Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #10 – Hearing God at the Café 2

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) That was the problem in the garden, thinking without the work of listening. And to work to listen, you have to make a space for God to fill with the Voice that can shock you. And we’re so filled with those thoughts we hear and think are ours that there’s no space to receive the mind of Christ which we have access to, we can hear, we who are born again. All I did was realize that I know nothing without God. I begin John, it’s not hard to because I have learned that I don’t know anything about anything, and yesterday’s knowledge may not fit today at all. I have to have, you eat three times a day, and do you not listen three times a day?
(J) Do you think that we’re not sort of constipated in our mind and blocked up because we’re so cemented in? We’re kind of like impacted. We’re continually eating, of our own thoughts, but we never eliminate. I know it’s kind of a gross,  (laughter…M and J) I know its kind of a gross description, but I think it’s really. I’m speaking of food. I’m thinking because we jam our own thoughts in so much and we don’t eliminate, and God’s saying I want you to be able to eliminate flush clean and gain your knowledge.
(M) Ah, whatever you have to do to create the hunger for the Word of God from His Mouth; I am desperately hungry always to hear God. My ignorance has been proven too often to me. It’s not a mystery anymore that I need His Voice to me constantly. It’s whether you have to erase the blackboard or whether you erase it every day, you have to have a space and you have to have a hunger. And the one thing about starving people is that they’re no longer hungry. And I think if we’re sated, as you say, stuffed with our own thoughts and opinions, then we’re not hungry enough to hear God’s Voice. I’m just ‘needy’, I’m “poor in spirit”, so I’m in a constant state of needing Him and a constant state as well of the adventure of what on earth is He going to say today? What on earth is He going to show me about this? Every situation has in it the goal I have, my intention is to know Him, and by knowing Him to love Him with everything I am. That’s my intention.
(J) It’s not a place of pride, because it’s a place of humility, it’s a place of lack; it’s a place of desperation not a place of sufficiency. I think that’s the problem, if we’re sufficient.
(M) Yes I think you’re right, but John, after you learn your insufficiency, you go past that need into a place of adventure; and His voice and His guidance, His thoughts become the most fascinating thing in the universe, and you’re no longer hungry out of your deficit, you’re hungry out of your fullness.
(J) Wow, that was awesome.
(M) Well I recommend the food here; it’s common that we are looking at a feast, but in no hurry. I don’t know if that said what I wanted to say, but inertia is evil. The willful laziness, when you have a talent, when you are born again, and you know the Word.
(J) That’s what I want you to go into, I want you to go into that it’s not an ‘opps’, that it’s a willful act.
(M) Its willful ignorance, inertia is willful. I remember reading years ago in a book by Scott Peck, he wrote “the Road Less Traveled”, and then he was born again and he wrote several books, “The People Of The Lie”, and so I think it was even in his first book that he said that the original sin is laziness. And I really didn’t believe him. But over time, I think that isn’t the bottom of it, I think its pride and independence that leads to the inertia; the sliding of your thinking into whatever comes to you. Where was I going?
(J) I lost it too. Everything just went.
(M) Ok, I know what it is. That little interruption was the enemy doesn’t want us to understand that he is the inertia of the world. And in Peck’s book he talks about something called introphy, which is the downward pull of, not just of gravity, but there’s a downward pull on humanity that I believe is the enemy. You gain ground and if you don’t watch you are pulled down. And when I try to write down what the Lord is saying to me, so many times He will say to me, “Keep your vigil”. And I’ll say what do You mean keep my vigil, and I think it’s dawning on me, He means do not be inert, be awake. And there are those warnings in the scripture, and I haven’t searched those out yet, but the fun I’m going to have later. There is the admonition to stay awake.
(J) Well the virgins, keep your oil.
(M) There you go, the virgins, and so there’s a great energy that’s imparted to you when you begin to seek God, to hear Him. You are given the energy, but it’s almost like every day you wake up in this inertia and you have to choose to break it by will. And the way you break it is to listen; the way you break the inertia every single day is to listen as your first priority. So that is the laziness of Adam and Eve, and the only thing God asks of us is to do the work of believing in the Son whom He has sent. All energy, all fruit, all produce, all movement, all learning, all challenge comes from that work, to believe in the Son. There is only one work, and it’s a delightful adventure, it is the thing that I wish that I could awaken in all of us, to get up out of the inertia, by the will. It’s willful inertia, and it is broken by the choice of the will.
(J) Well I thank you, and I thank the Picnic Café and Dessertry for allowing us to have this little corner, actually we have one of the best corner’s, we have a window view of the Square, so I thank you for bringing the revelation, being willing to do it here in the middle of the world.
(M) And I just want to send this out with a prayer, that those who have ears to hear, who already have ears to hear, and are born again, will hear. May God grant us, open our ears to hear, anoint our ears to hear the Lord, in all His wondrous thought’s. Our thoughts are not His thought’s, our ways are not His ways, and the marvel John is that He is willing to speak to everybody! No matter what condition, He speaks. And I want to catch it; I want to catch that Voice. It’s too precious, it’s Life, it’s the meaning of Life, and His Voice is the meaning of Life.
(J) There’s the meaning of life, you’ve now completely and utterly solved the entire mystery that thousands and thousands and millions and millions of people have always wanted to know; and I think you’re exactly right.


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