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Holy Spirit and Brain Trauma – Episode #817

Holy Spirit and Brain Traumarauma is stored on a cellular level in our bodies. We can be severely fragmented. God really is the only one that can truly heal trauma.

Holy Spirit and Brain Trauma
Episode #817

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest: Buddy McGuire, Charles Carrin, Cecile McGuire

This is a continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #811
Trauma creates an open wound or a sore there that the enemy will seek to exploit.

Based on some things Cecile and I have studied the last many years, the Lord showed us and listening to the Spirit filled neurocognitive brain scientist lady, one of my favorites is Dr. Caroline Leaf, what he just described was, she would say that woman was stuck in the trauma cycle. That trauma that she experienced as a four-year-old child, like he said, there was a wound that was inflicted there and she was stuck in that trauma.

The trauma, they know is stored actually that the cellular level in our bodies. That’s why that person was severely fragmented like Cecile was talking. The scripture addresses that-the fragmentation. So, she wasn’t able to function. She had gotten so fragmented, obviously, she wasn’t able to function in what we would consider a normal spectrum; she was way over here in the ditch stuck in that trauma cycle.

That like what Charles said, it wasn’t really a deliverance that was the primary need, it was healing from the trauma. That’s what the Holy Spirit enabled him to assist her with.

Really, I feel like the trauma creates an open wound or a sore there that the enemy will seek to exploit. So, you are dealing often times with both. And, obviously, if person believes a lie, then that gives an opening, too. And that’s often what happens. That’s why it’s so important.

I feel like the church….we don’t know what we don’t know. But now we do know. Thankfully we have research that proves all of this so we do know.  We need to deal with the trauma as well as the demonic. That’s why, I think, we’ve only gotten limited results sometimes when we are just trying to deal with the demonic because there is still that open wound.

Once the Holy Spirit…He’s really the only one that can heal trauma. There are no pills, no magic this or that. It’s really got to be the Holy Spirit that can heal that because it’s pure love. It takes love to heal that wound.

The brain scientist explains how when they map people’s brains…It can be physical trauma or emotional, it can be both or people that have had physical injury to their brain it will actually cause a dead area and they can see that on a computer screen. It’s looks like an old withered up tree with no leaves; it’s all black and dark; it does physical damage in the brain. It can be healed. That’s the beautiful thing about it.

Dr. Caroline actually proved that in her research with a young lady that had had a serious brain injury; she was twelve- or fifteen-years old functioning at about a fourth-grade level but she got healed and went on the get multiple degrees from the university. The Lord healed that part of her brain. Old science was you couldn’t heal that but now they know it’s neuroplasticity. It can be healed.

We operate in our conscious mind like we’re talking right now; that’s our conscious mind. But then there is the nonconscious or the subconscious which is where that young gal that you were speaking of was stuck. In her waking moments she probably was not aware that that was the issue. But the Holy Spirit knew. When we are trying to assist our brothers and sisters, and people that we meet that need healing we want to ask the Holy Spirit what is the root issue here and He will show us. Many times, we don’t have to know their whole story; we don’t need to know that. We just simply ask the Holy Spirit to minister to the trauma and He will do it.

I want to speak on a closely related topic. The Apostle James speaks about a double minded person. The Greek there for double minded is dipsucho: dip meaning two; sucho meaning psycho; actually, it translates as a two-souled person.  Not with the idea that there is a duplication of the person but that the brain is functioning in such a capacity that part is not communicating to another part. And we know that in modern terms as schizophrenia, bipolar, mostly now called that. And it can come from injury, a trauma of some kind who is dipsucho or two psychos.

How to deal with that on a strictly spiritual level I don’t think any of us know. It is true that some individuals are suffering from that kind of trauma. The Apostle James is the only one who identifies it or speaks of it. But we do know this that there is no problem too great for the grace and power of God to correct. It doesn’t matter what is, how complex it is, the power of God and the grace of God is more than adequate to deal with it. I think we have all dealt with dipsucho people without perhaps realizing that was their problem.

I was preaching in another state years ago and a woman came to me and she said, “Pastor, I need to talk with you privately about our pastor’s wife. She and I are friends. I love her. She is a dear friend to me but there are times when I can’t recognize her. She will so radically change that it’s like I am talking to an entirely different person.” I don’t know because I didn’t have any opportunity with the woman that was suspect. But I would be convenience that in a case like that where it’s radical, radically obvious that there is more one personality there that that would be an instance of dipsucho or dip meaning two, sucho meaning brain; it’s the same word we translate as soul.

This is what we know the topic is bigger than we are, really.

One thing that comes to mind that the Lord has been revealing over the last twenty years so much more about healing and the theory about trauma and that a couple of things come to mind. One is, they say that basically there are two types of traumas, one is the type of trauma bad things happen that should not have happened. We all are familiar with those examples; abuse. But then there is another type of trauma which is the trauma of neglect; a baby who is not cuddled or held or given nurture that’s the case where there was something good that should have happened and did not happen. And both of those cause trauma. They always knew about the first one but they have only recently recognized neglect. Neglect even causes more trauma than the bad things that happen.

Are you talking about babies.

Yes, when babies that are not nurtured or the parent was absent; they were not cuddled or they were not given the attention or nurtured; that causes trauma.

Holy Spirit and Brain Trauma – Episode #817 – Shulamite Podcast

Trauma is stored on a cellular level in our bodies. We can be severely fragmented. God really is the only one that can truly heal trauma.

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  1. joe gallagher says:

    this trauma physical or emotional or both ends up as PTSD post traumatic stress disorder. and manifests in many ways , the person requires to be debriefed from the traumatic episode lead by holy Spirit Guidance.
    years ago a group AACC american association of christian counselors sponsored a seminar on ” critical incident stress debriefing” they utilized a process called ” the mitchel model” combined with Holy spirit directed prayer. their is no time frame for debriefing it could be 50 years or more their could be aspects of un-forgiveness and bitterness intertwined. the lecturer was a gentleman last name Van Der Pole (if i remember correctly)

    love you guys

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