is how a person, especially a man, when he is born again, bought by Jesus Christ with the precious blood, and he does not come under the authority of the Lord, that man has no authority in his own life. To have to have two masters of the parent and God, just tares a man into pieces. His loyalty is divided. You have talked about it, John, what it does to the wife and the children. I want to talk about what it does to the man, and to the Lord. It causes a perpetual guilt, an unsolvable guilt. The subconscious master is the parent, mother, father, and the conscious master is the Lord. But there’s never a complete loyalty to the Lord, and there’s a constant false guilt. If you still belong,.. it’s all about ‘belonging’, and the whole thing is about who you belong to. The Lord said to me, “whose you are is who you are”. What a statement, it spoke volumes to me.
(J) It puts a rift in man’s spirit, and soul, and heart, and his affections. It’s a rift, it’s a major division; it does give him two masters, it gives him the guilt of not serving one, or the other. It’s like you know, I’m guilty because I’m not going totally wholeheartedly with God, but I’m also guilty because I’m no going wholeheartedly, totally with parent, whatever.
(M) The thing the Lord has shown me John, I think I have a ‘Deborah’ calling, to call ‘Barak’s’ to war. And I believe the coming days are going to be such intense warfare that my spirit is longing for men to belong to the Lord, so that they can be the warrior that He is. And if a man or a woman belongs to parents, they not only will not have the authority they need, they won’t have authority over the enemy. The Centurion had authority with God and with man, because he said, I’m a man under authority and a man over authority; and those under me obey me because I am under authority. And if you don’t belong to the Lord completely, you have compromised your authority, and you’re the playground for the devil. Would you agree with that radical way of putting it?
(J) I really would. The Lord has had me in Matt. 10, 11 and 12, really, and it says that every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined. Every city, or household, divided against itself will not stand. And this is just kind of where I am, in my quiet time here. I’ve been going back into Luke, and how when He called Matthew, He said come and follow Me, and Levi got up, left everything, and followed Him. And Peter, when He was out there and He had caught the fish, He’d said now go throw it on the right side, and He said, don’t be afraid, now you will be catcher’s of men. So they pulled their boats up to the shore, left everything, and followed Him. And I believe that those that didn’t leave everything were the ones that betrayed Him. And those were the ones that halfway in the ministry, turned their backs on Him and left. And it was because they hadn’t left everything. You look back at where it said, “Eat My flesh and drink my blood, or you’ll have no part of Me”, He’s saying, leave everything; leave everything and follow Me. “Then many left Him that day.” And I believe that those were the ones that didn’t leave everything; they were the ones that were connected to lands, houses, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, wife, money, whatever it was, they hadn’t left everything. Where would we go Peter said, where would we go? We’ve left everything for You; they had done the work, they had left everything. Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every household that is divided against itself will not stand.
(M) John I’m going back to the whose you are is who’s you are; the one you belong to is the one you’re like. So it’s really a crisis, not just of authority and strength and power and faith and loyalty, it is also a matter of identity. I have so clearly seen that you cannot be yourself if you have not left everything for Him. You can’t even be who you are innately in your personality, and you cannot be who He is as He is en-dwelling your personality. So you cannot be yourself.  Your identity is still keyed to who you were labeled as by whoever you belonged to. And John’s right to cover the wife, children, lands, business, parents, whatever you belong to you take on the character of. So if we really belong to Jesus, we take on, not just His character, His strength, His faith, His power, we take on who He created us to be. And without that we will never be ourselves.
(J) Then another thing that He does is after Matt. 10, and after all this, you know He sends out the twelve and there’s this upheaval of just what He does and then He gives the Woe to the and unrepentant cities.  It’s this big, major confrontation of everybody.  You know, a man against his father, against his daughter; He does all this, but then He lays right in the center, right in the center at the end of Matthew 11, He says, but come, the weary, rest. It’s funny to me that He brings this major sword, this major fire, but then He says, if you take this up, after the upheavel will come the rest. What does every man in all history want? Peace in their own soul. Ok.  You know there are warring men.  There are warring women, but do we all want? We all want peace. Look at the Jew… peace, peace, peace. Look at every prophet that came.  Every prophet that was accepted was the one that said peace. The ones that weren’t were the ones that brought the fire. So here’s Jesus bringing fire, and then all of a sudden here comes… you will have that peace that you want.
(M) At the end of it, at the end. After the victory is peace, only after the victory is peace. ((J) In Mark 10:29-30 it talks about leaving parents, father, mother, sister, brother, lands, and then it says, and with persecution. So I would like to know Martha, how the persecution; I know that God told me persecutions are intolerable to those who have failed to leave parents.
(M) I think the persecutions come John, because once a man or a woman belongs to the Lord they become the ‘violent’ children of God that “take the kingdom”. Jesus said “The kingdom of God has suffered violence from the time of John until now, and violent men take it by force”. The Amplified says, “as a precious prize”. If you do not have your identity in Christ, if you do not belong to Him, you do not have the violence with yourself and with others that it takes to live this life. So you will be run over, cast out, defeated, discouraged, because all of that zeal of the Lord that’s going to accomplish His government, will not carry you through. You see I believe the violence that’s in that verse speaks of the zeal of Christ within. And wherever Christ is totally ruling and in possession you walk and it will create persecution, because it will condemn people without your saying a word. It will bring forth the enemies assault on the Lordship of Christ. Because when He owns you He is then Lord. When He owns you, you can do whatever He wants you to do. You’ll have the power to do it.  You’ll have the authority to do it. And it will bring persecution, and reward.

And now our special clip:

You’ll out what you feel towards your parents, you will do it. You’ll usually do it on spouse or children. We give what we’ve been given, until we resolve it. And parents represent God to a child. They are the first idol. And the idolatry of the parent can go on and on and on all your life. And I thought idolatry was something you love, I found out it can be something you hate, someone you hate. Because idolatry is what you focus on; what you are trying to please, and what you are trying to placate. And God is in direct competition with your mommy and daddy, to be the parent of your life. Your earthly parents must go in the same way that Jesus put aside His allegiance to His parents, while even at the same time viewing them as God’s delegated authority. Last week we read about the sword that divides the parent from child. And the Luke 12 account adds this, “I have come to cast fire upon the earth”, and instead of using the sword in Luke, it must have been a different occasion that He said it. “You suppose I came to grant peace, no rather division.” Luke says division, Matthew says a sword, taken together the sword effects division. But God does not want any question about it,  There is what some people call a soul tie, a bond to the parent that God wants to sever. I saw this week that Jesus came to earth to save us, save our wretched souls. But you know what else He came for? To bring children to His Father. His Father wants children. And Jesus had to lay down His life not just for you and me, but for His Father, so His Father could have many children. If you could ever get a glimpse that God wants to be the Father and He wants you to be the child, you would rejoice. And in order to bring children to God, Jesus has to rescue us from our earthly parents. Matt. 10:37 says, “He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me, and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me, and he who does not take up his cross and follow Me, is not worthy of Me”. And there’s a hint of what the cross is. The cross is in your family relationships, and you’ll have to die. If you take up your cross, you will have to die. Your cross will be the destruction of your human relationships to bring them into spiritual relationships; don’t miss that part. It will be the death of your human relationships, to bring them into spiritual. Luke 18:29, Jesus said, “No one has left homes, or wife, or brothers, or parents, or children, for the sake of the Kingdom of God, who will fail to receive many times as much in this age, and in the age to come eternal life”. And in Mark 10:29 it adds, “and persecution.”  And we see that process in Jesus.  At the age of twelve He put His parents in the right place, and challenged them as to their view of Him. And at the wedding of Cana, He refused to do what Mary wanted Him to do, because Mary wanted Him to do it; “woman, what have I to do with you?” Instead He did it because God wanted Him to. He wasn’t even going to do her a favor, unless God permitted it.  Then the incident we went over when His family came to take Him away, because they believed He’d lost His mind. You know I don’t think He fought them, or explained to them. I don’t get the sense that there was a fight there, He was just unattainable, and unapproachable. But somehow there’s an untold story. Jesus by His absolute allegiance to the Father brought His family into the Body of Christ. In the end, Mary was there with the desciples in the upper room, when Pentecost came. James, who was probably there with the family when they went to take Him away; the half-brother of Jesus, wrote the book of James, the best insights on jealousy. Do you suppose that he was jealous of his half-brother? But he came under Him and learned the roots and causes and effects of jealousy, as well as the solution. That’s wonderful to me. That Jesus’ loyalty to His Father brought His family in…didn’t allienate them, brought them in.   Jesus’ family came to His ground.  He didn’t go to theirs. Jeremiah was told by God, “This people may turn to you, but you are not to turn to them”. Jesus did not turn to them, but they did turn to Him. There’s a story there that we don’t know.

(J)We at Shulamite Ministries would like to make available to you a new resource.  It’s the CD series, “Leave The Parents.”  These three CD messages have been extracted from the “Good Shepherd” series, and deal most specifically with the issues of the  heart, that we have been dealing with in this podcast.  If you see in your life these elements of the heart and desire freedom, we ask that you prayerfully consider acquiring these messages.  In them we delve deeper into the issues, reveal  God’s solution, and walk through prayers.  Gain freedom to today and start the journey of regaining your heart for God.

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(J) So now you’ve heard the clip from the “Leave Your Parents” series, so tie that in to what we’ve just said.
(M) Well I think the tie-in is that since that time the Lord has not ceased to be on that subject from time to time. Nor has He ceased to give revelation; what I’ve given you today is not on the tape.  It’s the continuation of the revelation.  It just speaks to me that continually the Lord is calling for complete Lordship and Ownership and tht the rival, not in life, but in our hearts is the need or desire and approval of man or parents. And sometimes what we project on people is really about our parents. If we don’t get what we want or need in childhood we will still seek for that in our relationships and current life. But the Lord wants to be everything, and He wants everything. And as you pointed out those who were disciples, as in those in Luke 14 gave up all their possessions. And two of the most precious possessions sometimes are our relationships. I can do without money.   I can do without lands, but my dearest relationships, Christ has claimed everyone.
(J) Well I believe that I have dragged into a lot of my relationships, if not all, the remnants of my relationship with my parents.  That’s why I think this is so key. Really I have prevented myself from living out my own destiny and my own purpose that Christ has called me for, because I see through, not rose colored glasses, but tinted glasses that bear the mark of my parents. And so there is a process and a work that man, woman, child, has to do, to say, I leave my parents and I go with the Lord. And that’s what each of these men did.  That’s why they could say, where would we go? We’ve left everything for You.  Where would we go?  That’s why they could say that, because it was true.  They had left.
(M) John, we’ve recently seen that in our midst, that if you reserve a place, if you don’t leave everything and go with the Lord, and you reserve a back door, you’ll eventually take that back door.
(J)Yeah, yeah…
(M)And that’s in Hebrews 11, where Paul lists the greats of faith, and all that they achieved by faith, and it says, after listing in twelve verses all the greats of scripture and faith…Verse 13 says all these people were still living by faith when they died. In other words, they still believed God.  They were still with God.  They did not receive what was promised them though they saw them and welcomed them from a distance. They admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth. Now, see you cannot be a stranger on earth if you own anything on the earth or anything owns you. They proved by that statement that they belonged to God alone. “People who say such things show they are looking for a country of their own, if they had been thinking of the country they had left they would have had opportunity to return.” If you want to go back, God will give you the opportunity to go back. If you leave yourself a back door, which the disciples did not, they left career, family, life, cities.   They didn’t leave themselves a bridge or a back door.  They burned their bridges behind them so they couldn’t go back. Just as Elisha did with his oxen when he had a feast with his oxen, so there was no way he could go back. That’s the radical leaving that produces the radical faith. We want faith, we want relationship, we want authority, we want victory.  All of those belong to the one who belongs to Jesus, absolutely, irrevocably. And we have known it to happen.  We’ve watched people go back and leave, but God called them to it simply because they had a back door and were able to do it.
(J) It’s like God pushes you through that back door.
(M) He opens it and says if you want this, go. If you want a choice, then I’ll give you the opportunity to exercise it, and it will be easy for you to do it.
(J) Well, I think that through the podcasts of late, as well as this CD series, I believe that we have sufficiently given the diagnosis as well as the remedy, but I don’t want to ask you the question, how do we get out, because its all there. Why don’t you pray?
(M) (Martha speaks while moved to tears) I could unleash a volcano of passion over this John, if I prayed what’s in my heart you’d probably have to stop your ears. Because Father, I see the darkness coming and bearing down on us, and I’m not afraid, but I’m longing…I am praying and longing for those to rise up as Peter and James, the half-brother, who will leave everything, their own dogma’s their own religions, their own allegiances, especially parents, and follow the Beloved and the Lovely One to the end of this Race. Father, pour out your Spirit on the sons and daughters, the old men and the young men, cause them to prophesy, dream, and fall in love with You. Open their eyes Father to see the Son who is irresistible. Have mercy on us Lord, for our petty loyalties and our selfish motives. Expose it all, and grant us the grace to leave everything for You, for Jesus glory, for His Name, for His increase, that He might be known. Thank You Lord.

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