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Episode #449 – Triumph of the Lamb!

Triumph of the Lamb

Triumph of the Lamb
Episode #449
July 12, 2015

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Jennifer Wentzel & Gabriela Schubert

(M) We’re here in Carole’s beautiful living room in the last hours that Gaby is with us. She will fly out today. With Jennifer and Carole and John and me, and we’re recuperating and rejoicing over the Triumph of the Lamb conference that we’ve just finished. I’ve kind of been dependent on them, what they see because I couldn’t see it from their perspective, what the Lord did. But He was definitely present, hugely present and sustained me miraculously to deliver the message.
(Jennifer) Well, I’m a little torn because on the one hand, I struggle to even have words for the messages themselves. And um, you know, John had a word for everyone at the conference the first night. And it was Ask, Seek, and Knock. And he said, the bigger your desire, the bigger the fulfillment of what He will pour into you this weekend. And um, I actually remember being a little intimidated when he said that because I thought, well, I don’t know if my desire is big enough. How big is big? And I started chasing that down a rabbit hole a little bit and then I just stopped and said, no. You know what? As big as big, as much as I can carry – You know better than me what I can take, what You’ve prepared me to take. I trust that You have prepared me because I asked You to. And I believe it was Your will to do so. And um, I mean, good grief, I’m so full and so empty at the same time right now that it is just an odd way of walking through life. On the one hand I’m hollowed out because He came so powerfully and He poured through and had such love for everyone who came. And uh, it’s a privilege of mine and a calling at these conferences to be a pretty specific vessel for That Love and for the welcome for the people who come and um, it’s such a gift. It’s an honor, really, so spent in that sense, because I do believe that He poured through as He wanted to and on who He wanted to pour. And also so full I can barely access it. Because the truth is I find that bits and pieces of it are coming back and I’m realizing that that word that John had was absolutely fulfilled. And I don’t even know all that I took in at this point. It was a very apt word. And uh, I believe that because you had that prayer, that that anointing goes out for anyone who listens to the series who was unable to be there, and who would listen to it. I absolutely believe that if you receive that word prior to listening that He will do through even the messages, that. But I do want to say a word about the people and about the body life that I experienced at this conference. And it was an amazing thing, I think. I sit at the back so I have a chance to observe and to see the faces, and obviously, but there was such an anticipated focus – an overwhelming focus of – anticipation is the word. It was an anticipation of what He would say, of what He would show us, who He would be and um, I’ve rarely, if ever experienced that kind of focus on the Headship of the Lord. That kind of focus on not each other, not you know, who’s new, who am I meeting. It wasn’t that these things weren’t there but they were not the priority.
(J) Hmm, hmm. Yeah.
(Jennifer) To have a chance to love each other, to welcome each other, to speak to each other, to see each other after a long time, these are all wonderful things and they are gifts and He gives them. There’s no problem. But that was not the priority.
(J) Um hmm
(Jennifer) And I felt like that was not the priority for the people I came in contact with.
(J) Yeah, that’s right.
(Jennifer) And that is not always the norm because we are sheep and we like getting sheepy with each other, and playing in the pasture and there’s no problem with that. The Lord, He doesn’t condemn that, that’s not a problem. But in this particular conference, there was just, it was just focused anticipation of Him. And that is what we had in common and that is what held us and I just have not experienced quite that degree, I think before. And to me that was also, that was as much an indication of the message of His presence, of the importance. Martha said at the beginning that the Lord had prepared her to prepare the church for the Lamb. And He called people to be there and or to listen to these messages who have that passion, who have that hunger, who are in anticipation of meeting the Lamb and wanting to be prepared. That’s the main thing.
(Gaby) I couldn’t talk about the contents of the conference right now as I’m filled to the brim and wouldn’t, would have to digest it all and hear it over and over again to simply get all in what had been there but what this conference was about most for me was that I’ve never been at a place where what was spoken was so real in life there. So what we learned about was Who He is, as a Lamb by watching Martha talk. As an intercessor for her I knew about your weakness, Martha, and about your physical strugglings and the amount He reduced you to before was enormous. And this was such a testimony of Who He was by simply watching you coming in completely weak and standing and speaking in complete strength. For hours, for hours following and following and following. In authority,
(J) Mm hmm, mm hmm.
(Gaby) In power, in complete clearness, in a line with nothing coming from you, and this was always the line at your conferences, but this time it was completely clear – there was nothing coming from you,
(M & Jennifer) laughter
(Gaby) And all you taught about was how much He wants to be living in us and it’s exactly what you demonstrated. And what He demonstrated in you by reducing you to definitely nothing – who could do it by himself or herself. And this was, this had enormous power in my eyes. He was, by the message, by the word spoken, and by the life lived out, it was all one – and it was extremely a Lamb. A lamb who had no power in its own, who couldn’t do anything but be shepherded, who couldn’t do anything but wait to be fed. This was very very powerful.
(M) For me it was very frightening (laughs) because I was, and didn’t anticipate the level of weakness that I would experience and it was like completely debilitating. And I had to literally get up and go to the podium just by sheer obedience. But only when I did that did He come in and I could completely forget the state I was in. And uh, I didn’t think people were aware of the weakness. I know you were, but I’m not sure that most people were aware of the level of weakness. He always weakens me to get me out of the way. I wish it weren’t, that I weren’t so difficult for Him that He has to do that but it truly was His saving grace, His power, and He literally, He did it literally because I had, I couldn’t contribute. Only gave Him my body and stood up. And He went from there and amazed me completely.
(Gaby) It amazed us too – and the fact that He did that was so much proof for the truth what you said.
(J) Mm hmm
(Gaby) I mean, this was, we didn’t even need faith to believe what you said.
(M) laughs softly
(Gaby) But it was clear. He simply did it before our eyes.
(J) Yeah, that’s right
(Gaby) It was the same as watching Jesus heal somebody and see His authority in that we saw that what you taught, always taught, that He would come in and take over and be Himself in us. Ha, could reach a level one wouldn’t believe and this is simply, this was for me the biggest testimony of any conference I’ve ever been to.
(J) Another word I had at the beginning was uh, impudent – child. Be an impudent child. And the, the capacity – it was about capacity, and it was about the yes, the asking, the seeking, the finding, but the uh, it was, I was asking for everybody to ask for their capacity to contain and to absorb and to receive. Um, I was asking for that to be opened wide and that I saw that – and I’m going to be writing actually about this on the blog – I’m going to write about the impudence because I see that impudence before the Father seems like it would be ridiculous – to demand from Him would be utterly ridiculous.
(M) and presumptuous
(J) And presumptuous. But He enjoys it, loves it, and celebrates it. And so that’s why the capacity, and the knocking and the seeking and I just feel like um, the hearts came with full open capacity. And I felt like they were met.
(M) Mm hmm, Mm hmm
(J) And the message – I’m in the process of editing it right now and I’m done with three of the messages and I’m on to the fourth, and I’m seeing how just the perfect flow of how your message came forth. You literally, you brought the practicality of a sheep and a lamb and then you bring it into the heavenly realm so that literally it was like what Christ would do with the, with all His parables. He would bring spiritual realities down to earthly, tangible, receivable examples. And I feel like that’s what you did. You didn’t just say here, let me just cast you out into the cosmos and give you a grand picture – let me give you the ethereal. You said let me ground the ethereal into a reality and that is a gift and a treasure. And to connect the heavenly into the practicality is actually when it’s made evident in personal lives. And so you gave the opportunity, you gave the witness of, you gave the encouragement, the, I mean the entire thing – it’s just the message was just phenomenal and I’m enjoying listening to it.
(Jennifer) Well, and John, do you think that, that what we witnessed was what it is to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth? That that’s what that flow is? That combination?
(J) Absolutely, Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah.
(Jennifer) Huuuuh !

Triumph of the Lamb – Episode #449 – Shulamite Podcast

8 Responses

  1. wanda says:

    Can’t wait for the CD’s so I too can join in and “be there”. Love you all

  2. Sam says:

    Thank you all, “shulamites”, for this sacrifice of love! Thank you too, commenters.

  3. Shirley says:

    John. Thank you in advance for diligently preparing the messages for those of us who couldn’t be with you all at the conference. My heart was getting full just listening to everyone talk about how God used His most willing and obedient vessel. Dear Martha, the price you once again paid for His heart to be shared with us who hunger and thirst for more of Him makes me appreciate you and the Shulamite ministries family all the more. Love to all Shirley

  4. Annalie du Toit says:

    I read the podcast yesterday, and just kept it in my heart, lingering, pondering…

    For a very long time, I have asked the Lord about the scripture where Paul, (I think) says that death reigned in them, so that life could reign in the brethren.

    This is what stays in my spirit when I think of Martha’s weakness during the conference.

    I pray we may all have the fullness of Jesus Christ.What a joy to rest in Him.What a joy to know we can never “outknow” Him. What a joy that He lets Himself be known to us…


  5. Pauline says:

    Each of you is such a blessing to the Body of Christ and Jennifer, thank you for including those of us who will only get to hear the messages. It would have been grand to ‘play in the pasture’ but it was not to be.
    I’m confident that the impact and the anointing of these messages will be no less as if present — which is a bit frightening, but glorious, if that makes any sense.
    Love you all !

  6. Irene says:

    How wonderful to hear you share about the conference. I am looking forward to receiving the CD’s, thank you John for your diligence in preparing them.

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