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Eternity Reached in the Moment – Episode #830

Eternity Reached in the Moment
Episode #830

Walk and talk with John Enslow

I can enter eternity in my moment. Can you imagine that? I can enter literal eternity in my moment by accepting His invitation to remain present. And then my life becomes something that’s eternal rather than just something temporal.

You know I haven’t done a video while walking in a long time and I just wanted to do it because I really feel like this video in particular has a lot to do with this very walk. I’m learning in a big transition that I’m going through that I have to remain present in my moment. The Lord is the Lord of my past, of my future, and in my present, but where I access His power and presence is as I stay in my moment. And I am really excited about that. It’s a challenge to me to stay in the moment, when I am tempted to enter the fearfulness and speculations of the future or deal with the regrets and pains of the past.

What I’ve looked at is that my present moment is an invitation. It’s an invitation to Him, of His to me. He wants me to invite Him in to my current moment, to my present moment, so that I can know Him. So that I can know who He is and I can know exactly who He wants to be in that moment. That’s crazy! It’s something that I need to be reminded of today, because I can spin off and get into anxiety.

We’re doing podcasts about my booklet “Overcoming Anxiety.” And even though I’ve written a booklet, and I’ve overcome a lot of anxiety in my life, there’s always the temptation to enter back into an anxious way of thinking, especially when there’s change, and things are shifting, and there’s a lot of unknowns.

Your heart can just get real heavy and the weight of that can take you under. It’s almost like having a boa constrictor around your chest and I don’t need that. That is the last thing I need because that will rob number one joy. It will rob any kind of excitement about life, and I don’t want that. I want to experience life and experience Him in my moment.

So today I am accepting the challenge to keep the Lord in my present moment, and to myself, remain in this present moment. That’s the most important thing.

I know that as I have build brotherhood with some amazing men, that the thing that I have a long for more than anything else is to be present in quality time with them. And my brother Myles really really challenged me with that and told me you know don’t be multitasking. I want you to be in the moment with me when you’re in the moment or go do that other thing. And when he challenged me with that, I was like “Oh my gosh!” And then I discovered something really cool. I discovered that my love language, my actual love language, the language of love for me is quality time and if you are not giving your undivided attention, and your total focus to someone or something when you’re with them, you’re not being present. And that’s what the Lord wants for me. He wants me to be present in my moment.

So this morning I went by Home Depot and I had to get a stopper for the toilet, it was leaking into the bowl. So I had to get a new stopper, I guess it got too loose. So I was there and I was in that moment. I was in my moment with God. I was saying, “OK You’re here with me and I’m here with You and I want to learn of You. It’s not like I have to get great revelation all the time. It’s not like I have to feel it all the time. But what I need to do is have Him there because that’s what He wants. He’s my dad and He wants to have that moment with me. He wants to be there with me. He wants to experience my life with me and ultimately wants to live my life for me.

So that’s really cool and as long as I am projecting into the future, or I am fearing what’s coming or I am regretting my past, I am unable to connect with His power and His presence, and I’m robbing both of us of the relationship and of the union that my life is intended to be. I’m born again, I am saved from my old Adamic nature and now my life is about enjoying and experiencing the Life of Christ and seeing His great adventure as He lays it out.

So that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna have it all figured out and I now see that it’s actually beautiful, absolutely beautiful, that I can’t see everything in the future. If I knew everything that was going on, I would need Him. And I can confess that if I didn’t need Him I probably wouldn’t seek Him. It’s awful but it’s just reality. I don’t like it but knowing that I need Him, knowing that I’m dependent on Him, knowing that He’s my sustenance and He’s my source…

Oh look there’s a deer just run right there…awe more, look at them all. Well, that’s what you get when you walk in the woods.

So I’m just gonna be in the moment, I’m gonna remain in my moment. I’m gonna invite Him in and except His invitation to be with Him. Be in this moment. Experience His Life and see Him as He wants to be witnessed. See Him as He wants to be seen and that there is going to be tremendous joy and eternity. I can enter eternity in my moment. Can you imagine that I can enter literal eternity in my moment by accepting His invitation to remain present. And then my life becomes something that’s eternal rather than just some temporal thing.

I don’t want my time at Home Depot just to be about buying a toilet stopper. I want my time, regardless of what I do, I want it to be something that gains Him pleasure by relationship. If it’s mere relationship, if it’s merely just union with my Savior, connecting with Him in the Home Depot, buying the toilet stopper, then that’s enough. I don’t have to have a crusade, I don’t have to have people falling out. I don’t have to have great healings. I have to have relationship with Him. I have to have connection with Him and that’s where I’m going and that’s what I’m choosing and ask you to join with me.

In your moments, in this time, experience the God of your moment. Not fretting of the future not fearing regrets of the past, but to live in your now moment and see what He wants. He may bring up revelations of where your futures going or He may bring up things from your past that you need to repent of. But if you’re not in your now, if you’re not in this moment, you’re not experiencing Him in beauty and that’s a shame because we’ve been given that as a gift.

We have the indwelt Holy Spirit, and we can experience Him in our now moment, and even a common task. Even the basic task, can be a glorious task of entering time spent with Him and that’s what I want. So God bless you, thank you for listening and let’s see how all this plays out in the days and the months to come.

Eternity Reached in the Moment – Episode #830 – Shulamite Podcast

Eternity in my moment by accepting His invitation to remain present. Life becomes something eternal rather than just something temporal.

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  1. Helen Whaley says:

    He bought & brought this moment. We live it together. The long insinuated, & asked question, ‘why this waste?’, to usurp, to wipe out true relationship. Jesus ‘wasted’ time. He cooked fish on the beach. He waited for no apparent reason, to stop along the way, to be in the present moment…with ones or two’s or 12 or multitudes, those present in their uncertain moment, in ordinary tasks & need; in what’s shared that we couldn’t have known, to know Him in. Joy leapt at the sight of eternity where no one expected it’s sighting. Something past, something future, something else, something too, something more, something less…’something’ misses everything. His Presence brings a thousand & more shared secrets of Him to us each, & together, as we remain in this present moment; spoken or unspoken. Let the moment be it’s NEW, & if past or future is in view, let it be His NEW… He & you, He & me, He & we. The Reality of relationship Jesus prayed & Gave for, Jn. 17. I choose & join with you….in this time, to experience the God of my moment. Such an encouraging word! And thank you Myles!

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