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Law of the Spirit versus Law of Checkboxes – Episode #786

Law of the Spirit versus Law of Checkboxes

Law of the Spirit versus Law of Checkboxes
Episode #786

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

This the continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #783

I want to tie with what Ladonna said what he said together because aren’t the boxes just law? And then the Spirit doesn’t do law. The law of the Spirit is His will and it’s His life. But our law is our rules and our checkboxes that really, they remove us from actual relationship.

That is why I hate obligation. Obligatory things, for me, rob the spontaneity and the freshness and the passion behind it. If you have to have a day, just giving this as an example, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, if you have to have a day that you’re going to do that, it robs some of the freshness of it. It takes some of it away.

If I just in the middle of a week, random week, have that desire to love, to send love, that’s more meaningful. Ok, “I know I’m getting a card. I know I’m going to get some flowers. I know I’m going to get some candy. I know I’m going to get something because it’s Mother’s Day.” How about in the middle of the week on July 12?

And so, I think that He’s not interested in our laws and in our checkboxes because it robs Him of the ability to have our heart. Boxes are not heart. Our presence is connected to our heart and His presence is connected to His and that heart union is what He’s looking for.

This is where I want to encourage you, Kyle, because this is extremely wonderful. This man is a contemplative. How did he find out that he was under law? By contemplating, staying in your thoughts or whenever you were you got the answer because you listen. No wonder the devil is after him because he has at this age of his life he can sit and put the pieces together which you have to do by staring. Mine is staring but I’m really waiting.

In your sitting on the porch weeping, you were given the answer-LAW. And it’s primal. It’s a bottom line, it’s a foundational thing. You are either raised on law or grace. What you got as the interpretation and the name of it is brilliant. And most people especially, sorry,  men are not prone to being contemplative. And you are facing it with your whole heart. As crunched and broken as you are you are still facing it like a warrior. You are going to look straight in the eye of this suffering and you come out with the answer. And the answer is eternal. Eternally He’s going to liberate you from law. Law is gone, it’s dead. The law is transcended by Christ Jesus. Now it’s blood, the blood of the Lamb and the indwelling of Christ. He’s going to come and indwell you and be the man you were meant to be when God created you back way wonder.

And I want you to be encouraged because I don’t say that. But you have a contemplative spirit. You think about things and look at them. You don’t make up things, make up nice stories or you don’t cover it up; you don’t hide it from yourself. Jesus taught me in inner healing, He said, “There’s a box where you place all the emotions you don’t want to feel but if people will simply live in their emotions, they will find out a lot about themselves and life.” You live in your heart and from your heart and most men don’t open their hearts to be that vulnerable. Even to tell us is vulnerable.

What you are, what God has established in you from such serious and painful things for all your childhood somehow you were able to develop a capacity to wait and look and think and that’s called being contemplative; it’s listening to yourself. Most people don’t listen to their self. And you listen to what you are going through and you get the name of it and when you get the name of it, you’re free.

Interesting the Lord always said to me, “Find the name. Always find the name. When you find the name, you are free.” So, now we know that you are dying and you are surviving by the Spirit. You are doing really great. Don’t you think, Ladonna? Don’t you think he’s doing great? Because you could shut down in bitterness and become a gangster. I don’t mean you, you, you. But I mean the option is to go to hell or to go to heaven. And that choice is made right here on this soil. You are choosing rightly. You are choosing to be interested in what your life is like; being interested in what’s going on; being willing to stare at it and live it.

I think I may have told you this that my precious granddaughter was going through something. She’s a flight attendant and she was going through something and I don’t even know how bad it was but I said to her, “Anna Clare, you have to go through it. You can’t go around it or you will miss the story; you will miss the victory; you have to live it.” And she said, “Oh Mimi, it got it.” And she did. So, she had gone through it; healing, everything with all her emotions of disappointment, whatever they were and then she comes out on the other side. She’s getting closer to her destiny because she was willing to live it. And you would say, “Open your heart” to it.

And that’s what you have done, Kyle. You’ve opened your heart to feel it all, to experience it all, to experience the horror of it. You’ve been willing to call it…It’s a horror. It is dying. There’s no way to soft peddle that. It’s terrible. And it’s the way to Jesus and you are doing well. You are doing courageously to sit on the porch and cry and then admit it. That’s courage right there.

Amen. I’ll stop but I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you that you didn’t mad at me for not coming because I figured it would be justified. I just kept arguing with the Lord, “Can’t I just do a dinner?” “No, He’s mine. Don’t you touch him.” No comfort unless it’s God.

What a morning. Amazing as usual because He came.

Law of the Spirit versus Law of Checkboxes – Episode #786 – Shulamite Podcast

The law of the Spirit is His will and His life not our law of rules and checkboxes they only remove us from actual relationship.

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