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Episode #477 – Intimately Knowing God’s Love

Intimately Knowing the Love of God

Intimately Knowing the Love of God
Episode #477
January 24, 2016

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #476.

(Martha) I want to tell about the result of the prayer, “God, You’ve got to show me.” First He showed me a list of people. Some people have refused to receive His love on His terms. And so He just sort of removes me, kind of permanently from some people. But He showed me that love has conquered and overcome the evil in people. The next thing it says in Luke 6, “Love your enemies.” Oh, that’s the first work. After you are willing to love your enemies with God’s kind of love, which is far beyond… It’s a steadfast… You can’t affect His love. It’s immovable. I’ve always said, “God loves you for no reason. You’ll never give Him one.” But I’ve seen that proven in life. And the next thing that happened was I began to pray for someone in terrific sin and darkness, and I can’t describe where the Holy Spirit took over. I can’t really describe it. It’s almost unbelievable. But I went into a battle with the powers of darkness for that person’s soul. I experienced the torment that they lived in as my own. Daniel said… When Daniel confessed the sins of his people, they were sins Daniel hadn’t committed. And I’ve always thought, “Oh, that was so noble and Lord, I’m able to do anything anybody has ever done.” But I believe it was more than that for Daniel. I believe he experienced in travail and in prayer. What I was in was in travail and in prayer that the Holy Spirit was accomplishing. He’s the one who knows how to pray. And I was in a wrestling match with the darkness of hatred. I do not know how long. I experienced it as though it was me. And it was like God put me in the box with that person and let me experience what they lived in. And I wouldn’t have it. I couldn’t bear it. And I was saying, “I forgive, I forgive, I forgive, and Father, they are forgiven. Please, Father, forgive that person.” And I cast out many demons, and it was very strange. It’s not the first time it’s happened, but it was unique in its own self. But He puts me in the box with what some people don’t know they can be free of, but I know, I go in the box, experience it, and I throw it off of me and of them. And that may make no sense. That’s ok. It’s a spiritual matter. And it was the Holy Spirit groaning with groans that could not be uttered. And when it was all over I understood it deeply. And it was… I can’t tell the story, but it was very significant in that person’s life. And so, first, you love your enemy, then you pray for your enemy. But the prayer He calls for is to let the Holy Spirit pray through you for that person with the love of Christ, who goes to save them through intercession. It says, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you.” There’s a couple of steps more in there after loving.   Then it says, “Pray. And pray for those who spitefully use you. Give.” You give to the enemy and their ongoing… There’s an ongoing, unfolding of what love is. And there’s a choice to bless your enemy. That is the choice of the will. And to do good to those who hate you.
(J) I can explain, I think, what you experienced.
(Martha) Hmm, ok.
(J) Christ took on, became our infirmities. He became our sin. He became our, He took on our separation, like a piece of clothing. He took it on so that He could throw it off. And so, He was crucified with that separating garment, being us. You know? And to step in the box, it was like you were taking on the iniquity that life long problem, and you were, you bore it with Him. I mean, I know it was Christ in you. I know it was His doing. And it was freaky, because it felt like you.
(Martha) It felt like me. I was horrified at the level of hate in that person’s life, and I so experienced it, I thought it was me. And I’m certainly capable of it. I have to work sometimes… Someone said to me, “Oh, I’ve never hated anybody.” And I went, “Well, then you’re a liar.” I’m sorry, I made you choke. I didn’t say that cause she was so convinced I knew it wouldn’t do. But I never felt the depths of such darkness and hate. And it was purely a supernatural experience. And the effect of it was phenomenal.
(J) The fruit has been pretty impressive. And it’s just He is able to do things like that in us. If we are indwelt by the living Christ, then He is able to do those works and transform situations. That’s what we’re here for.
(Martha) Umhmm. You know, John, He says, “Lay down your life for your brothers.” He considers that love, and until you do that, I’m not sure it is love. We have to bear His kind of love, which is totally different. And our goodness will never do it. We will never… I knew when it said, “Overcome evil with good,” that it was not human good, because human good is not real nor is it powerful. But it’s the love that overcomes and… I remember a long time ago, probably 40 years the first time He said, “I want you to lay down your life for this person,” and I said, “God, she’s not worth it.” And He said, “That is exactly why she needs it. That’s exactly why you must do it.” And I said, “Yes.” And I did lay down my life for that person. She bludgeoned me and tortured me, and then I was through. When she came to a point of need, it was me she called for.
(J) Yeah, a lot of people would think that laying down your life is in telling. But it’s not in telling. It’s in dying.
(Martha) Uhhuh. However He chooses for you to die. And it says, “I bear in my body the death of Christ. Death in me that there might be life in you.” That is a principle of the disciple. But it’s so exciting, because if you agree and you consent to love your enemies, to bless those who curse you and pray for those who spitefully use you… If you just consent, it’s just a yes, the Holy Spirit takes over to do the work, and you are made the vessel of it. But really, you’re not, you’re not in it. And so, I desire that, for people to know that evil cannot bear love. Love is that powerful. I’m seeing love as the power to annihilate the enemy. And I wrote something a long time ago. There are two entities in the universe and their names are hate and love. And you will be the vessel of one or the other. You wrote recently in your blog about being at the Mellow Mushroom, you and Carole. And we wrote about… Somehow we have a ministry to people in restaurants, don’t we? It’s just there. You wrote also about the wooly – I don’t like that word – but woolly booger. And he was a love, and we just…
(J) He was so delightful.
(Martha) Oh, he was just marvelous, and I wanted to be with him more.
(J) Really, I was thinking, “Oh, can’t we be paired up with him again?”
(Martha) Yeah, yeah. And I know where he, I know what symphony he plays in, and I would love to hear some recordings from him. When I get time I’m going to look that up and see. And he just… We just kind of had a conversation, and I said, “What do you do?” or something like that. And he said, “I’m a musician.” And I was like you. I thought, yeah rock and all that bad stuff. And I said, “Well, where are you a musician?” And he said with a symphony, a city symphony. And he was very modest. We looked him up and found out he was the lead tuba player there. And I’ll never forget him.
(J) Uh, uh.
(Martha) He was just wonderful, and his red hair was dyed. And he had..
(J) Fushia.
(Martha) Yeah, yeah. And he told about the Musician’s Union had to go to bat for him to be allowed to just be who he was with the symphony. They wanted to get rid of him. He was too weird. They had to advocate for him to keep his job. But he wasn’t about to change.
(J) Uh,uh. Uh,uh.
(Martha) And he just had the most beautiful soul as you wrote about. But anyway. Oh, God sees the heart, and He knows who He wants to try to win by love and those who will let Him love. Some people will… Carole’s favorite thing with Don was, “Love has broken every barrier down.” And He did that with Don. Love breaks down the barriers that we have to love.
(J) Umhmm.
(Martha) And we have tremendous walls against the love of God. I don’t really know why, but I wrote it in the devotional years ago. It’s because we won’t have the humiliation of need. That’s our barrier is pride. So, I’m just kind of overwhelmed by the power of love to overcome evil. And Jesus said, “Don’t call me good. There’s no one good, but the Father.” Jesus in His humanity didn’t claim good.
(J) Umm,umm,umm.
(Martha) The good that was in Jesus was the Father’s life. And so, it’s God’s love that is the only good. God’s heart is the only good. And I’m shocked at Him. I sometimes don’t approve of His love. It’s so merciful. And I know somebody that is really wrestling with that. Oh, and Jennifer wrote something about Jonah, that she was seeing that too. “Are You gonna save Nineveh?”
(J) Her having her Jonah day.
(Martha) Yes, that was wonderful. If you haven’t read it, you need to. It’s one of those that I want to print out. And love is the protection of the one who loves. Love is the shield and the fortress that we… Warfare is about love and hate. That’s what He’s teaching me to write. And I’ve never read that in terms of warfare. But love is the power.
(J) So love is our immunity?
(Martha) I believe so. I believe it is. And I believe it’s what Paul and all of the disciples had when they were suffering. It was, it was love that they stayed in as a constant. And so, I’m praying, I’m praying for a lavish love, a greater love than I’ve ever been a vessel of. We have this treasure in earthen vessels. And the treasure is Jesus, and Jesus is God, and God is love. And so, we want to, we want to know Love as an indwelling presence of God, because it is the miracle, the safety, the power, the answer, the good.

Intimately Knowing the Love of God – Episode #477 – Shulamite Podcast

7 Responses

  1. Danise Kirk says:

    Hello Martha,

    I have just recently read of Kenneth’s passing and I want to say that I am sorry for your loss. Immediately I hear, “our loss is His gain” so my sorrow should be joy. As you have so beautifully expressed in the podcasts the blessing of those who mourn (Christ), I guess sorrow is not the order of the day after all, but actually it is JOY.



  2. Annalie du Toit says:

    I have been asking The Lord and pondering and listening to understand why we need STRENGTH to know His love. Specifically as it is written in Ephesians 3:16-18.
    16 May He grant you out of the rich treasury of His glory to be STRENGTHENED and reinforced with mighty power in the inner man by The Holy Spirit
    17 May Christ through your faith dwell in your hearts! May you be rooted deep in love and founded securely on love.
    18 That you may have the power and be STRONG to apprehend and grasp with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth of it.

    Your podcast just shed a huge amount of light on it!
    love to you all.

    1. Gaby says:

      You look so much into the depths, Annalie, always so unusually “behind” it all –
      I just so cherish your comments!
      Thank you so much for this thought, i would not have seen this!

  3. Gaby says:

    “It felt like me”…
    “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin.” (Heb.4:15, NIV)
    When it “feels like Him” He goes even further: He literally enters the hell of our sin and makes it His own for throwing it off then and setting us free. This is a whole new idea of His intercession! And a whole new idea of what it might mean at the end to join into His prayer! Stunned.

  4. Sandy says:

    I wish this conversation were longer! :)

    Wow! Or I’m a vessel of love or hate. Nothing else…

  5. Sam says:

    Amen and amen. Speechless about this revelation of warfare being a “love and hate” battle. It is amazing how this is sorting out and pounding in my heart.


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