Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #121 – Knowing The Times

with Martha Kilpatrick and  John Enslow

(J) But there is going to be a militant response to the Truth, capital ‘T’, the Person of Jesus Christ. And we’re going to see it.
(M) Umhmm. And it’s so… It can be so very subtle, that He, Himself, Christ, is removed; and His Name is used, instead of His Presence.
(J) There’s a whole religious move…
(M) And it means, this… someone made the statement recently, ‘That person is one who would turn you in to be killed and think he was doing God service’. That’s the kind of day we’re facing, John. And we have to, we have to know corporately who we are, and we have to know that we are walking in the Light, and that we are committed to the capital ‘T’, Truth. The attack is on the fellowship of believer’s, and the fellowship of believer’s is with the Father and the Son. John said, in first John, “I say this so that you can have fellowship with Me, and My fellowship is with the Father and the Son.” Our fellowship can only be in existence if it is a fellowship of each of us with the Father and the Son. And so John goes on to show our reliance on the Holy Spirit in that fellowship. But you know, here’s an example right here.  I’m looking down at, still at Acts 26. Paul is testifying to Festus. He’s proclaiming Christ. And actually it’s to Agrippa and Festus that he’s giving this testimony of his conversion. “And Festus said with a loud voice, Paul, you’re out of your mind. Your great learning is driving you out of your mind. But Paul said, I am not out of my mind most excellent Festus, but I am speaking true and rational words. For the King knows about these things that I speak to him boldly.” And he goes on to say I’m not the one that’s crazy. I’m not out of my mind. I am speaking strange realities, but they are realities. And it is a Person; it is the Person, Jesus. “I would to God that not only you, but also all who hear me might become such as I am, except for these chains.” So we’ve got to be confident in our testimony as Paul was. And the only way we can be that is be rooted and founded in Christ. But so many times what we are going to say…People will say they’re out of their minds. And I’m so learning that what arrows you sling are usually the arrows of your own guilt. What name you ‘call’, is usually the name you are. Oh, it’s just… It’s just recognizing the times. It’s very important to recognize the times you’re living in. And I believe we’re…I believe the signs are everywhere, and perfectly obvious, that we are entering a time, as you said, of great polarization between light and dark, true and the lie. And that, that the mercy of God is even behind, I believe, what we’re dealing with here. The mercy of God is to give a chance to those who are deceived. And we’re never deceived on any other ground, but willfully.
(J) Umhmm.
(M) We’re never deceived as a victim. We’re deceived because we have entered the lies and lived by the lies. But it’s an exciting time. It’s requiring us to be very clear, and very open with God. I was telling my prayer partner this morning… We’ve taken this little statement ‘I open my heart to You’, and I said you know, I’m, I’m saying Lord, this is not my heart, it’s Yours. I gave it to You a long time ago. It’s totally Yours. You open this heart to Yourself, and show me what’s here that You don’t like. (Martha laughs) And she loved it. She said oh, it’s entirely different. I said yeah, I’m owned. And He is examining my heart. And He did find something yesterday that is very exciting, because it means freedom. He just showed me where…a place I don’t believe Him. And I so appreciate it. And I told her this is the example; He is ever searching my heart. It’s His heart. And for me to say I open it, means that it’s mine and I can open it today, maybe not tomorrow, but that’s not how it is, my heart is His. And I have a new heart that He gave, and so He works it all out and I don’t have to. I just go to Him, the Person. So, I don’t know.  May God sort this out for everybody who’s listening. I know that I’ve had to be obscure in some ways in trying to describe it, to protect the guilty. But I trust You, Lord, that this effort to speak what You have shown us, that You can use for Your people, Your children. And that the end of this, John, so much of First John, it ends up being these people are not born-again, and these people are born of God. That’s what it boils down to, only two kind of people, children of God, children of Satan and man. And that’s the polarization. There’s so many people that… It’s like your intercessor Ruthie said, John, we don’t even know if the pastor’s saved. You really… There’s going to become a time when you don’t know who’s saved until God reveals it, or they reveal it themselves. And I know this is a radical kind of message. It’s not something that I think a lot of speakers are dealing with. But it’s something that’s ‘living’ with us.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) And if we are any kind of obscure voice to the Body of Christ, then this is what we have to say, that there is a Christianity that is false. There are false teachers, false prophets; there is brethren who are false brethren. That is our reality today; and will be that of the remnant church. So may God have mercy on us, and give us eyes to see. It’s a passion within me that those who are on the edge that can be snatched back out of the fire, I want to snatch. You’re nodding yes, very, very powerfully, (Martha laughs) but wordless. Well, John, I want to end with this verse the Lord gave me so powerfully. And of course it’s a song that a number of artist’s have rendered beautifully. But in some of my struggles recently the Lord took me to this one by Job when he was so assaulted by friends who brought the facts, but not the truth; the information about God, but not God. And God said to Job in the end, they have lied about Me, they have not told the truth about Me, and unless you pray for them… For them to be saved, out of their delusion that they had the truth, you have to pray for them, Job. And he did, and they were healed. But this is what he said, in the bombardment of the very thing I’m talking about, is the friends of Job bombarding him with facts that didn’t apply to his situation. With the knowledge of God that was not the knowledge of God. So he had, he had a series of Pharisees assessing him, and not discerning the Spirit. But here’s what he said, “For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last that He will stand upon the earth. And after my skin has been thus destroyed, yet in my flesh I shall see God, whom I shall see for myself. My eyes shall behold, and not another; my heart yearns within me” is the correct translation. My heart yearns to see my Redeemer on the earth. In a moment of some rather deep despair, this is what God said… and I said, Ok, You’ve got to help me here, and He said… You’ve got to help me handle this whole arena.  Give me something, and He said, ‘you want to see Me, that is enough’. And, John, in the midst of all that’s coming…The desire to see Him stand upon this earth, and to see Him with my eyes in reality, that is enough to endure what’s coming. To endure all the liars and deceivers, and to endure the responsibility, to see Him, that is my hope. That is the hope that makes it possible to endure it, to live through it. I’m going to go through this, and I am going to see Him. Job was in extreme suffering, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional suffering, and he, his rock was that “I know that my Redeemer lives, and He will stand upon this earth.” And I looked up the word Redeemer. I don’t have the definition right here with me. The word Redeemer means: one who defends the honor, integrity and safety of his family, and even vindicates… no, even goes after the murderer of that family. That’s what Redeemer means. It’s far bigger than just being saved from your sins. It is one who defends his own, even against the one who would murder him. That’s the Redeemer that I know lives! And He will stand on this earth. And more than that, I will see Him with my eyes. That’s all I need for this hour. That’s all any of us needs for this hour. He is coming, and I will see Him.

John Enslow:
Living with anticipation of how Christ is to reveal Himself in the coming days. Martha has an urgent message of hope and preparation for times of trouble and crisis. These times and the times that are coming are to be trying, but the Lord has an intention and a joy in revealing His holy purpose. We wish to invite you to “The Coming One”, our upcoming conference held in Atlanta, Georgia, May 29th through the 31st.

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