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Informational versus Inspirational – Episode #834

Informational versus Inspirational and Transformational

Informational versus Inspirational and Transformational
Episode #834

Walk and talk with John Enslow
“Please don’t allow the ministry to be only a spoken ministry. Have the word confirmed with signs and wonders.”

Hey, so today I wanted to just bring a podcast about informational versus transformational and inspirational. There’s a lot of things that are going on that I’m seeing in just a unique way that we can gain information. We can come to a situation and be given information and that it doesn’t have the transformational power of LIFE.

I’ve seen that with people that make their whole entire relationship with Christ about the Bible and they miss the Spirit. They miss the heart connection with Christ, so they literally are building this informational knowledge. This wealth of knowledge that’s in the head but it’s not connecting with the Spirit through the heart. And I think that if you don’t have both, you literally don’t have Life. I can be given all the information in the world and fail to live the life, because this life is transactional. This life is a transaction. It is a importation. It is a transformation. So when I get the information there has got to be the connection of the Spirit.

I had two meetings that were pretty amazing. One meeting was great. I had a good time with the meeting. There was a whole lot of information. I wrote lots of notes and I left there and I had information. And then I met with another person and they literally held space for the Holy Spirit to move. And the transformation came. There was communication going on and there is information going back-and-forth but the space being held there was something transactional that was happening and there was something transformational that was happening. I could literally feel it in my chest. It was like a buzz in my chest of empowerment. The words were confirmed with power!

As I have been processing all this, I realize… and Charles Carrin came to me and said, “Please don’t allow the ministry to be a spoken ministry, singly a spoken ministry, informational ministry. Have the word confirmed with signs and wonders.” And that’s what I’m seeing happens. This is what makes this so amazing. Is that you can have the transaction, the impartation, the inspiration of transformation because the Spirit is moving in and among, and you’re giving the Spirit space to literally come in and to transform lives. That is amazing!

So if you bring a word, you bring an amazing word, but then you’re waiting for the Spirit to confirm that word with signs and wonders. I think that was an incredible challenge for my life as a whole. I don’t wanna just walk through here informationally. I don’t wanna just gain knowledge and information. I want knowledge and information that brings transformation because it’s inspired and bringing that inspiration with signs and wonders. With the life of the Holy Spirit.

Even talking about it, I can feel a buzz in my chest. There’s a buzz there because I know the power, the power of bringing a word to someone, bringing some message to someone and then allowing the Spirit to take that message and launch it! Launch it with inspiration and transformation. And that’s just blessing me hugely.

So I want to bring that to you today as I’m seeking direction as I am walking out my path and as I am looking for His plans and purposes for the ministry and where things are going. I am receiving this challenge to literally not just let it be informational, but let it be transformation. Let the Spirit have the power to bring signs and wonders and bring dynamic change. That, that’s what this world needs. The world does it need more information? We have an information superhighway. You can find anything you wanna know anywhere on the Internet, but where there’s transformational power that’s when there’s a huge difference. So I’m challenge today for that and I hope you’ll join me to seek His signs and wonders to confirm the word. Thank you.

Informational versus Inspirational and Transformational – Episode #834 – Shulamite Podcast

Bringing a message, then allowing the Spirit to take that message and launch it with inspiration and transformation with Signs and Wonders!

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  1. Helen Whaley says:

    The word without the Spirit leans to independence. Receiving, takes the Spirit, movement that is actual…within the heart. Isn’t this what I will give you a heart of flesh, a human heart, means? Out heart burns. It is the pilot light of our being. We can control information. The Holy Spirit is in control of the power of transformation. Our heart affects our whole being. As we experience His presence, the message goes right through the heart in purpose. The Spirit personalizes the message as only He can. The space held, says, ‘this is GOD’! Transaction realizes my life is for Him. Oh, Jesus, there is no ‘part time’ in that, my heart can’t hold a ‘me’ corner. Our hearts are given to Him hearts. In the next breath, in wonder & joy, the Spirits space is held. He is the living God…there will be transaction when He is on the scene. In the message launched by the Spirit…”Let…the Spirit bring dynamic change.” This is such a challenging message…heart penetrating & heart permeating…to seek His signs & wonders to confirm the word.

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