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Episode #144 – Generational Problems

Shulamite Podcast

Generational Problems
Episode #144

with Martha Kilpatrick and John Enslow

(M) Well, John, we’re off the road from our last podcast, and I’ve just finished listening to it. And I know that we’re bringing up parental issues and that this is the cauldron of all human difficulties is the parental issue.
(J) Absolutely.
(M) And I know it is evoking a lot of responses; we’re receiving a lot of responses. But I want to say that we’re just giving information. I did say in the last podcast that it’s a work of the Spirit.
(J) Hmhmm, hmhmm.
(M) And I want to reiterate that again, but you cannot deal with yourself. You don’t know yourself. But the necessity is to be deeply aware of the Holy Spirit, what He’s saying, and deeply surrendered to the Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit alone can take you through these  parental issues. We’re bringing them up out of our own discoveries and revelations, and our own walk. But it does constitute sometimes, a wonderful crisis and for some a difficult crisis; so be it. This is what we’re on. It’s like, John, we’ve gotten on a train and it’s moving on this subject, and we really don’t have any control of where this train is going, because it’s going on parental issues. And we about…it’s going faster than we can even take it in.
(J) Hmhmm, hmhmm.
(M) But this time…we usually give our concepts and our insights and even our words from God, but they always issue from our journey.
(J) Right.
(M) And this time I’m going to open up my journey.
(J) Ok.
(M) And I use it to show whatever, whatever God wants to show. I don’t think we understand how much we have to leave every earthly tie. But because God’s let me live long enough that I’ve got some forty-three years in the Spirit, I know that every single earthly tie, material, relational, family, must be severed, so that you can be a heavenly being here on earth. It doesn’t mean you leave a practical life at all, of course. And I really have dealt a lot over the years, with the Spirit’s guidance, forgiving parents, accepting parents, praising God for parents, and I don’t, I don’t have anything in me that registers or indicates unforgiveness, but I don’t ever assume that isn’t there.
(J) Right.
(M) I just say so far, so far I have a sweet reconciliation and appreciation and sort of a surrender to God in the parents He gave me; just a cherishing.
(J) As I was listening to the podcast from today, which was not the one that’s going to be airing last week, but the week before, I wanted to say… you were saying about your father, that he was a big gift. And I was saying that he fulfilled his purpose in your life because he brought into your life the element of fear of authority and fear of God. And you said that you really, really had a great appreciation for him. But I wanted to fill in that word ‘now’. Now you have a great appreciation for him, you know because it seems you know, sometimes you….
(M) It’s unending.
(J) Right, yeah. And sometimes it seems that when someone’s on another side of forgiveness, or other side of something like that, it seems like they never went through the process. And then people that have not gone through that process, you go, oh, they’ve already… you know, they’re already ‘there’, and they must have had it easy. Well no, there was, there was a path that went between here and there. And I just wanted to say fill in that word from the other podcast, ‘now’. There is a reconciliation and a love and an appreciation, because God has worked that into you and into your life. Is that correct?
(M) Yes, absolutely. And we leave out a lot of our suffering too; and it’s appropriate to do.
(J) Yeah, you don’t want to embellish that, and the victory is the other side, but there is a process. I mean you have to run that race, and there’s every step in that process is part of the process.
(M) And it’s costly… it’s costly. But I just want to tell the story of where we are and what God’s dealing with, which the spiritual lesson is, the greater issue. I got this little book about natural remedies. It’s called “Home Natural Remedies”, or something, by the Wyland sisters. And I bought it used. And I was just reading.  I got it and I opened it up to gluten intolerance. And I read it through and you know, I didn’t expect there to be things like that in there, but I read it through and said, hmmm. Well within two days I was hit, felt like I’d been hit by a train, and was very sick and in pain. And it became obvious to me that it was gluten intolerance or celiac disease. And I didn’t know anything much about it. I didn’t know how bad it was or how dangerous. It leads to other health issues. And as I began to search it I discovered that it’s an inherited gene that you inherit. And it can trigger at any time in your life. Then I also realized that three years ago, when I was healed, I kept telling the doctors, when God let me go, that I had two issues. One they never diagnosed. And it was a continuing pain. And I would say to the doctors, it is triggered by something I eat, but I don’t know what. I’m telling you this just so you’ll understand where I’m going. And I just cried out to God and asked Him if I was healed of the tumor that vanished. But then I had this pain, and the doctors assured me, there’s nothing wrong with you; and I would think well I’m sitting here in pain, something is going on. They could never find it, which I know now is typical of celiac disease; it’s very hard to diagnose it. But anyway, I discovered that it was a gene. And then when I considered my mother’s life, I realized she had it. I can look back on how she felt, what she did. And she dies of colon cancer, which is one of the issues with it. And I realized that I was dealing, not with my un-forgiveness, as such, but I was really dealing with a generational curse. And we haven’t touch on generational curses. It’s … It’s not new to me, I’ve known about it for years, and so have many of you who are listening. But it’s … I went back to Deuteronomy 7 to read it. And in verse 9 it says, “Know therefore that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God Who keeps His covenant and loving kindness to a thousandth generation of those who love Him, and keep His commandments, but repays those who hate Him to their faces to destroy them. He will not delay with him who hates Him; He will repay him to his face. Therefore, you shall keep My commandments. Then it shall come about because you listened to this, that the Lord will keep with His covenant and His lovingkindness. He will love you, bless you, multiply you, bless your whole life, and you’ll be blessed above all people.” But then verse 15 says, “The Lord will remove from you all sickness.” And all of a sudden I connected the generational issue with sickness.
(J) Hmhmm, hmhmm.
(M) And so…I began to really seek the Lord. What is, what is the generational curse? And that would be something that was… some sin in your generation that was not confessed and put under the blood. And it remains a legal issue visited to the children to the third and fourth generations. So, I wanted to find out the, the roots of this. What is it that was the curse coming down to me? So, we have a book by Mathias, and he gives the root sin of every, most every illness, which I believe that that is most of the time the case…
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) That there is a sin. And that’s how James deals with it. Find the sin, ask forgiveness, and you will be healed.
(J) Right.
(M) So what were the sins that caused this celiac disease, which is incurable according to man. And Mathias says it is fear, anxiety, self-hatred…
(J) Inherited fear.
(M) Inherit, oh, he makes that point yes, inherited fear, anxiety, of which my mother really lived in that, self-hatred and guilt. See you can’t resolve guilt except by the blood.
(J) My impression by reading it was that each of those issues was inherited. It wasn’t like he said self-hatred, bitterness, guilt, and inherited fear. It was inherited fear, inherited bitterness, inherited you know.
(M) Hmhmm. And then he said destroy that stronghold, and break agreement with it. And I could see in my life the fight ever, ever against fear and anxiety and self-hatred. But you know, and confessing those things never seemed to pull it out completely; I was continually having to overcome and get to faith.
(J) Hmm. Do you believe it’s a ‘Joseph calling’? Do you believe that…Joseph was laid into a family, and into a family system, and Joseph had to go through the abuse of the family system, had to go through the… all the inherited issues, and then bring them out. Do you believe that… that each of us is…
(M) Oh, I think that’s a wonderful point, I had not thought of that.
(J) Ok, isn’t God making us ambassadors in our life? And if we were born in a family of inherited sin, isn’t He asking to have an ambassador go in there, in amongst the sin, to bring the family out?
(M) Hmm, hmm. Yes, I totally believe that. (Martha laughs)
(J) Well, isn’t that what this is? Isn’t this what’s happening?
(M) Hmhmm.
(J) Is He not basically, taking a family out of a system that is counter to Him? Fear is against Him. Anxiety is against Him. It is a thought that rises its head above the Most High God.
(M) Hmhmm.
(J) So is… is not Him placing you in that family, giving you the responsibility, as well as the privilege of carrying the inherited sin in order to deal with it?  He basically entrusted you with something that He knew you that you would deal with.
(M) Hmhmm. Ok. And you know I think Daniel did that when he prayed and confessed the sins of his forefathers to get them out of Babylon. That’s exactly what it is. Ok. But in… in 2006 when the last doctor I went to, who really reprimanded me, and said there’s nothing wrong with you; “now go and live a good life.” I came home and I lay down in bed, and said, “Oh God, if I’m really healed, and I sure don’t feel it, tell me so and I’ll believe You.” So He said Psalm 30 verse 2 which said, “you cried out and I’ve healed you.”  So instantly that pain and sickness was gone. So I said, why then is it back? I know now what that was; it was gluten intolerance, which is a newly discovered disease. Now I know what that was Lord. But why has it recurred? It has recurred for others. It has recurred for me to break the curse, rather than, ah… the curse is inherited sin, rather than sin. And that’s dealt with by forgiveness. And as Daniel did… Daniel was in Babylon because of his ‘fathers sins’.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) And yet he entered in… and I can say, I can say because you have to break agreement with it. It also… Henry Wright deals with things in Georgia in this same manner, going for the roots. It seemed to be that it was a root. And it was also that God wanted to bring me in these parental podcasts, bring me to something I haven’t dealt with in awhile and wasn’t thinking about; generational curses that bring down on your life from parents. If you don’t forgive them, you retain the curse.

(Conference information given by John)

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Generational Problems – Episode #144 – Shulamite Podcast

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