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The Holy Spirit and Deliverance Ministry – Episode #816

The Holy Spirit and Deliverance Ministry

The Holy Spirit and Deliverance Ministry
Episode #816

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest: Charles Carrin, Cecil McGuire, Buddy McGuire

This is a continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #811

There are so many wounded adults who don’t recognize the source of their woundedness that is what she is saying a childhood rejection, a childhood abuse, that was never dealt with, never healed, and never restored and that the child grows up and grows old with that injury dominating their psyche without being aware of it.

This is one of the offers of healing, normalcy restoration that come through the gospel and that the Holy Spirit is able to heal. I’m convinced that the great bulk of us suffer from injuries of that sort. We had them when we were in grade school; could have been a teacher, could have been a parent or another student that injuries that we are no longer conscious of them but the effect is still there.

And the lies that the little child may have believed because of what someone said; believed about themselves or an experience with fear that “I’m no good, I will never be any good…


…why try?” Or if I don’t choose, let myself feel love then I will never be hurt again. There are a lot of people who have walled off their heart, cut it, severed it from their brain; living out of their brain because the heart had to protect itself at all cost from injury. The heart has been walled off. And God wants to let us know that it’s safe; it’s safe there is no more danger, it is on to come out.

Do you want to tell them about that experience about that woman that you prayed for who had been in satanic ritual abuse and the vision you had of here of the sofa?

Help me remember it.

The doctor lady, the psychology professor had these patients that she wanted you to minister to them.

That is similar to what she is touching on there. When I was a pastor and we were the only church in town that did deliverance ministry and that was actually the big attraction. A local psychotherapist knew that and I don’t know that she understood all the ramifications of deliverance in comparison to what she did but she called me and asked me, she said, “May I send you eight or ten of my worst patients?” I said, “Yes, of course!” Then when I got off the phone I thought, “You idiot, you have no experience dealing with psychiatric patients and psychological patients.” At any rate I had already said I would and she sent them.

The first one who came was an eye opener to me for the rest of my life. I benefited as much as the patient because I had always worked with a team of other but deliverance was really more of what I did. This first patient came and “bang” I had a vision. I saw her about probably four years old, still a little girl, hiding behind an old-fashioned wicker sofa. There were no cushions on the sofa. I could actually see through the wicker and see where she had climbed up in the underpinning, substructure of that sofa. She wasn’t touching the floor. She climbed in it. She had her arms and legs in the sofa. I knew immediately and that was a vision, I knew immediately that I could never pull her out; if I were to try to pull her out it would injure her. What I had to do was to coax her to volunteer to come out. And that’s what I did.

The woman thirty years old is sitting there but the Holy Spirit showed me, “This is where part of her still is. Your task is to coach that three- or four-year-old little girl mentally to come out of hiding.” I began to do that and it worked. The appeal was something she could trust; trustworthy. What was actually happening was not the little girl herself actually in the sofa but a part of her mind that was broken off and still hiding in that historic environment.

The psychotherapist called me back after I had ministered with this particular woman. She said, “I’ve had that patient for two years and had no results. You’ve had her for two week and she’s normal. I want to do what you are doing. Will you teach me?” I told her, “Yes, I will teach you what I can.” She came and I began, actually teaching her what I knew about deliverance ministry.

In this case it was actually delivering that part of that thirty-year-old woman who was still as a four-year-old little girl hiding mentally, still there hiding behind the sofa. I couldn’t force here out but I could coax her out. At any rate it worked.

The psychotherapist called me back and said, “I had that patient for two months…

Two years.

Two years. Alright.

…and got no results and you have had here for two weeks and she is normal.”

At any rate it was an eye opener to me because this was not deliverance, this was not casting out a demon. This was speaking to a part of a person’s mind that unconsciously known to her, unconscious to her part of her was still there. When she came out and joined present life and accepted present reality as reality, she was normalized. And that’s what the psychotherapist had discovered.

It was a time of intense learning for me and a principal that I employed with other similar cases because we are not dealing with just with the need for deliverance ministry or casting out a demon. That is very real far more real than most preachers would ever guess and psychotherapist would ever guess that they are dealing in many cases with invasive spirits that have taken advantage of woundedness as their door, their opening to get in to the person’s psyche and mind.

I remember one time a psychotherapist sitting in my officer saying, “I have often wished that I could just reach inside my patient and pull out the problem.” I said, “You can.” It was a man, educated, well-groomed man, the psychotherapist. I said, “You can.” And he was a Christian. I don’t think he ever saw the reality and the opportunity that he had because many don’t; unfortunately, many don’t.

The Holy Spirit and Deliverance Ministry – Episode #816 – Shulamite Podcast

The Holy Spirit must lead our ministry to others. Sometimes the need isn’t for a deliverance ministry but for connecting us to the trauma.

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  1. Helen Whaley says:

    The wicker couch….tucked up inside, God sees our hiding. Trauma’s wound made me want to hide, & that means darkness. It is misplaced trust, a lie that lures you as promise of ‘love’, & then weaves lie, about God, about ‘me’, about life…pieces torn off in fear, hidden pieces, effecting still. The miracle of the stitching: “Love is stronger than death.” It makes you want to live it! more than speak it…in this brand new world that is HIS! I went through an ‘i am undone’ repentance. I don’t know the theology of this, but repentance is really about WHO HE IS. Everything is about Who He is. “I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high & lifted up”, & in that Light, lay my sin & shattering. The Cross & the Blood, inexpressible Love of God, Given. HE saw me…i saw me…i saw HIM…my heart opened & the healing power of Love poured in. The little girl came? was untangled & lifted…out of hiding, to the ONE Who is trustworthy. It came to this…there is a SEEING…not because He was absent, but in that HE IS PRESENT! The I AM…& i am HIS.

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