Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #20 – Fear Not

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(J) During this pod-cast we’ve just plucked Martha out of her garden, like a flower. And she’s been there all day, and working feverishly getting her beautiful new perennials into her garden. But we knew that we needed to have the pod-cast come up tomorrow morning and so we have a couple of things, a couple of directions we want to go. So Martha the first direction you wanted to go was on the poor. And what we have done with the money that has come in for the poor. So can you give us an update, I know that you have some really awesome pictures of some of the people at the money is impacting. So give us an update on that.
(M) Yes. Bob and Rosemary and the children were here in March for a few days, her in Suches, and we just decided that because of the complexity giving to people in Honduras, that we would just be led of the Spirit. And we put out a plea for money some time ago, and you were very generous; we had checks up to five hundred dollars for the needs in Honduras. So Rosemary began by wanting to give, we have five pastors I think that are close to us, also Elsa who works for them and is my daughter in the Lord. So Rosemary wanted to give a portion of the money to them. She said to me they are not poor-poor, but they are very poor. So we divided part of the money to go to Juan and Fatima, who are probably closest to us; Juan and Hilda, Manuel and Silvia, and Marcos who is in the city of Santa Rosa, a wonderful man, I’ve talked to you about him before; and then Elsa. She wrote to me this, Fatima, who is the wife of Juan, their church is in the city of Santa Rosa too, they have a new building and it’s lovely. Fatima told me a story of a woman who was living in the most rundown, falling down house. And I know the woman. Two times the Lord has given me awe of her. Once hearing her pray with the most sincere heart-felt crying out to God. And the second time that I gave her a ride, He gave me love for her. Fatima has been praying for the Lord to provide a thousand dollars to build her a new house. They would build her an adobe house. Fatima is going to send me some pictures they took of her existing house. She gets totally wet when it rains, and the rainy season is approaching rapidly. Fatima went to visit her in her home, and there’s a picture of Fatima and the family. When Fatima described her conditions of living, and Christ’s love for her, he just cried. And when she was telling me the story, the Spirit was rising in me, and I’ve been asking Him to show me His will. So we prayed together, and we felt this is what the Lord would do. We want to keep being a blessing to the five or six pastors that we’re involved with, so you’ll be seeing those pictures. And this is a hovel; it’s made of sticks that they gather, mud that they make, and a tin roof that leaks terribly. And Fatima said that she went to see her during the rain and everything in the house was soaked, but this woman. Rosemary, I had said to her once that, the verse, the poor are rich in faith. And she said, I know this woman, and remembering her heart-felt prayers to God, I’m so excited in what Shulamite is giving to do this, it’s so wonderful. She said, I think she may be one of the poor who is rich in faith. And then Rosemary said, what an awful, wretched dwelling that she lives in, yet she has faith and prays. So we’re excited to build her a house.
(J) You know, when we go into Bob and Rosemary’s house in Santa Rosa from San Pedro-Sula you’ll see it on the right-of-way, you’ll see all these houses that look like squalor. It’s just mud, sticks, and sometimes it’s pieces of old tin, bush, whatever, I mean really it’s just whatever they can do. The closer you get into the city you realize that they’re pulling scraps and material from basically the dumps and building these houses. Some of them fight even have cardboard. And the rainy season, the bad thing about that is, the rainy season is kind of a monsoon.
(M) It is.
(J) It’s awful.
(M) We were there during some of the rain. And I would put my clothes out on the bunk and in the morning my clothes would be wet, even though the roof wasn’t leaking, the humidity was even worse than Georgia. This is real exciting because our hears have always been wrenched for these little hovels that people build on the side of the road; and of course it’s not that they don’t want to work, it’s that so many times they don’t have work available. I don’t know where they’ll build it, we’ll know that as we go along, but they’ll build her, probably a concrete block, or Rosemary said adobe, which is much more substantial than sticks and mud. So we’re excited to have a report of giving to the poor. And now there’s another area of the poor, our dear friends and disciples, Keith and Julie have gone to Mexico. And they’re with a medical mission that’s already established. But she sees such poverty there, and she’s written me about a little local pastor that lives by the river, and he and his children are just ill with parasites. And then some of the workers there on the property, we want to send money for their support, because they’re really poor. There’s also a man she’s sent me pictures of, a wonderful man who has adopted children there, and she says she’s just never met anybody quite like him. He is such a godly man. And the stories of those children are just incredible, and we would love to send money to them. So there’s another project that’s by no means ended with the giving of this portion of what you have sent in.
(J) You know, I saw on their newsletter, they have may pictures of individuals that have been helped, and oh, they break your heart.
(M) Yes, Let’s get the website to show those.
(J) Actually if you go to our website, at the https://divinedesignedlifepodcast.com site, and you go into the profile section that says ‘Who We Are’, not only is there a profile of you and myself, there’s also a link to the their website. This picture was in the newsletter that they sent.
(M) Well on there website there’s a picture of this pastor and one of his sons. So there’s great poverty there that is shocking to the Wilson’s. We’ll be visiting them probably in July when they get through language school. You know it’s different to give money to the like, the Union mission, my husband likes that work, and other things for the poor, it’s another thing to give it and see the pictures of the people and what is cone for them. And I’m sure when they get this built in a few months, we’ll be sending out a pod-cast on that. It’s so exciting, it’s a small and it’s a beginning, and it’s very exciting because I imagine this woman that’s prayed about her house, we’ll see, maybe we’ll find out what she prayed that brought this down. So that’s about our giving to the poor, and our Honduras situation, and we have a couple of team coming to work on the prayer house, it’s going to be a huge undertaking, and getting the building and the wiring and all that to it, so that’s going to be a slow process too.

Fear Not

(M) There are several subjects that have been on our hearts lately, but I think one of the most crucial ones is some new insights about fear.
(J) I’ve gone through older messages. One you did in Honduras called “No Fear”, and then another one you did in Jonesboro, Georgia, called “Fear Not”, and I’ve been listening to those messages because the insight in those is awesome. We’re even considering possibly doing those as the CD Message of the Month. As a pair they really give a good overview on fear, the evil of it, the freedom from it.
(M) You were quoting me things from it. And I think, I don’t remember those insights, I think I probably need to go back and listen to it myself. But I’m encountering the results of fear. I’m sure I said on those tapes was that the one thing that Jesus was upset about, with his disciples, was fear. He could go with their ambition, He could go with their stupidity, He could go with their dullness and not understanding, but when it came to fear He was not very tolerant. And I think I understand more today than ever before. Because fear is unbelief, fear is a result, not a problem.
(J) Oh, ok.
(M) And it comes from unbelief, but what it takes you to is Satan. It puts you in the power of Satan, because to fear is not just to fail to believe in God, it to believe in the power of evil.
(J) Then basically fear is a faith in Satan and his power.
(M) Exactly, that’s what it is.
(J) So it’s actually worship of Satan.
(M) It is actually worship of Satan. And then the ultimate end result, for you or me, if we tolerate fear and don’t confess it as sin, the end result is that we’re paralyzed. And we will not move, and we will not fulfill our destiny. The man who buried his talent said, I was afraid. You see John, I find myself in sympathy for people who are afraid, believers.
(J) It’s a pitiable thing.
(M) We think it’s pitiable. I’m sympathetic with, I have been in the past, with fear in me, because it is so very human and normal. But it is a dangerous thing to maintain it. It’s a dangerous thing to cover it, because in the end, not only does it destroy you personally, because it will shut you down, you will have too much fear to obey, too much fear to die, when the cross hits you. Fear will keep you immobilized and will be your excuse.
(J) Yeah, there you go, the excuse.
(M) The excuse, but what the end result is that it kills Jesus. That’s the result spiritually to where Jesus is, it will kill the move of God.
(J) As you’re saying this, I can just see the paralysis and the evil of it, because there’s a power behind a fear.
(M) Yes. That’s right.
(J) And that’s what’s scary. If there wasn’t a power behind it, if you ever have seen people that are hysterical, there is a power to maintain their fear, and to actually capture other people around them to fear. I mean we have sheep, and what do the sheep always do when one of them is afraid and she bolted, they all would run after her. And I think that it’s contagious.
(M) It’s contagious, yeah. You have to stand against fear in yourself. We all know the story of Gideon, that God kept reducing him and his army, and for that reason you just stated, God would not let fearful men go to battle. Because a fearful person will take you down with no thought for your life.
(J) Well, like a drowning person.
(M) Yes.
(J) They’ll grab you and drown you.
(M) I remember the story of Watchman Nee, seeing a man drowning, and a very good swimmer was standing next to him, and the man was screaming and flailing around and the excellent swimmer would not go in. Nee railed at him and said, why did you not save him? And when the man was exhausted, the man went in. And he said to Nee, a person that’s drowning, if you go to save them they will drown you, and you both will die. And he said I had to wait until he was exhausted, so that he would submit to me and I could bring him in. Fear makes you rebellious. There are a thousand aspects of that one story. The reason you can’t go into battle with people in fear is because they will sacrifice you. Fear is hysteria.
(J) How many people are around us right now that are flailing, and God’s waiting. I have majorly flailed. I’ve been in fear about different things, and He’s exposed me, and allowed it to draw it out. He’s drawn it out and drawn it out, so that it was fully exposed.
(M) He does that. In some of my earlier days, I wasn’t aware of how much fear in which I operated. I had a coping mechanism for going on and living with the fear. The Lord brought it to the surface because He’s not willing for us to do that. We’ve seen a number of ways of coping with fear. One is attack! One is attacking us or attacking Christ in our midst. Another is manipulation of us. But behind it, you’re right, there is a power, there is a witchcraft power behind it that is very, very evil. Two people came to me in absolute fear, and have no appearance, no outward evidence of it. And you will not know it unless God draws it out like He did with me. I had to ask Him, show me my fear, and bring it out and He did. And at that time, years ago, there was someone to help me, to pray for me. The Lord did show me, and I’ve told it on tape, the difference between a satanic attack of fear, a satanic stronghold of fear, and human fear; you remember that?
(J) I do.
(M) It was significant for me, and His solution of it, because, He said to me you will always face things that will make you be afraid, because we’re afraid of the unknown.
(J)We’ve never recovered from the original fear that came from the fall, have we?
(M) I guess not. I never thought about it that way. But they went immediately to fear.
(J) They feared their nakedness, they feared God coming, and we’ve never recovered.
(M) That’s true, that’s good. Well fear displaces Christ, and puts Satan in the position. And I think I said a long time ago too, what you fear is what you worship. And that’s why God calls us to fear Him and to revere Him, hold Him in awe and honor, because that fear will be the core of what you fear is what you worship.
(J) Is that because you feel like whatever has power over you?
(M) Yes, that’s exactly it. This is a passage from Is.44:8 AMP, “Fear not, nor be afraid in the coming violent upheavals; for have I not told it to you and declared it? And you are My witnesses! Is there a God besides Me? There is no other Rock, I know not any”. Then the prophet goes on to say, “All who make graven idols are confusion, chaos and worthlessness. Their objects, the idols in which they delight do not profit them. And their own witnesses, worshippers do not see or know so that they are put to shame”. And it goes on to say, in verse 11, “Let them all be gathered together, let them stand forth; they shall be terrified, and they shall be put to shame together.” Those who make idols. So fear is not only, what I learned from Jewish wisdom, not only the evidence of guilt, it is the evidence of idolatry. Fear is, if fear dominates a person, then it means there is idolatry. And who do, when you drown your rescuer, who are you worshipping? Yourself, you’re saving yourself, at the expense of anybody else, everybody else.
(J) It’s so in us; it’s not like you can say, oh, well I’ll just flip on my back. When you’re in that stark terror, it is you.
(M) That’s true; it’s part of the old man. It is inherent. So the confusion, chaos and shame, all are issues that accompany a person that gives themselves to fear. You have to stop and deal with it as it comes.

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