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Episode #450 – Message of the Lamb!

Message of the Lamb

Message of the Lamb
Episode #450
July 19, 2015

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Carole NelsonJennifer Wentzel

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #449.

(Carole) For me, it was, it really was the manifestation, Christ in Martha as I watched her. It was the manifestation of the message.
(J) Mm Hmm
(Carole) And, uh in every aspect, He was manifesting through you, the message. And I know from being with you over the years, that message doesn’t come any other way than through a very powerful Cross in your life that He has required of you to live – live the message before it is presented and that is what really and truly makes it so powerful. And Gaby said you, there was an irresistibility all over you and it was Christ. He was absolutely irresistible. I found myself, just seriously I didn’t see anything else around me. I was engrossed and caught into Him and into His message. And He gave that message through you with such a freedom to us to choose – one way or the other.
(J) Mm Hmm, Mm Hmm
(Carole) It was a – it is a life and death message.
(J) Sure, yeah
(Carole) But there was absolutely freedom – no demand, no expectation, just the message presented with freedom to us to receive it or leave it. You just offered it. Like Jesus did to the rich young ruler. He offered the message and gave him the choice to take it or leave it and let us, let us go to our, our choice. But it was, it was irresistible. He was irresistible in His message in every aspect of Who He is as the Lamb – gentle and as a fierce Lion – all of which is manifested from the heart of Love. And that was the banner that was over all of us at that conference, was a banner of love.
(M) I was able to share, called to share some very personal experiences in this conference and I was a little bit concerned that it would be, ah, received. And I kept saying, ‘Are you on the train with me? Are you still?”
(J) laughs
(M) Because some of it was shocking, wasn’t it?
(J) Mm hmm. Absolutely
(Jennifer) Mm hmm
(M) And I felt that there was no resistance. That there was no shock, and no. And you prayed fervently this time, John, that only the people He wanted to come, to come. And I believe they did. They were wondrous – many of them I had never met and didn’t know. And they were wonderful, wonderful.
(J) I knew the preciousness of this message and I was, I didn’t want those that were not open to receiving it, nor able to receive it. I was like, let’s just get those that are ready here. And God, just bring those that You want to have this message and that are ready for it and that are hungry for it. And I do feel like that, for the most part, was the case.
(M) I believe they helped me release it because they were receptive and that always makes a big difference.
(J) Well, sometimes when you speak and there’s kind of a resistance, there’s a suspicion, or there’s a, you know, it’s almost like delivering a message through peanut butter. I mean it just, it’s work. It’s effort.
(M) Mmm hmm
(J) It’s labor to get it out. And you have to push beyond suspicious minds and, and
(M) And sometimes the enemy.
(J) I think that the suspicion comes from him. Yeah, definitely. And yeah, but it’s just awful. But I didn’t feel like that. It was even, I mean our normal, typical Friday break the ice thing, uh, because you know, when people come they’ve been traveling all day. It’s just, it’s difficult to get into the mindset, you know, after you’ve been doing all this traveling, and you’re there and you’ve been checking into the hotel and you’re meeting people that you’ve never met before, or you’re seeing people that you haven’t seen in a year. There’s a, you know, ice-breaking that has to happen. But I did not feel like that at all. I feel like we just literally went in and I think that one of the reasons is because we went very practical. Right off the bat, we didn’t go launch off into something ethereal
(M) Mm hmm
(J) We took it right down to the ground. Anybody could have touched it.
(M) Hmm, hmm
(J) And, and it was like we brought it to a commonality.
(M) Mm hmm
(J) And then you launched off. And so I thought it was wonderful but I didn’t feel the resistance. And ah…
(Jennifer) And I think there was a naturalness,
(M) Mmm hmm
(Carole) Mmm hmm
(M) Mmm hmm
(Jennifer) And it’s very much the naturalness that I’m accustomed to in our body life. Where there is no self-consciousness, the Spirit is allowed to move as He will from person to person. Martha, many times she called up Gaby to share a story; John, you interjected. But there was, there was a natural…the Holy Spirit is so natural. He’s not creepy or weird or standing on ceremony. He is so natural and, and so easy. That’s the thing where you’re in Him, it’s such ease to be with people. There’s not a struggle, and as you said, resistance. But that was there and it felt to me like it moved through the whole audience. It wasn’t just us
(M) Mmm hmm Mmm hmm
(Jennifer) It was, He had free reign.
(M) Mmm hmm
(Carole) Mmm hmm
(Jennifer) He had free reign to move and be.
(M) And John said, this is like coming into our living room. And it,
(Jennifer) It was.
(M) That was like that. That’s what I could feel. I couldn’t assess much of it but I felt completely natural. I felt He was flowing in natural way. It was comfortable. Even though some of it was quite surprising maybe. It was completely comfortable.
(J) Mmm hmm
(M) And uh, I don’t think we’ve experienced it quite to that degree before. So it was unique in a number of ways.
(Jennifer) Or if we had, it took us a few days to get there. We would get there by Sunday, just as we were leaving. You know, it would kind of be
(J) laughing
(Jennifer) You know, we’d get there but it took us a day and a half to get there. And this time it felt like, from the get-go as you said, John, the ice-breaking somehow wasn’t really even necessary. There was …
(J) And the strange thing is that there was so many people that we had never met before.
(M) Mm hmm
(Jennifer) Quite a few we hadn’t met.
(J) So
(Carole) So for me at the end, having seen just a little bit of Martha and the weakness and the place that the Lord brought her in her body and so on and forth, I said, wow. We have watched the Triumph of the Lamb.
(J) Witnessed it. We witnessed the triumph.
(Carole) We did. We witnessed it. Which gives us all such hope. And faith. That He will do what He’s promised to do for each of us. If we choose to go that way.
(M) And only He and I know the miracle of the last hours because so much was happening in my personal life. And so much weakness which I didn’t really anticipate. I thought I would be stronger and I wasn’t. And ah, nobody knows but Jesus and me. The Lamb and I know. At the end of it I felt like I had a box of 2000 piece puzzle and that I had to find the message and that it was dumped onto my desk. And completely overwhelming because I don’t like 2000 piece puzzles. And I had so many files and so many thoughts and so many riches and I absolutely could not prepare in those last hours. And so I just went. He leveled me even worse (soft laughter) and I felt the latter part of it was more natural for me because I just had to depend on what He gave me at any, moment by moment. And Jennifer felt like it was in perfect sequence but she had no idea of the puzzle pieces (laughs) that didn’t ever get touched. And, and the end I didn’t do this, but I wanted to ask for prayer that I would be able to put this into a book or booklets because I have such passion for it. And from Him I think. I have the passion for it to be written. And that’s what, I never dreamed He would do a conference. I thought I would have to write it. But the conference enabled me to get into the flow and see that it could be done. And it could be put into words, so to me it was like I always say, it’s like putting an elephant in a tea cup. But this one was bigger than an elephant.
(Jennifer) laughs
(M) This was six elephants into a thimble. (laughs) And ah, but He did even that. And I’m filled with wonder that He will. He will take over. And He will perform His own being.

Message of the Lamb – Episode #450 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. wanda says:

    I am overwhelmed and in awe as I read and listen to these last 2 podcasts as I see so much happening even as the Spirit gave me to pray over this conference. I am truly humbled and moved to know a little about this conference. I can’t wait to hear and experience Him through the CD’s. Thank you all I love you,

  2. Annalie du Toit says:

    Such a freshness and softness throughout your podcast.
    Blessed Jesus.Thank You.

  3. Sam says:

    “Six elephants into a thimble…” Hahaha. What an incredible description of God’s greatness and our smallness. That was brilliant.

    He is so faithful and good, isn’t He? It will be great to have these booklets available… and audio too. :)

    Love abounding.

  4. sue says:

    Oh this podcast, you have described with words what we all experienced: Comfortable, peaceful, invitation to come into your living room meeting place and the invited Holy Spirit meeting us there with HIS LIVING WATER gushing into our spirit and our lives.. May HE give you all the grace and time to produce the C/D and then the booklets so it may go out to the far reaches of the world. THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU !!!!

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