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King is Coming: The Purpose of Christ – Episode #773

King is Coming: The Purpose of Christ

King is Coming: The Purpose of Christ
Episode #773

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest Joan Wentzel, Jean Mixon, Kyle Smith

This the continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #771
Everything we’re going through is laying down our lives to be totally focused on the King who is coming and to do His Will.

I’ve been very aware of the purging. That is the word that I would use for what’s gone on among us. And it has been going on for some of us for decades but it’s really intense right now and our focus has to be total on Christ. I believe everything we are going through is laying down our lives to be totally focused on the King who is coming and to do His Will.

I really believe what Martha has said all along-we are a small group with disproportionate influence because we are getting rid of ourselves completely. Our self is being annihilated that the Son of God may have His way.

I think a lot depends on us. I think far more than we’ve realized. We never dreamed of what is happening in this country; none of us every dreamed that this kind of thing could happen this fast. That two election we could have and it’s gone, everything that we have known. And our job is to turn away from looking at that and get our eyes on our King and get the population of the world where it’s supposed to be for Him and for His glory.

And what Martha is talking about is the incredible glory of the presence of God and the terror that is going to strike in the heart of many people. And I’ve had to fall on my face many a time over my own mess but when I look at what some of these people have done that is worldwide disaster, what they are facing, I think it was Lance, might not have been, that said get on your faces for these people because there is a wrath of God that is coming that none of us can imagine for these people who are not focusing on Christ and are still in self.

So, every day that we get annihilated in ourselves we open the kingdom for Christ in that annihilation. I believe it’s going through our families very much so because He promised us our children and our grandchildren and they are going to come into this too. A lot of mine are facing awful stuff daily. They are getting the purge, too, even they are not in this place with us.

I also see that during this time not on the purging but the protection, immense protection in the government of God that has always been in place. I have just recently so pondered the Israelites coming out of Egypt and the fathers. The fathers of the homes were called to be obedient for the entire family. It was their responsibility to put the blood on the doorpost and on the crosspiece. And, you know, there wasn’t one delinquent father in Israel at that time. Every family came through. And I feel like the purging is for the nation and for the government of God to go forth and for all of us. We all have families and are we willing to be responsible for whatever God calls us to for our families. And I think for the men…I have such a heart for the men of this nation who are Believers to stand for their families because they are kind of the secret of God’s government comes through authority, delegated authority. The purging we’re all in, I think, has a lot to do with authority as well.

We are really, truly called to rule and reign and that’s what I believe, Jean, that’s our involvement because we’re being trained to rule and reign. And I think that He has set it up specifically that we would be involved with Him; that He doesn’t want to do it alone. He wants us to be in agreement with what He wants to do and to stand and learn and reign and rule with Him. And it’s not like we’re just going to sit back and He’s just going to do it all and it’s going to happen. That’s not the way He set it up. As God He wanted to have it where we were going to be co with Him, in agreement; His body. That blows my mind that it’s not He’s just going come and do it. He wants to involve Himself in His people. He wants our agreement. He wants our connection. He wants our submission; yes, submission and obedience and willingness. Absolutely.

No ruler rules without being under authority. The ruler is the servant of all. And we’ve gotten away from that reality that the King is actually everyone’s servant just as Jesus came as a servant. We’ve had too many rulers and people in authority that didn’t answer to anybody and we do all over the world right now. So, we are being trained to be under authority so we can assume authority; we will be completely trained.

That’s the purging and the training to me is to serve. That takes purging. We all want a grand position of telling or being important but we have lost the concept that authority serves and authority is responsibility. It’s not about being grand, it’s about being responsible.

That was the purpose of Jesus’ life. It was the provision of what God wanted everyone to be. He served the lowest of the lows, the most evil of the evils. He humbly came to those in need and that’s what the purpose of obedience, of listening, of waiting, of transformation, of everything; it is to become one with Christ so much that at the end when we come to rule and reign with Him, there would be no distinction between Him and me. It will be Christ in Christ. God will look down and see Christ ruling His sons and daughters. And that’s the purpose of what we’re going through now. It is allowing ourselves to be transformed.

Two weeks ago, when I was here Joan said that the first time she saw Martha, she didn’t see Martha, she saw Christ. And that’s what we all want to be. That what we all want God in Christ to get us to be as when we go to these places…Like even coming from my hometown…The next time I go to my hometown I want to be so involved with Christ they don’t even recognize me anymore and I’m very well known. I know thousands and thousands of people the wrong way. But for me to get myself in obedience to what He has asked of me to come here and be with you guys and serve John is such a beautiful opportunity. Yes, it hurts because I’m still going through the transformation of it but I see the other side of it because it’s something that I don’t even know; I can’t even put words to of what He’s going to do in my life. But I know what I’ve lived. So that’s the end goal to be one with Christ so much that there’s no distinction between the two; it is you are His, Christ between you and me.

Thank you, Kyle for telling us a little about yourself. We want to be here for you. And you’ve really introduced the next session because the reason we go through all this is to have the nature of the Lamb. There’s nothing in us lamb-like; we’re not that meek, we’re not that kind, we’re not that gentle, we’re not that peaceful. But this is creating that nature. Not creating it anew but investing His nature.

When we respond a right to having to endure, that’s our we find our soul. I didn’t know that until just this second. I wanted to know how does that make you, how does endurance create yourself. It creates the nature of Christ because there is something that happens to you when you endure and endure in a great suffering of every kind that imparts the nature.

He’s only going to marry lambs. The bride is called the Lamb, the bride of the Lamb and she will be a lamb-like being. She will have been transformed. That’s the purpose of all this fire that we go through and become cleansed is to become, have the nature of Christ. Iniquity is having the nature of Satan. There’s a scripture about that.

That formation causes us to need Christ more than people, more than words, more than anything; to need the very man of Christ to be my solution and be that enmeshed, indwelt by His very nature. What He has to do…


Unify, one union. St. Gertrude said, “I am not He and He is not me. We are completely an I/u; a different being that has ever been is an I/u.

The purpose…It’s so funny that word purpose. It’s always been in me hasn’t it John? When we would get bored driving I would say, “It’s all about the purpose. We’ve just got to find the purpose. The purpose, that’s it because the purpose is everything and everybody has to have a purpose because we don’t know what the purpose is but we’ve got to find out.” And he would bear with me. But it was not gibber gabber actually. I thought it was. It’s the truth.

It was prophetic.

Beautifully prophetic. (Martha laughing)

That’s the secret that Victor Frankl discovered. If you have a purpose, you can live through a holocaust. If you have no purpose, you will die.

King is Coming: The Purpose of Christ – Episode #773 – Shulamite Podcast

The purpose of all this fire that we go through currently is to be cleansed to have the nature of Christ. The King is Coming and we must be prepared.

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  1. Helen Whaley says:

    The winepress was excavated & dug for the crushing of grapes & the flow of wine. “He brought me into the winepress & set His love in right order within me “(SOS 1:4 Vulgate) In the intimate chamber of His heart Christ carried the wine press. We embrace that pressing through of the wine of His Love. “…We will be glad & rejoice in you!…The upright are not offended at your choice, but sincerely love you.”(AMPC) Only in being utterly yielded & dependent do we find supply for the deep & the terrible need before us that is being made so evident. In step with Him..not influenced by surroundings or the atmosphere of a situation. He comes in a certain way, a certain seeing, a certain wisdom for each heart & life & happening. Our small part opens vista’s of Who HE IS! It’s the Lamb nature that won the victory & the Throne. It takes such trust in HIM, as only a lamb would have, to have this element of winepress in our hearts where all is pressed through. Love holding obedience that watches & lets, in step..not knowing..but knowing Him no matter how He comes…a lamb follows…

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