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Episode #451 – Celebrating the Lamb’s Triumph

Martha at Triumph of the Lamb

Celebrating the Lamb’s Triumph
Episode #451
July 26, 2015

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest:Jennifer Wentzel & Gabriela Schubert

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #449.

(M) In the end I didn’t do this but I wanted to ask for prayer that I would be able to put this into a book or booklets, because I have such passion for it and from Him I think. I have the passion for it to be written. And that’s what… I never dreamed He would do a conference. I thought I would have to write it, but the conference enabled me to get into the flow and see that it could be done. It could be put into words, so to me it was like I always say it’s like putting an elephant into a tea cup, but this one was bigger than an elephant; six elephants into a thimble. But He did even that, and I’m filled with wonder that He will, He will take over, and He will perform His own being.
(J) So, for all of those who were at the conference, you’ve heard it now, the call to prayer that this would be turned into a book or booklet. And so if you could stand with us for that, that would be amazing. The fact that we were able to get the information taped and recorded actually makes it easier to sometimes get it down, to formulate it. So, this is wonderful. This is wonderful, so you have a hunger and a passion for this message to be expanded and revealed in a deeper way and brought into a booklet or a book, I ask for your prayers. A book, a War and Peace book, yeah.
(M) And for those who came, this ministry puts on, I believe, a highly excellent conference from such a small group of people. And it is absolutely phenomenal how committed these people were to this conference, to the Lamb and to their own Lord, because there’s no way to describe the labor that goes on behind the scenes and afterwards too.
(J) Umhmm.
(M) And so, it’s an amazing production of Body life with everybody willing to serve on the most basic grunge levels, and many who helped us who don’t live in our little world in Suches. Many came in and pulled the load, pulled the train, the wagon train.
(J) Umhmmm. Umhmmm.
(M) And I can’t express my gratitude to all of you and to the motivation the Lord gives for His message among us, which is becoming everybody involved in the message. So, a big bless you!
(Jennifer) And this is something I hadn’t thought about before, but it’s a little bit that just came to me as He’s releasing little bits. I think sometimes discipleship, that there is an aspect of it that maybe is a little undefined in terms of what is the end game of a disciple? At least for me there were some… It was kind of, you know, the end game is the Bride and the preparation for the Bride and you can become kind of rote with that, or you can be a little disconnected to it for it’s not having maybe a specific vision, a personal vision of what that would be for your life. And this I have to say to disciples who are listening, who were there and who want to get these CD’s and listen to them. There was an impartation to me, I know, of a vision for what the life of a disciple, the end game, the aim, the goal, not… It suddenly became very real and very personal, I think. There can be, I think, weirdly a disconnect with “I will follow Jesus,” in terms of what does that mean? What will that look like? What is the purpose? Does that make any sense? What is the purpose? And this conference on the Triumph of the Lamb, on following the Lamb, on what it means to follow the Lamb, it has so deepened my understanding of discipleship. It has broadened my vision not just for Him, but His purpose for my life and my relationship with Him and where that is intended to go, where He wants it to go, and where I can now honestly say, I want it to go. So, I was also enormously encouraged in a life that is… It’s easy to get either bogged down in some of the crosses and the disciplines and to forget to look up, or I suppose the reverse of that would be you eschew the practical, you know, stumblings and bumblings because you refuse to put your feet down. But this was somehow just… It hit both of them.
(M) I had the strongest sense, Jennifer, that He put me through all that He did, all the experiences of sheep, and all the many years and even back in my ancestry, but it was not for me. He gave me a message that was literally for others. For me, yes, and that it was not a message that was corporate. It was a message that was individual, that every person will meet the Lamb, and every person can know the Lamb and can follow the Lamb. So, I’m very grateful you saw it that way as something imparted to you, and I feel like, I even feel like during it that He was imparting the revelation of the Lamb, but the very life of the Lamb, and that it must be lived individually. It has to be lived out in an individual story. And I wanted everybody to get that vision of Him and of knowing Him and following Him. So, thank you if you did get that, because it was for you.
(Gaby) And as being one of these individuals sitting there I felt that truly His vision, Christ’s vision for us followers is so much bigger than usually we used to get, and that was enormous, yah, motivation to really stretch out for His picture of what He means enough to be. Yeah, He’s not just that we would get that He forgave our sins and somewhat brought us in connection with the Father a little bit and brought us somewhat like community as Christians, but really, basically in your visions you saw the enormous power of the completely submitted Christ. And basically that’s what He wants to live in us. So this power, the power of the universe, the power of the universe is there for us if we let Him live His Lambness in us out and this submission to the Father. So, there’s everything open to us if we get it.
(M) I was held very much to account that in March of last year I said, “This may very well be the last conference,” and so I did not dare say that this year.
(Gaby) Hmmmmmm.
(M) And some people, at least three people told me that they had been praying that there would be another conference and the next day the announcement came in. So, it’s their fault that there’s a conference, and I’m very grateful it wasn’t the last. This to me was the pinnacle, the Lamb.
(J) You also had someone who had a word that this wouldn’t be the last, that there would be many.
(M) Oh, yes, I did. She saw five and I went, “Ohhh.”
(J) So, we’ll see.
(M) We’ll see. Thank you, Lord. All glory to You.

Celebrating the Lamb’s Triumph – Episode #451 – Shulamite Podcast

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