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Jesus in Our Body to Bring His Glory – Episode #799

Jesus in Our Body to Bring His Glory

Jesus in Our Body to Bring His Glory
Episode #799

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

This is a continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #797

What I’ve learned is that God calls us to love and to love ourselves.

One summer forty years ago, fifty years ago I had pneumonia in the summer. And so, I got well then, I got it again. I asked the Lord, “Why am I susceptible to pneumonia? Why am I having this and I can’t get over it?” And He showed me this article about a woman teacher and she said, “Do not grieve. Do not keep grieving because you call demons in to give you self-pity or self-hate.” And it was a very powerful message. The Lord showed why I grieved and He said, “You have to let it go or demons will enter your torment.” And that had happened. So I gave the Lord my grief. I believe it’s when I read the scripture that Jesus bore our grief and sorrow. I gave Him my grief and sorrow and He took it.

He doesn’t bare just our sin. He bears our disappointments. He bears our pains of life and being human. It’s in Isaiah 55. He was a man of sorrow. He knew the meaning of sorrow and He took our grief and sorrow to Himself. And I got well of pneumonia.

That’s a very sweet recognition that this life is full of sorrow, full of grief and things that are painful and if we don’t release them to God, then we pay the price, which is what I have done enormously.

“Thank You God. Rather than be forgiven I’d rather just be miserable. (laughs) I would rather just hate life. Thank You very much.”

He’s provided for us to be set free from all kinds of problems, human problems, all kind of human sin. Could we just say that we are all going to give up self-hated and not tolerate it in ourselves?

You are a gorgeous man. You are a wonderful man. You are like few men that I’ve known in my life. God’s love for you is so big. You are a prince and you won’t let yourself be a mighty man.

Discovering your pains and disappointments. It’s our humanity that we have to accept. You are not any different. I am the same. I’ve hated myself for winning a beauty contest. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t turn on myself. And that’s why we have this booklet Overcoming Self-hatred. It’s what God wants for the End Time. This is safety for us in these hours to come because we have to accept our humanity.

We are going to be transformed the minute Jesus comes to this world in the Rapture. You and I will have a completely different body. It says so in the word. Those who understand are really longing for that new body. It’s a body like His. It can go through the wall, that doesn’t have disease. Everybody will be given a perfect spiritual body that resurrected from the dead.

There is no humility, yet, so long as we hate ourselves. It’s a sin of pride. I’m disappointed. The Lord said to me, “You want to be an angel. I didn’t make you an angel. Too bad. Get over it.” That’s really what He said. It sounds like Him doesn’t it? “I made you a human. That’s My choice. And for you not to choose that is to lose Me.” He didn’t say it that way but that was what I understood. I had to accept being human and being vulnerable and being a failure and a sinner. Until you make peace with yourself, you are not yourself.

Jesus came to reform every one of us in this life before the rapture. I have been transformed. I’ve been at it for fifty years. I am not who I was and you are not who you were. You have a new life. If we accept that this treasure of your being dwells in a body of flesh and that’s ok.

My body doesn’t measure up to what I want to do. My inability to do my work has just trashed me. It’s made me hate myself. I’ve got an assignment from the Lord to write I don’t know how many books. He always told me that “When you are eighty, you will have it.” Well, I’m eighty and it isn’t here yet.

Yesterday I wrote and John said it was poetic and beautiful. And it’s about being stripped down to nothing. That’s what my writing is about. And the purpose for it is to fill you with the glory of Jesus.

I can say that this clinic I am going to sees the glory of Jesus on me. I don’t know how. I don’t know what they see. But they all talk about it. “When you walk in this big room, you change the atmosphere, Martha.” Someone else said that to me. My son’s first wife who died. She said, “Martha, when you move in a room, the atmosphere is changed.” That’s for you, too. That’s when you are empty of you and rejecting of you and hating of you and just be, then you have the humility by which God can trust you with the glory.

The women said to me, “You are so humble. You just are so humble.” They all agreed, “Yes!” And I went, “I have plenty to be humble about.” And that’s the truth. I should be humble. They were seeing the glory that’s dwelling in my body that is Him that I’m not aware of as sometimes other people are. I can just say in a tiny bit what little of His glory I’ve got you are destined to have it, too, and probably won’t even know it when it appears on you.

My leadership here is to convey to you the glory of Jesus; to bring you into possessing the presence of Jesus in your body beyond what you can even see yourself. And this has been a strange life because I’m stepping into a whole other group of people and they are telling me things that I can hardly take in.

One woman who was sitting across the room and Jesus love for her, the Lord in me was loving her, and she looked at me across the room and said, “When I leave here, I’m going to hug you.” Total stranger. She told John, “I’ve never seen Jesus like that on a person.” And I don’t see Him on me at all. But I’m empty. I’ve been emptied.

Darling, you are being emptied so that you can bear the glory. You are being emptied of your work, yourself, your humanity. All our stupid human stuff is gone, is going to be gone because He’s stripping you down so He can fill you up and that’s the wedding at Cana. He took the stone pots; that’s me and you. Stone is appropriate because we were dead in sin till He found us and got us.

I’m in that position that I can’t do what I’m called to do. And I have grieved over it and grieved over it. I don’t know if I’ve accepted it or not yet but at least I’m writing a little bit. And I have been reduced so that I cannot touch it, I cannot do it, I cannot accomplish it. And it’s my calling, it’s my divine purpose, it’s my existence, it’s my everything and I can’t do it. My problem is not that I can’t do it. My problem is I won’t accept that I can’t do it; I will not be this stupid and poor. I’m that girl that jumped off the step where there wasn’t a step. That’s the girl I so despise. She can’t do it right. But He’s given me things that are Him and I know it. It couldn’t be anything else.

Jesus in Our Body to Bring His Glory – Episode #799 – Shulamite Podcast

Jesus came to reform every one of us in this life before the rapture. And the purpose for it is to fill you with the glory of Jesus.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Thank you for sharing Jesus with us, Martha… Thank you so much!

  2. Helen Whaley says:

    Oh Martha, these messages have been exceptional, sent to such deep heart places. I’ve had weeks of wellness. Today I’m writing from a hospital bed. The nurses are kind & caring, some stay, & talk about real life & sacred choice; And there’s the pressure of reasoning, as in all the world. Our choice is sacred before God. This girl slid her bike into an electric barbed wire fence, bike tangled in. Finally loosed I had a 3″ & 4″ gash on each leg. My cousin heard me & sped on laughing. I was so ashamed I went up the drive to Grandma’s house & wrapped them in gauze & tape…& wore long pants till my folks took me home, & to a doctor…too late for stitches. So here I am in my humanity…weak to the bone, stripped, desperate for HIM…nothing less or other. God after my “I’ll do it myself”! All of these people taking care of me in my ‘i can do nothing’…making peace with my humanity, & coming across the beauty of humanity…seeing God in it. The view so small is so large. It touches eternity. “We will have a different body.” The Lord’s word is true no matter what. Our lives have a holy calling, & God will see to it. “…the Lord, the fountain of living water. Heal me O Lord, & I shall be healed; save me, & I will be saved, for You are my praise.” I didn’t want to be here, but it is gift of my humanity. God is the only Glory there is! Such a pouring of Love.

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