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Episode #178 – If You Know His Name

The great I am

If You Know His Name
Episode #178

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) You don’t know God until you know He’s not knowable. And if you have a closed door, if you have a category, or a creed, even based on scripture, you’re going to miss the Reality of God Himself. There are solid, basic things, to know; He is good, and everything works together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Inside His purpose everything is going to be for my good that He brings. And   Paul lost everything, and he suffered. That’s an apostolic calling, I think.
(J) Count it all joy.
(M) Yes, hmhmm. So… And frankly, we had to stop the podcast because I was suffering so, and get me comfortable. I am very private, I don’t even like to tell that publicly because you open it up to all kinds of conjecture. So be it. My message, my compulsion is the message of the mystery of God. We will not ‘not know’. It’s in some translation in Roman’s 8, it’s “the lust of the mind”. That was what happened in the garden. Everything begins in the mind, and all sin begins in thinking. But you know, Christ indwelling, He bears everything. He is… I don’t know how to say it. You know,  John, there’s a lot of things we don’t tell, from this group. We’ve had a hole in the heart healed, a baby practically raised from the dead, a baby that was dying that is flourishing. We’ve had enormous spiritual miracles and…
(J) Healing of leukemia.
(M) Leukemia healed, yeah. We have, we’ve had a lot of manifestation of the power of God, but we can’t control that. All of you would have taken this suffering from me, and you would have made it go away if you could. “What is His Name, and what is His Son’s Name if you know?” (Martha laughs) His Name is God, and that’s a big, big, big Name, bigger than this small universe, and certainly bigger than us. Because, you know what John, when you don’t know that God is God, and He’s vast, and He’s wonderful and terrifying, and He rules rulers. If you don’t know that, then you have your boxes, but you have no fear of God, because you can control Him and demand that He be what He says in His Word. It doesn’t work. When we’re in reality, it doesn’t work. When we’re in delusion we think it works, even though it doesn’t. I have seen people years ago in that delusion to think it works, when it didn’t. They would believe for something that didn’t happen. And, and it was like they kept on believing, and it was done, it didn’t appear. There are, there are things we’re believing. But how it’s going to come about… When or how, what it will look like, they’re things that God has given us to believe, not things we made up. So, this conversation may not be relevant now, but we have to learn in relationship with God that He is going to blow up our boxes. Imagine Job’s confident friends who lectured him on the nature of God and on Job’s sin, that they presumed he had, and imagine them recognizing God’s appearance to Job, and their own sickness, whether it was physical or mental or spiritual. Imagine that Job’s healing depended on praying for them, the people who’d made his suffering so miserable, who increased his suffering and tortured him. They didn’t listen to God, they spouted truths; and they were truths, but they were not what God was saying about Job’s situation.
(J) I’m just reading in my old childhood Bible; I just picked it up, and it’s just Psalm 91. It says, ah, “This I declare, that He alone is my refuge, my place of safety, He, my God; and I am trusting Him, for He rescues you from every trap and protects you from the fatal plague. He will shield you with His wings and will shelter you. His faithful promises are your armor. Now you don’t need to be afraid of the dark anymore, nor fear the dangers of the day, nor the dread of the plagues of the darkness, nor disaster in the morning, for the Lord says because he loves me I will rescue him, I will make him great, because he trusts in My Name. When he calls on Me, I will answer. I will be with him in trouble, and rescue him and honor him. I will satisfy him with full life and give him My salvation.” But you’re not going to ‘hem Him in’, and tell Him how to do that. So I don’t know how all this podcast will play out, and how it’ll… how it’ll come out in the actual podcast and these recordings. But what I come away with is that He is God, and I am not, as in the movie “Rudy”, Father Cavanaugh or whatever it was, “I know two emphatic things, there is a God and I am not Him.”
(M)  I think I want to end it by just saying, “Ask and keep on asking, knock and keep on knocking, seek and keep on seeking.” We’ll keep on seeking my healing. In suffering I think you have to know the mind of God, and you have to hear Him. And suffering is very personal, and there’s a place which no one can help you but God, and nothing can help you but God. And I believe fully that the promise, the promise is that “this is not a sickness unto death, it is for the glory of God”, and that’s, that’s exciting. That means it has His purpose, and that’s the end of the matter.

If You Know His Name – Episode #178 – Shulamite Podcast

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