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Discovering His Will in Shame – Episode #864

Discovering His s Will in Shame

Unveiling God’s Will in Shame: A powerful journey of overcoming shame and embracing divine purpose.

Discovering His Will in Shame
Episode #864

Walk and talk with John Enslow

Well hey there, I wanted to talk today about something that I’ve been struggling with. I have the book called His Will Alone coming out, probably this week. And I’m also writing the book on Overcoming Shame. And I have been struggling back and forth with, how do I connect and pair the message of His Will Alone with the Overcoming Shame? I was struggling with that and I didn’t want the reels and the feed to basically be an offshoot or a detour. I’ve been talking about shame and the elements of shame, weakness as shame, and everything like that. And then all of a sudden I was saying, “Okay, I’m bringing in this other topic and how am I going to pair those two together?” It was really kind of disturbing to me because I didn’t want it to feel like an offshoot. Like, “Well where is this coming from?” So I’ve been praying about it and asking the Lord about it and I actually was coached the other day and I saw it. I saw it clearly.

So as I’ve been working on this topic of overcoming shame, every single time I picked up this topic I was being punched right in the guy by something. Some aspect of life is happening that was shaming. And I was struggling with that. I was there going, “Okay God, is this you or is this the enemy?” And I really, really, really struggled with it because I was trying to figure out what exactly was happening. Why every time I went to the subject something would be happening that seemed like a complete distraction and made it very difficult for me to write, for me to focus, and it is all shame-based things. As I prayed about it, I was saying, “Okay there’s something going on here, that I don’t understand, that I’m not seeing but I need to see. And when I was coaching the day what was revealed is that it was the Will of God.

So can the enemy or situations, negative situations in your life be used by God to bring His Will? Absolutely! Could they be His Will? I’m gonna show you how there’s a definite possibility for that. So I was struggling with these shameful situations and things that were shaming of me,  and trying to figure out… I mean I was dealing with anxiety, I was dealing with fear, I was dealing with shame, I was dealing with all this… pressure on my heart, and my chest, and my life. And what I realized is that God was using it as a refiner’s fire to actually increase the message’s anointing and to bring more power to the message.

This was an aspect of shame that I really may have maybe dodged into, but I didn’t fully engage and then it engaged to me. I was able to say, “OK, there’s something here.” So who is developing this and looking to develop this in me, so why? So that I would have the anointing, that I would have the life experience, and that I would have the power to be able to communicate it because I’ve gone through it. I have been tested through that fire. I’ve been tested through that shameful situation, and I overcame in that. Once I started to embrace the fact that God was using a shameful situation to develop the message of shame so that the shame message itself would have power, this was huge. It was incredible and I started to settle in. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t the end of it, but I started settling into it and saying, God, you’re doing something here.  It gave me a little more peace to know that I was going through a situation in order to develop something.

The way I’m seeing the story is, and I’ll be talking about the shame in weeks to come, but as I was developing this and to see that God was in, His Will bringing forth a refiner’s fire to bring forth a greater anointing and make something more divine, lovely and beautiful. Then I was saying, “OK, I can do this!” And so if I was writing a man’s manual to overcoming shame, I really need to have experienced and lived through a lot of the shame that I’m gonna be talking about. It may not be the exact shame but I need to go through those things. And I have gone through much, much shame and much overcoming of shame. But this was an aspect that I had not experienced, and I didn’t even know it really was present. It was something that was overcoming me and taking me out. It caused me to freeze, it caused me to enter fear and it’s old and it’s been there for a long time. I didn’t want to have that in my life anymore. I didn’t wanna have it where I was being controlled by anything other than the Lord. This fear just welled up and built up and I was entering into the situation over and over and over in shame. And the Lord is revealing slowly but surely the power that He is wanting to bring forth out of the situation.

Something I’ve seen is the Will of God serve the children of God, by expressing the Life of Christ to the world. When we will sit in, and we will rest in His Will, and we will face His Will and deal with His Will, and grapple with His Will… and in this book, I’m writing on the Will of God delves into the fact that “What if I don’t like the Will of God?” So what is the Will of God have to do to be worked into my life that is the best, most holy, and perfect expression of God?

The Will of God is Christ, and the Will of God expresses the Life of Christ, and the Will of God brings the glory of God. And so entering into this even in this shameful situation, even in this refiner’s fire, even in this difficulty, I am seeing His deep purpose to bring forth something more beautiful than I even knew or even could fathom. And so I have to celebrate it. I have to celebrate Him and His willingness to bring me into His orders, and His divine purpose, to see Him and to see His Life and to experience His Life.

This is where I’ve been out for the last couple of months, so His Will Alone is being released, and that will be out and coming out to be purchased on LivingChristianBooks.com as well as Amazon.com and then that is an exciting thing. And then I am going to get right back into the Overcoming Shame book a man’s manual to overcoming shame, and I’m praying that the Lord will really continue to work in my heart and work in my life, and to bring forth these revelations, these stories, and really glorify Himself and to defeat shame. Shame that it’s just kept us wrapped up, bound up, and defeated for so many years.

Shame is a force that can be crushed and that can be overcome and I’m excited to get that book out there. I would love your prayers. If you could be praying for me as I’m finishing this up and I’m in developing this I really, really wanted to have the dynamic powers that the Spirit wants it to have in order to bring down this stronghold of shame. So I love you, I appreciate you, I thank you for listening, and I look forward to just delving into these subjects with you and to explore and to discover what the Lord really has to offer for all of us. 

Discovering His Will in Shame – Episode #864 – DivineDesignedLifePodcast.com

I encountered unexpected challenges that seemed like distractions. Then I realized in God’s Will He was using these trials as a refiner’s fire, intensifying the power of the message.

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