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For Me or To Me Sovereign Touch – Episode #860

For Me or To Me Sovereign Touch

Discover the Power of Perspective: From ‘To Me’ to ‘For Me’

For Me or To Me Sovereign Touch
Episode #860

Walk and talk with John Enslow

Well hey there, I had a meeting today with another coach and it was awesome. It was really, really awesome! I love connecting with coaches and how empowering it is. It is amazing when there’s a true connection with the coach, there’s an…almost a buzz, an energy, a life flow that comes out of it, just by the very connection. And I was asking another coach friend of mine and he said that is coaching. That’s when it’s best is when it gives you that buzz in your chest that encouragement, empowerment, energy. And I think it’s also a quickening of the Spirit, where the Spirit is just telling you stuff and revealing stuff that’s already there, that you may have known, but just didn’t make connections with. So I’m excited! I’m excited, I’m being coached on a number of a bases and I love being coached.

Coaching is so powerful and every time I do coaching I realize how utterly powerful it is, an amazing it is. And it makes me so proud to be coaching because I see the benefit, I see the power, I see the force of energy that comes out of connecting in coaching. Today we were talking about my book The Sovereign Touch, and The Sovereign Touch is a book about the sovereignty of God. But what it really shows is how the most glorious expression of God comes out of the most tragic situation in our life. That He’s that sovereign. That He’s able to turn things around and turn things forward and reveal Himself.  Reveal His purposes in the most tragic situation of our life.

This coach friend of mine is a coach on grief. And so we were talking about The Sovereign Touch and we had the revelation of this: Is life for me or to me? So when we have a bad situation that happen we need to look at it and say, is this being done to me or is this being done for me. And I think the difference and the distinction is incredible. Because of the fact that, to look at it for rather than to, “TO” is a victim mentality. To is that things are being put upon us, and that we were being put upon by God. But when we realize that God always is doing things for us, that is for our growth,for His revelation, for His glory, for our growth, for our maturity, that changes everything. Even the worst situations can become glorious situations when we’re looking at them as FOR rather than TO. To puts blame. To shift the paradigm to blame. We blame God or we blame the circumstance or we blame others, and we say that is being done to me. That removes our empowerment, it removes our ability to grow and move forward in in that and to benefit from even the hardest situation‘s. To disconnect us from the power in life source of God’s sovereign hand. I never want that to be the case of my life.

To have things done for you, even difficult things, even the most difficult things, for you. When we look at it in that view, with that mindset, we can be empowered, we can be charged, we can be electrified as we are being energized to live life to grow to be fuller with His Life and power. I want to always have things done for me, and in the moment, it’s very difficult to have that thought. In the moment it feels very much to me rather than for me, but I do know that, as we will shift our view to for me view, we will literally thrive and become victorious.

I am excited about it, and I really would love to invite you just to look at your situation, be curious with your situation. Am I looking at this as it’s being done to me or is this thing being done for me? That is power. That is incredible power that will transform a situation so that I will not be defeated by it, but that I can be nurtured, grow and and mature in the situation.

So I really appreciate you all watching and thank you for praying for me about the coaching. As I’m building my coaching ministry and I am watching men released and being brought into freedom from traumas. I am being empowered. I am being empowered, not only them! I am being empowered to watch the Holy Spirit work among us and with us and it’s exciting, because some of the greatest traumas… again for or to, but some of the greatest traumas, we can overcome those. Past traumas don’t have to be defining landmarks and defining tombstone’s. They can actually be empowering to move forward and to grow and to experience His Life. So I want to thank you again for listening and I bless you and I appreciate you and I’ll be talking real soon.

For Me or To Me Sovereign Touch – Episode #860 – DivineDesigned.Life

Are situations happening to me or for me? In John’s book The Sovereign Touch he reveals that out of our most tragic situations God reveals His greatest glory.

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