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Fill Up Then – Everything Exposed – Episode #746

Fill Up Then - Everything Exposed

Fill Up Then – Everything Exposed
Episode #746

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

This the continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #744
Fill up then the measure of your father’s you serpents, you brood of vipers. Sharp words against the obstinate evil.

I want to say something real quick. So I needed a post and still do for Monday and so I’ve been asking God what to do and again it’s amazing. The last time it was with Joyner and Lance and this time it’s been with Dutch but for years I’ve been praying Matthew 23:32-34.

Fill up then the measure of your father’s you serpents, you brood of vipers. How are you going to escape being sentenced to hell? Therefore, I send you prophet and wise men and scribes some that you have killed and crucified, some that you have flogged in your synagogues and persecuted from town so that on you may come all the righteous blood shed on earth from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zachariah son of Berechiah who you murdered between the sanctuary and the altar.

And so, I’ve been listening, it’s been a couple of years and I’ve been listening and pretty much all of Trump’s term, and so what I’ve specifically been praying is that let them pull their pants all the way down. Let them expose, completely expose the evil. And I beg God. I’ve been like, “Please”. And so, it’s connected with the ‘fill up then’. The ‘fill up then’ is the filling up of the cup of iniquity. And so, when Dutch was talking about the cup of iniquity I said, “That’s exactly it!”

So, you’re filling it up. You’re taking it all the way to the top and one more drop would pour over. And basically, that’s what I’ve been begging God for. I’ve been saying, “God, let them pull their pants all the down. Expose completely what they’re doing.” And then over this last year I keep on going, “God, haven’t they pulled their down all the way yet?” And then there’ll be more and I’m like, “Ok, well, what about now? Is it done yet?”

And so, you got the things like the, everything’s being expose, like the GameStop with the stocks. That was a big exposure of a dirty system that we’ve been running through for a long time. And you got all these little millennials and Zoomers that are coming in there and they defeat them. They turned it back on them and stuck it to them; millions of dollars.

And then you have this company that basically sided with the dirty swamp, Robinhood, and shut, was shutting down so they couldn’t make any more money. They were shutting them down. They were selling their stock without them even selling it. They did it!

So, I was saying, “Ok, God, this has all got to be good. This has all got to be your goodness. This is so great.” And it’s a continual exposure. And I don’t know what else is going to be exposed. I mean our elections have been exposed.

The cabinets, the governors, the senators, the congressmen, the system… and Jarrin goes into that a lot about the financial system. He’s holding up a dollar all the time and said, “This system is…” I didn’t even understand it. I didn’t realize that the Federal Reserve is not the US Government. It’s not Federal. It literally is a private company (banks). And there’s a whole mess of stuff, I don’t want to get into it but there’s a whole mess of stuff that is being exposed.

And then so I didn’t realize that it was a connection between the two of the ‘Fill up then.’ Because I’ve been saying it’s been at least fifteen, twenty years I’ve been saying, “Fill up then.” And I was like, “Oh, my gosh, fill up then. Oh, it’s beautiful. Fill up then, fill up then. Don’t you see it? Fill up then (laughs).”

And so, it’s the fill up the iniquity and so here’s the scripture that goes along with it:

You will be filled with disgrace instead of honor. Now drink and expose your own nakedness!

There’s the pulling your pants down.

The cup [of wrath] in the Lord’s right hand will come around to you [O destroyer], and utter disgrace will be on your own glory.

And then for what Dutch said it was…I thought this was amazing…

“Like any good fighters God sometimes allows the enemy to land a blow just to set him up for a knockout punch. I assure you that regarding this strategy for American God is far ahead of Satan and now that the church is praying the strategy will be unleashed. Those who punch God don’t often factor in the law of sowing and reaping.”

And then the other thing he was saying which is what you quoted is:

“God initiated the concept of government. He is government.” References Isaiah 33:22 “But He despises the political spirit. It divides, compromises, oppresses and controls people.”

And that’s huge…because in the sovereignty book I talk about, specifically talk about God using corrupt government and corrupt leadership. But this whole thing about the political spirit I want to dive in that and swim in that thing for a while.

It’s a verse.

All things serve Him.

Um hmm.

And the other one that we like is:

The wrath of man shall praise Him.

Um hmm.

Which is amazing.

So, he’s saying this is the first phase. And I’ve been praying for this phase for a long time. And he’s saying that it may not even have to be completely exposed, everything exposed. It may just have to be exposed to the point that He can release what He’s what He’s going to release and do what He’s going to do.

I’ve wanted it completely exposed. I want it all exposed. I want all the systems that have held us in slavery for so long. I’ve wanted it all to be exposed.

I remember I was reading it this morning about the foaming wine and that the subterfuge has been whipped up like sea foam is what I wrote. And I remember that scripture the foaming wine. The foaming wine is the cup of judgment and the wrath. Do you remember where it is? Oh, my gosh, it’s creepy scary.

Psalm 75:8 is that it? phew…Look at it, look at it. Oh my gosh, the dregs.”

Dregs, that right.

Psalm 75:8

Um hmm.

For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture;

Which you know He hates.

and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring…

This one doesn’t say the foaming but I know it does say foam. The Amplified says it foam.

Yeah, just read the whole one.


Psalm 75:8 AMPC
 For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup [of His wrath], and the wine foams and is red, well mixed; and He pours out from it, and all the wicked of the earth must drain it and drink its dregs.

OK, so the mixture says it’s a spice mix. It says, “Here seems rather to apply the blending of portions destined for the good and the bad in Israel.”

Oh Lord. Wow! The dregs…


He himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

So, what Jarrin is saying I don’t want anybody to go to hell. We need to pray for them. And that has been such a good perspective. I’ve been so appreciative of it because when you’re in the middle of it you may say, “Well, let them burn!” But when you look at eternal burning it’s just too much. So, I’d rather them get saved. Hey, why don’t You save them all. I wrote that one thing. It says, “Why are we not praying for these people. They’re all going to hell.”

Jean has said that a number of times.

It’s amazing.

These type of people, these two men, that’s where the gospel is being proclaimed and it’s so simple that a child can get it. And it’s just incredible. Not only that he cares, that the big thing. I want to say…Really? But, yeah, we need to join in that.

The reason we’re specifying the difference between government and political spirit I think is important is because what we’re not seeing…Right now it’s focused on conservative versus they’re the domestic terrorist. What is not focused is what continues is the anarchism. And so, the young people are seeing the government is horrible. So, kind of like in the day when we would try to differentiate true Christianity and religion, the differences there needs to be because God isn’t throwing out government. Anarchy is not the solution. But that is what it’s moving toward quickly is just throw it, tear it all down. And God is more about establishing His government, His government versus political and that differs.

I think that’s key, I really do.

I must tell you, it’s the fifteenth verse. It says:

This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, said to me: “Take this cup of the wine of wrath from My hand and make all the nations I am sending you to, drink from it. They will drink, stagger, and go out of their minds because of the sword I am sending among them.

Because I don’t want anybody to face eternal hell no matter how mad I am at them. It’s Jeremiah 25:15.

When I was coming up I was flipping through to see what I could listen to and there was a thing that came up that I guess the FBI lawyer that did all of the legal changing things. Got paroled, he got no sentence, paroled.

Jeremiah 49:12

For thus says the Lord, “Behold, those who were not sentenced to drink the cup will certainly drink it, and are you the one who will be completely acquitted? You will not be acquitted. You will certainly drink it.

It gives me chills.

Where is that?

Jeremiah 49:12

So in that it’s actually, it would be better to go ahead and serve something here and deal with it than to have to drink that cup.

We need to pray it, don’t you think, that they will face it now.

Um hmm.


It’s like every single day there’s something new being exposed and revealed; every single day.

Here’s another really big thing. We are supposed to repent.

If My people who are called and they would turn from their wicked ways and repent…

I’ve been through a lot of repentance in the last…I’ve asked for it and He has given it. I need to repent of not caring about the wicked. I do repent, Lord. That’s wicked in itself.

Fill Up Then – Everything Exposed – Episode #746 – Shulamite Podcast

We’re witnessing evil being exposed in governments and systems. It has come as a ‘fill up then’ moment, a filling up the cup of iniquity.

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    yes ……. I have been having dreams of an hourglass ….
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    1. shumin says:

      I believe your dream is right on. I think Martha would say the same. Bless you Andrea!

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