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Healing Prayer A Ministry to the Lord – Episode #797

Healing Prayer A Ministry to the Lord

Healing Prayer A Ministry to the Lord
Episode #797

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

I’ve had some things happen that I want to share with you. My daughter called me that a friend of hers from many years she’s Spanish from Venezuela and she had some health threat; I think it was cancer but I’m not sure what they were seeking. She called to tell me, “This is an emergency. She’s going in for x-rays, please pray mom!”  I prayed and the Lord gave me the scripture that said, “I will heal your diseases.” I called her back and said, “This is the promise.”

She goes into two x-rays and nothing shows; it’s completely blank of any problem. She was healed. There wasn’t even a presence in the x-ray. It quite blew away a little group in Dahlonega because they knew it was a miracle.

When I was first receiving ministry from the Lord for people’s healing, mostly soul healing, healing of memories, when He first gave that to me, that revelation to me in my own life, He gave me the unction to give it to others to be healed. One of the main ways I did it was travailing prayer meaning weeping prayer that’s not human; it’s the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit knows what to pray. If we want to pray and have answered prayer, we have to engage the Holy Spirit because He holds everything from the throne that God is praying. And so, if you can hear the Holy Spirit, you’ve got it. And that’s what I’m praying about you. I want to hear the Holy Spirit. I want to know what He’s praying for you because He’s healing things all around.

I am presenting myself to the Lord for a ministry of healing. John reminded me of this: He said, “You’ve been walking in healing.” I haven’t sought it as a gift. I haven’t yearned for it. I haven’t travailed for it. But I’m going to now—the gift of healing. I want you to pray that we will as a body have this gift. In the last days it would be wonderful to have an unction like that.

When you were talking to me about it, you gave me a list of a couple of things. And then I extended that list. I showed you that throughout the last twenty to twenty-five years there’s been healing after healing after healing.

But what I see is that it’s not the fact that you are seeking the healing ministry; that’s not the source. Healing is the outcropping, the extension of what you are seeking which is the life of Christ. Over and over and over you’re seeking His presence, His exchanged life, and His centered life in your life and with that healing comes. With the Presence there is change.

The thing I think is amazing is you don’t have to seek to have the healing ministry. It’s not required that you seek a healing ministry. You are seeking the healer who is able to heal through you just by having you go through this world. You are catering and you’re facilitating Him to have a place in you and His exchanged life is touching in whatever way He wants to.

Not just healing; setting the captive free.

I know something is going on that God wants for this End Time for us as a group. I read an article where it said that the final church, that’s us, the remnant, a little tiny group, meeting and loving each other and just being available to Jesus, that’s the End Time church and that’s who we are.

I do want us to pray for the miracles and signs. But it’s going to be the final church age and I’ve read in a number of places that it’s going to be the small group that is the dynamite in the End Time. He is preparing us even though we don’t even know the name of the game.

I’m real excited because I’ve done some writing on the next booklet,  The Glory of Emptiness. I read it to John yesterday and he was very encouraging. It such a breakthrough for me. As John says I really think the ministry is going to be…. The bride and the Spirit cry, “Come.” That’s the last great thing. So, we’re saying the bride and the Spirit cry, “Come, Lord Jesus and come into this group.” I’m asking if He wants a ministry of travail for us and I think He does. We don’t think of the Holy Spirit as weeping for us or the Son of God as weeping for us or impassioned for us but He is; He is very, very passionate. That’s why we love the Passion Bible.

One thing I want to tell you about, too, is when I was early with the Lord I was all alone. I didn’t know another Christian. He came and found me in an Episcopal unbelieving church and I was so desperate and in such repentance, and He came and filled me with Spirit before I knew there was a Spirit. One of the things that I did was whatever the disciples in the Bible did I did. I thought that was perfectly natural. I’m His disciple I’m to do what they do. So, I just assumed there would be healings and things. I would just look at the Lord. I remember reading about gazing at Him so I just gazed at Him up on His throne and was just childlike. I would get pictures in my imagination and that’s what I would do. Our group at that time was at a meeting and Don Nelson was sitting close to me and I saw myself go and put my hands on his shoulder so I did what I saw. I didn’t operate by a voice as such but by pictures that God gave me. So, I went and laid hands on him and he started weeping and I started weeping. He was a transformed man and all his barriers just collapsed to Christ. We were just close, close friends the rest of his life. At that moment Don and I didn’t like each other and the love of God melted us both into a relationship without our knowing it. He was pushing to make a business out of Shulamite and I was pushing to leave it alone. And so, we were locking horns. But that melted. That’s what I want. I want the presence of the Lord. I saw it happen and I obeyed it.

I was so childlike I thought that was what everybody did. Later on I read that Jesus said, “I only do what I see the Father doing. I do not do anything unless I see the Father doing it. I don’t say anything unless the Father says it.” But that business of “I do what I see in the Father” I had never heard anybody else say that. And that’s what I saw about our joy. I saw that joy come as a wind and go up the mountain.

Healing Prayer A Ministry to the Lord – Episode #797 – Shulamite Podcast

We are presenting ourselves to the Lord for a ministry of healing. It is praying for His Life to bring forth healing through this body.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Yes! I have also been asking God about healing in these times! I’ve also been feeling an urgency over those who don’t know Him and praying for them. I am a part of a tiny Christ’s Body Bible study group and He is teaching us so much. We want Jesus to be Himself in us!

  2. Helen Whaley says:

    Jesus healed me! I had leukemia for 12 years, & was told I needed treatment now. Passivity, fear, a wrong ‘vulnerability’ crept in, & I began to see it was so much more than my physical being…it was spiritual…it was about HIM. I soaked in the truth of the Word. I had a choice…I saw, Christ, my Life. When I began to pray, my heart mingled with His poured out…Christ, The Word! He was my gaze. His presence enveloped me in a deluge of His Spirit…”I shall not die, but Live, & tell of the wonderful works of the Lord!” It’s what we’re made for! HE IS superceding Life! I had bruises appear…from nothing…a glorious shout burst from my heart, “He took my bruises!” The bruises are gone!! His presence displaces everything unlike HIM. HE is our Victory over every lie & destruction of the enemy! HE sets the captives free!

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