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Episode #224 – Healing By The Cross

The cross

Healing By The Cross
Episode #224

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) John, last podcast, we were talking about the cross. And I’ll go back and read the passage where we’re dealing with, is Philippians three, after Paul talks about wanting to know Christ, to the loss of everything. He has lived the cross. He has found it worth it, to die. And he’s calling, inspiring us, even to this day, to desire to know Christ above everything; even one’s own self. So we were dealing with that. And then we were talking about the enemies of the cross. And I’ll read that verse. “For there are many”, many, “as I have often told you, who walk, live, as enemies of the cross of Christ, the anointed One.” Verse 19 is what I want to go into, and this is pretty heavy, but I’m sorry, we need to face it. Those who are enemies of the cross “are doomed, and their fate is eternal misery, perdition; their god is their stomach, their appetites, their sensuality, and they glory in their shame, siding with earthly things and being of their party. But we are citizens of the state which is heaven, and from it we eagerly await and patiently await the coming of the Lord Jesus, Who will transform us.” Ok. There is a price. We rarely consider the cost of being an enemy of the cross.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) And I’ve had a couple of experiences with people in the healing of cancer. One was about fifteen years ago; this Naomi had a Ruth come. And she was asked to be involved in a friend who had leukemia, and she stayed with her in the hospital while the woman was undergoing terrible chemotherapy. It was a nightmare to listen to. And my son is a cancer specialist, and he says the treatment of cancer kills more people than cancer. And, but the woman was so ill in bed, and I prayed for her. Sometimes she was on my heart.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) And the Lord said, “Cancer is control.”
(J) Whew.
(M) So I told my friend who would stay with her, you go in the room and you forgive her, and declare God’s forgiveness for her control. And I think my friend, who knew her, kind of understood. I didn’t know the woman personally; I’d never laid eyes on her. Didn’t really have any connection to her. But God said that, and I said you go in the room and you forgive her for her control, and declare by the Blood of the Lamb that she is forgiven for control. So, and then you can ask for her healing. Well, my friend, who didn’t know the ways of the Spirit yet or the word of the Lord that well, did it. She just obeyed. And so after some time the woman recovered, and recovered her health, which they weren’t even sure she’s survive the chemo treatment. And so years and years went by, and then her blood count went toward leukemia again. And I prayed for her, and the Lord said it’s time for you to tell her that she was healed. It’s time for you to tell her the sin.
(J) Hmhmm, hmhmm.
(M) So I told my Ruth, and I said you’re to go in and tell her the whole story of her healing, and tell her that the sin is control. So she did. And though this woman took it… And I met with her. I went to a conference and she came to that conference in Pine Mountain, Georgia, and I laid hands on her in my room and prayed for her healing. And her blood count was almost normal. And she told this very high-class hospital in Atlanta, she told her doctor’s, “I have been healed by the word of the prophet.” (Martha laughs) And I never, I never said I was a prophet, but of course they immediately turned away from her and began talking as though she didn’t exist. (Martha laughs) So she is, you know, some time has passed. Now today her blood count is the best it’s ever been. And another… I want to tell you about another person that … I have to ask these people if I can use their story anonymously; you’ll never guess who either of these people are. But there was someone at the conference, the last conference. I, somebody I didn’t really know her at all. She’d been to several conferences, but somehow I wanted to see her. And her husband said she’s right there, so I walked over to her. And she said I have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. And I was struck as if it was somebody that lived in my house; it was like it was family. I just was pierced with that. And so, before she left she went over to sit down and I just couldn’t get over it, I was stunned. And I prayed, and I said, Lord, what would You say? What could you offer? Could you give her healing? And He gave me… He said My word to her is a blanket, universal ‘Yes’. And I saw, more than He said. I saw that she was obedient; she was His; she was a worshipper. And obviously she lived in the cross, so He said whatever she wants she can have; (John laughs) and I was stunned by that, because He told me who she was, which I did not know.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) So I went over to her and said would you allow me to pray with you and talk to you? She said yes. And so I told her this. I said … They were going to remove her thyroid. And so I told her that, and we just had the sweetest, most bonding time.  I mean she’s an eternal companion in the spirit in the family of God for me. And so anyway, she went, had to go on for treatment and surgery, and when they got in there they found a very small spot; there was to be no chemo, and probably no further recurrence of it. So, and she did very well, because there was no, no control of this woman. She even accepted the diagnosis, and, and just trusted God with it, and put her thoughts on Jesus’ suffering. Isn’t that phenomenal?
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) And so, He just loved her. He abode with her. Abided with her I guess you’d say. Now, I want to tell another story. Another person, very shocking, not anyone that anyone would know, very shocking, came to me and said she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer. So in effect I said, hold on, wait! (Martha and John laugh) So I went to the Lord, and He gave me, He said very clearly Deut.7:14. So I looked it up, Deut. 7:14, it says, “You’re the most blessed people on the earth.” And He’s speaking of Israel. The next verse says, “I will take from you all the disease’s and put them on those who hate you.” So I wrote her and said it’s healing.
(J) Wow.
(M) (Martha laughs) You’re stunned by the…
(J) Yikes!
(M) So, we just walked through the diagnosis with faith in the healing. But in the meantime, John, when you’re dealing with healing, when you’re praying for healing you have to listen because God diagnoses, and then gives the remedy. And you have to know there are two ways; I think Bill Gothard used to teach there are three kinds of illness, chastisement, the glory of God, and sickness unto death. So you have to listen, you can’t just blanket the thing.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) So I went back to listen, and then I had to call her back. And here’s what I said: We gotta go to this first verse honey, or cookie, as I sometimes call people. (Martha laughs) Cookie, we gotta go to this first verse. You’re the most blessed, one of the most blessed women I know. You have everything that any woman would want.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) You have a husband who adores you; two gorgeous children born of the word of God; you have, you’re beautiful, intelligent, talented, you have an idyllic life, and yet you are one of the most complaining, griping people I know. And I said, “that is your cancer”. And that is a symptom of control, when you complain it means you want the control and you don’t have it.
(J) Oooo, ummm, ooh.
(M) So she took… I said I’m going to give you a project, Romans 1:18 following. And I said basically it is our response to God is not accepting that He is God, and He orchestrates our circumstances, and so we are not grateful, and we don’t acknowledge that He has power and goodness, and we’re not grateful. I said I want to suggest to you that you start writing letters of gratitude. And she really repented. I mean she saw it, nothing like cancer that will cause you to really ‘get down’ with the Lord.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) And she’s young. So she really, powerfully and amazingly repented. And then she began to obey what I had said to her. She decided she would write a teacher the first letter, who had been very special to her, who had written her a letter at her wedding that she’d always kept. Somehow or other she went back to find an old Bible, and she found that teacher’s letter in that Bible, and she knew it was God affirming and blessing her determination to be grateful. So she had… Her doctor sent her on to an oncologist, which was very, or the surgeon sent her to an oncologist, very wise. And he said I want another opinion. So she goes to the oncologist, and they’re going to take her back in to remove the cancer. And this oncologist said you know the pathologist has made a mistake. You don’t have a great stage four cancer, you have a stage one cancer. John and I are smiling. (Martha laughs) And he said this kind does not go into the lymph nodes. Apparently it seemed, from what she told me that the type of cancer was different from what the surgeon diagnosed. And the diagnosis of the first cancer was that it goes into the lymph nodes, I can’t remember the path into the body, and then to the brain, terrible, terrible. But he said this is a stage one of a kind that does not go into your lymph nodes. And he said I believe we can, we can get it. And ah, so they went in. She was completely joyful. Oh my goodness, she was exuberant, joyful. I said we’re just standing on your healing, and you’re thanking Him that you are one of the most blessed people on the earth. And so she went for the surgery, and it appeared to disrupt some of the family plans. I won’t go into it. And, but they came back and said no, we’re going on with our, the move of our life. We’re not going to assume that this is a stop; so we’re just going to live. And her husband called me and said this is what we, what we’re led to do; just go on and live like the direction we were going. And I said well, I don’t have any objection. But they had the faith that the word of God had said healing. So when she came out of the surgery, this was what he said, “We got it all.” (Martha is crying) “There will be no chemotherapy. And it’s over. We’ll just watch, but it’s done. And I told her, I said you can often… Nee says God decides how you are healed, and He tells you if you go to the doctor, and if you wait for healing. And I said if you go for surgery it doesn’t mean you’re not healed. I told her that in the beginning.

Healing By The Cross – Episode #224 – Shulamite Podcast

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