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Difference Between Fantasy and Dreams – Episode #848

Is HOPE the Difference between Dreams and Fantasy

Difference Between Fantasy and Dreams
Episode #848

Walk and talk with John Enslow
From fantasy to reality – embrace your dreams and live the life you were meant to lead.

Hey there, this week I want to talk about the difference between fantasy and dreams. I had in a small group this subject rise up and I had the thought that is the only difference between vision or dreams and fantasy—Hope? As you look at fantasy, fantasy of any kind, but particularly sexual fantasy, it is hopeless. Usually it is isolating and shaming. It creates a distance from our actual reality and that isolation is shaming for us.

So I am thinking, OK, because both dreams and fantasy are projections, but one has hope, one has vision. And I believe ultimately one’s from God and ones just from self, for self.  Our connection with a reality and a direction is hopeful, it’s beautiful. It’s how we get from here to there. We see! Without vision the people perish, but when you have that vision, it has an energy and a power. And if it’s from the Lord, He performs it. It’s beautiful! It’s an amazing thing but fantasy is self consuming. Fantasy is a conjuring for self. Fantasy is consumption. And that is inward and it implodes rather than explodes.

I love the fact that when you have dreams and hopes and you plan for those dreams in hopes that you actually explode into life. Dreams carry passion, dreams carry zeal, where fantasies just carry lust. And it pushes reality away rather than makes it. Dreams make reality. Isn’t that beautiful?! Dreams, our dreams can make a reality, vision, purpose, plans, direction. Setting forth to do what we know we’re called to do and want to do. It’s beautiful and it’s life-giving and the Holy Spirit can lead us in that and we can have that teeming source of energy in our chest, which just carries us through. It gives us purpose and gives us great pleasure to know that we have a direction that is going forward.

Fantasy is usually in the darkness. Dreams can build a kingdom, the kingdom of God. Where fantasy digs a cavern that we just fall into. The problem with the fantasy is it demands from us. It demands more and more and more and more. There may be a whole mess of reasons why we do that. We may be coping with a bad situation in our life or simply just filling the time. But fantasy is  implosively negative. It is a continual suck down, and it continually demands more and more and more were dreams give and give and give. Give life, give life to others around you. When we have dreams that usually incorporates people, it incorporates our families, our friends, our coworkers. Dreams are inclusive and they’re contagious. Fantasy, is just exclusive of others. It doesn’t bring anyone in there. It’s our own secret darkness.

So I love this subject. I love this topic because in life I am looking to develop the designs, the desires and the purposes of men, so that they can move forward and they can be who they were created to be that they can they can explode with life for their families for their friends, and for the coworkers. For everyone they touch, literally feels the energy of the dreaming life, the designed life, the connection with who we were created to be. When we don’t have a vision of who were created to be, when we were in the dark night, that soul sucking vacuum of not being able to see, we boil it down to the fantasy. It just becomes self consumption. It becomes a consuming life rather than a producing life.

So I just wanted to bring this to you today and bless you with the fact that this is our plan, this is God‘s plan for our life is that we would live a life of dreams. That we would live a life of vision. That we would live a life of purpose and connecting with our design. That is gorgeous! That is life-giving and life sustaining and connecting. So I love y’all and I appreciate you. I hope this was helpful to you. It’s just these thoughts that come through I’m like wow that is an amazing reality. So God bless you. I love you and I’ll talk to you soon.

Difference Between Fantasy and Dreams – Episode #848 – DivineDesigned.Life

Is the difference between fantasy and dreams simply hope? The is a call to take the action towards living a more fulfilling life.

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