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Episode #275 – Knowing A Father

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Knowing A Father
Episode #275

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guest: Julie, Don Nelson, and Carole Nelson

(Julie) A couple mornings ago, sometime this week, I was just so excited to, just rejoicing, and just rejoicing at watching what God’s doing. First it was for you. And I could just see… And I don’t know all of the story, I only know bits and pieces, but this has been coming for years and years and years. And I was just thanking the Lord for His keeping you, and His keeping you in persistence through lots of times that were probably dreadfully discouraging. And all of a sudden it just opened up; it’s like it just began to flash. First, I could feel the incredible joy of the Father that this is all about Him wanting you to know who He is as your Father. And as a father you didn’t ever have, and, but you did have, I mean, you know, you always had.  You just didn’t know you had. And so much of all that you’ve had to go through, and then it’s like it flashed, it’s like I could say, oh, God thank you so much that this is about Don coming to know a Father. And then it went to Carole and I thought, oh, but it’s also about Carole coming to know a Father. And then it was like, oh, but it’s also about John coming to know a Father; it’s also about Jen coming to know a Father. (Laughter in background.) It’s about all of us coming to know… It’s about Martha coming to know a Father. And it’s like just for a moment, everything panned back, and I could see that all the things throughout our lives that we felt like we were denied, or the things that we suffered, or the things that we had to go through, or the places we went to because of it, or and had to be cleansed and brought back from, it was just like the whole entire thing was wrapped up. And I almost felt like, I don’t know if this will, I believe it will prove true, but 2011 was one of the best years of my life; definitely, probably one of the best years of my life, if not the best. And I started it as an invalid in Florida, sick, and just completely wrecked. And I looked like at the absolute end of every rope. But the whole year became a discovery of the love of God, and such incredible, and deep inner healing. And I just feel the joy, the joy of the Father in the plan He’s been working on with all of us, minutely, intimately, for years and years and years, and it was all for Him to be able to go “Ta-Daaah!” (Everyone laughs.) This is Who I Am, you know, as a Father, and then it’s so preciously about a Father. And Jesus had to come to give it all to us. But it is about knowing the Father that we always dreamed, we had longed for and felt we didn’t have, but really did. He was just behind the scenes.
(Don) I want to share something Julie. You’ve really been on my heart, and what I see is the Lord severing you from things that have a negative influence in your life. And how I am so excited because what He’s showing me, and what I see, is how you are going to blossom in Him, and be so free in Him and not have those burdens that you’ve had before. So don’t look at what He’s doing in a negative way, look at it very positively. He is freeing you so that you will be free in Him to just blossom and grow.
(M) Well, by the time I say this, and you’ve cut out the podcast into fifteen-minute segments, it will be weeks. (Martha laughs.) But way back weeks ago, Carole blew our cover. The gift God has given us… And I’m going to, maybe consider that this is the time to introduce it. For years I have prayed secretly that God would give us worship, original worship. And out of her own worship, God has given it to Julie. And it’s the most penetrating, you mentioned it Carole, for me it’s the most penetrating, worship leading I’ve ever experienced, coming from her. It’s words and the music that has been literally given to her from heaven. (Don in background: Amen.) And it’s just, it just wrecks me to hear it. And I’ve always heard worship leaders say they’re going to take you to the presence of God. And most of the time they didn’t; I went there myself to the presence of God, but I’ve seen, only maybe one or two that really could take you to the presence of God. And so, it’s my heart to share this enormous gift that God has given, with the whole Body of Christ. And I don’t know if this is the time, I don’t know whether we’ll do it or not. But it’s, it’s just the most amazing gift, isn’t it Carole? (Carole in background: Hmhmm.) And it has ah… It’s been very personal, very intimate songs for us; songs that express Julie’s revelation. And ah, I’ve never heard some, one part of it I’ve, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody approach like she has. So, with all reverence and amazement, I’d like for Julie to play a song, and record it.
(Don) Amen.
(Julie) You mean right now? (Everyone laughs.)
(M) ‘Tadaaah!’ (More laughter.)
(Julie) You know the one song that I desire to give back is from that person that wrote in, is “Turn Your Face To The Son”.
(M) Oh, well, yes.
(Julie) It was almost a year ago.
(M) Yes, yes, yes. Ok, yeah, oh yeah. And I wanted that person to know.
(Julie) Yeah.
(M) Ok. What?
(Don) Yeah, where did that come from?
(M) It was a comment.
(Julie) It was a comment…
(M) It was a comment about receiving. Ok.
(J) On a podcast?
(M) In response to a podcast.
(Julie) I think it was almost a year ago, because I remember it was the end of winter.
(M) Ok, Julie’s saying it was almost a year ago that there was a comment. I was, we were on the subject of receiving. And this, I’d have to go back and read the comment, but it was precious to us. And I made a comment about the comment on the next podcast. It was, that always had difficulty with receiving, how to receive, and then, I don’t know if it was a man or a woman, but they just looked at the sun and felt the warmth of the sun. And that, that was the simple explanation of what receiving is, it’s just looking and receiving in joy.
(J) Oh, I remember that.
(M) You remember it?
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) And one of the first songs Julie wrote… And I had meant to go back to that comment, because we can’t, we don’t know how to contact the people that make the comments. But I wanted to say, there’s a song written from your revelation. And that’s the one I would pick if you sing. So that’s the introduction. Every song she’s written has an introduction of how it came about and what she was seeing when it was written. It’s not sitting down.  They just come upon her, fully written.
(Carole) I’m going to tell you.  I, it’s the flow of the Blood; it’s the Blood, flowing.  And I couldn’t get it into words, I don’t know that those are still the words, Julie, but you know, the Blood flows, and keeps flowing, up through the head, down through all of the Body, just keeps going through. And that is what the songs do. It somehow… They, they somehow, we’re all in it; we’re all in the flow of, of that, that song, I’m not separate just listening to it, I’m in it.
(M) Oh Carole, that’s amazing.
(Carole) Don’t you feel that? We’re in it.
(M) I didn’t know I felt it.
(Carole) But that’s what I feel, I’m, I’m in it. I’m not taking anything away from His revelation to you, but it comes through the Head and it just flows, and it flows through the whole Body, and you’re in it. You’re absorbed in it.
(M) Not long ago, uhmm, I read in a new way.  I think it’s in Isaiah. God said I will sing a song of My beloved vineyard. God sings, we think we sing to Him, but in this, God is singing to us. That’s what’s happening in this, is He is singing to us. And that’s been, that has just rocked me that He is singing to us.
(Julie) Like you said, the songs,  they come out of experiences that happen in this group. And I’m aware sometimes, I, I tried to share it, it’s hard to share it, but in one of the most recent songs, I’m aware that it’s the Holy Spirit singing intimately to you. You know, He put a mention of a rainbow in there, and I knew when it was coming down, I knew that was kind of like His little wink, you know, to you, of I know you, I know what’s precious to you and I love you, and I love what’s precious to you. And that is in that flow, like you’re talking about. It’s such a mystery.
(M) I didn’t know that worship could be like this. I really didn’t. That it…
(Julie) And I think it’s, it’s very funny, because I don’t have a musical background, I don’t have any qualifications whatsoever. Don comforted me great, greatly one day when he pointed out that… And we all laughed about it, we’re all doing things that we…
(M) We can’t do.
(Julie) We can’t do and aren’t. (Martha in background: yeah.) I mean just aren’t. So… He chooses the foolish and the weak and the most unlikely. (Everyone laughs.)
(M) So, would you get your guitar?
(Julie) I’m counting on a big huge anointing from the Lord anyway. So…
(J) Ok, go for it.
(Julie) Do you want me to say?
(J) Talk about it.
(Julie) Ok. As well as I remember, because this went really deep into me when the comment happened. It’s from, it was originally by ‘D. from Michigan’, and this person said that they’d been in a Bible study where they were talking about receiving. And they went outside and sat down in their car, and it was just after the winter in Michigan. And they talked about how long the winter is in Michigan. And the person, I keep saying person because we don’t know if it was a man or a woman, felt the sunlight coming in through the window of the car, and said that in just a simple, simple motion they turned their face to, into the sunlight, and ‘got it’. I mean that just had the whole revelation and understood that that was receiving. And so, this song is called “Face To The Son”, based on that comment. So it’s a delight to hand it back to you.

To the One Who sets praise,
In the mouths of babes;
The One Who gives strength to the weak.
To the One Who delights
In the simplest life,
Yet shuns the riches of kings.
To the One owed all,
But Who patiently waits
For every surrender I give.
I lift up my song
And exalt in Your grace
You are worthy oh God to be praised.
I will turn my face to the Son,
Open my heart to the depths of Your love;
I receive the truth of Your word.
Your intentions are pure,
Your promise is sure,
You are a Shepherd to lambs, like me.
To the One Who heals hearts and gives life to the dead;
To the One Who buys back sin’s slaves.
To the One Who endures,
And by Blood assures,
I am forgiven by grace.
To the One Who is light and conquers the dark,
And hounds me like winter’s chill.
I rejoice in Your goodness,
I bask in Your love,
I dance in the joy of You.
I will turn my face to the Son,
Open my heart to the depths of Your love;
I receive the truth of your word.
Your intentions are pure,
Your promise is sure,
You are a Shepherd to lambs, like me.
I will turn my face to the Son,
Open my heart to the depths of Your love;
I receive the truth of Your word.
Your intentions are pure,
Your promise is sure,
You are a Shepherd to lambs, like me.

(Don) Amen.

Knowing A Father – Episode #275 – Shulamite Podcast

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