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Holy Spirit Deliverance Ministry – Episode #820

Holy Spirit Deliverance Ministry

Holy Spirit Deliverance Ministry
Episode #820

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest: Charles Carrin

This is a continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #811
This is how Charles Carrin’s deliverance ministry began.

I make no claim of anything special about myself; no claim whatever. I do know there have been times when the Holy Spirit has used me. There were other times when if He used me, it was not apparent. Not saying He didn’t use us but there are times when it’s much more apparent than at other times.

Some of you can remember years ago when in Conyers, other places we saw, we witnessed with our own eyes that tremendous crushing presence and power of the Holy Spirit. There are people that came to that meeting never intended to leave in the renewed state they left in but they did leave in a renewed state. Thank You, Lord. Hopefully they are still functioning today.

You may know that I was a Baptist pastor in Atlanta at the time I got filled with the Holy Spirit. That happened, number one, because I was driven to it. I was going through the ultimate most painful crisis of my life. My wife, Cecile’s mother, had been in a very tragic automobile wreck and that was coming along at a time when I was already at the bottom of the barrel. And during that time of severe testing and crisis for me, my wife’s tragic wreck, then the realization that my own ministry was nothing what God intended it to be, that I was religious and very little more if anything more. And that did not measure up.

I was driven to seek more. I became a counselor at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. The young man assigned to me the year before we met had been miraculously born again, saved, delivered, healed, fill with the Holy Spirit in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and then transferred to Atlanta.

On the absolute worst day of my life there in the visitor’s room in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary he laid hands on me to be filled with the Holy Spirit and I was. It did not happen until I got home. I left the penitentiary, drove home, fell across the bed, surrendered fully to Jesus Christ and was delivered from horrific depression and filled with the Holy Spirit.

It was right after that one of my former church members called me; an alcoholic. A woman who had been an alcoholic for eighteen years, who had lost her husband and the respect of her children; her grandchildren were growing up not knowing her because her children did not want the grandchildren seeing their grandmother in her drunken stupor. She couldn’t brush her teeth or comb her hair or button her dress. She was the local drunk. She called me on the phone and she said, “Brother Charles, (She was my former church member) I understand you have changed!” While I was on a long-distance phone call six hundred miles apart explaining to her the change that had come to me when the prisoner laid hand on me, when I was explaining that to her, she was delivered from alcohol addiction and filled with the Holy Spirit. Then proved to be a crisis for her church! Hallelujah!

She went back to them and told them she was no longer an alcoholic, she had been delivered and they said, “How did you get delivered?” She said, “By the power of the Holy Spirit!” If she had said, “I was delivered through Alcoholic Anonymous” they wouldn’t have cared. But when she said, “I was delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit” that scared you know what out of them. At the time she had to leave the church. Absolutely true. She had to leave the church, go find another church that could rejoice that the Holy Spirit had delivered her from alcohol addiction. Her current church were scared of her, literally.

At any rate, she was the first deliverance ministry that happened under my care. After that God knows the number I saw. Not long after that probably the next biggest deliverance ministry was a teenage boy who had gotten into witchcraft and was having a satanic explosion at home. The family had called the police and the fire department; they were both there; asked me to come. It was one o’clock in the morning and I went and the boy got delivered; walked out of the room absolutely sane and normal. The police captain almost fell over when he saw that boy come out of the room normal, went back to the Boynton Beach Police Station which is where I now live and wrote on the blotter what the complaint had been but they had witnessed a successful exorcism.

The National Enquirer Magazine found that on the blotter and wrote it up on the front page of the National Enquirer. I had told the family that night I said, “Don’t give my name to anybody. I’m not looking for advisement.” But I got it anyway but they did not have my name, thankfully.

That’s how my deliverance ministry began. The first one of the alcoholic church member, an alcoholic for eighteen years; God delivered, bang, over the telephone six hundred miles apart. And the other one was that teenage boy.

Thank You, Lord. You did it. He didn’t even ask me. Just threw me in to it.

Lord, all of us need refreshing of Your Holy Spirit. We want it. Without it, Lord, we perish.

Holy Spirit Deliverance Ministry – Episode #820 – Shulamite Podcast

Under the power of the Holy Spirit deliverance ministry can be amazing. People can leave in a renewed state.

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