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Episode #448 – Receiving of the Fear of God

Receiving of the Fear of God

Receiving of the Fear of God
Episode #448
July 5, 2015

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Carole Nelson & Jennifer Wentzel

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #445.

(Carole) Well, ok, I want to connect it back to the beginning for me because I’ve been on that word receiving. And what you’ve just said, Jennifer, to me is an illustration of receiving. The first son said he would do it and then he didn’t do it. The second son said, “I don’t want to do it,” but then he did it. He received the word of his father and in receiving that, that was the action of obedience. Does that make sense?
(Jennifer) Well, that absolutely does in that the Word of God, is that at all separated from the will of God? Is not the will of God carried in the Word of God? His will for your life if He has a Word for you?
(Martha) And the power of God is in the Voice of God. I had occasion recently to share with a friend it’s my experience in discovering Deuteronomy 27 and 28 and the blessings for hearing the Voice, not just obedience, but hearing the Voice. It was relationship He established with you, Carole, and with you, Jennifer. In His Voice it may be difficult but you have the power to do it because the seed of the Word is living and you have the life power to do what He’s called you to do, and you came, Carole, to do it.
(Carole) And He was watching over His Word to perform it.
(Martha) Oh, my goodness. Yeah. Him!
(Carole) Him. He was.
(Jennifer) That’s huge. So, in other words, because — His Word does not return void, because it is imbued with His power. Huh! So, if you hear the Voice of God and say no, I wonder if you really know Him as God at all?
(Martha) You certainly don’t have the outpouring of the Spirit that Proverbs talks about, and you don’t have His Words known to you. But, that’s 1st John 4:6. And I think we hear God more than we probably know, more than we admit, and we are accountable for having heard.
(J) Hmm. Hmmm.
(Jennifer) No, that’s sobering. That’s really sobering.
(M) How can He hold us accountable if we hadn’t heard His voice, and He hadn’t made sure that we did hear it?
(J) There you go. Yeah, that’s right.
(M) He wouldn’t be… He’s not that unfair.
(J) Umhmm.
(M) He doesn’t require of you what you don’t know, what He hasn’t given to you, personally.
(J) I can blink it out. I can make it, “Oh, well, I just didn’t know.”
(M) “I wasn’t sure that was God,” and pretty soon you aren’t sure. But God has spoken, and God knows that He has spoken.
(Jennifer) Ok. So now, ok. I have more clarity on it. Then that’s where need comes in. That’s where need comes in, because ultimately if you have no need, then there is no reason to flex that will that God gave you to wrestle, to grapple, to grapple with the Word that He’s just given you; to fight it out if need be, to fight yourself for His sake. If you have no need, why would you go through the trouble?
(M) Did you hear what Carole said that was so brilliant? She learned that her need was need.
(Jennifer) That she needed need.
(M) That she needed need.
(Jennifer) And every single one…
(Martha) That was the one need.
(Jennifer) That was the one need. We need to need. We need a need.
(Carole) And my Father provided the need as He is always faithful to do.
(J) Hmmm.
(Jennifer) Well, what He really did was open your eyes to it.
(Carole) Yes!
(Jennifer) Isn’t that Laodicia?
(M) Yes. Yes.
(Jennifer) They’re walking around all naked and poor but they think they’re ok, because they can’t see the reality of their situation? So, it would be that way for all of us.
(M) Yes. Umhmm.
(Jennifer) He opens our eyes.
(M) Yes.
(Jennifer) So, even the smallest yes, you Carole, was enough to ignite what needed to happen, which was to open your eyes to your situation, thereby giving you the need that you needed. Haaahahah!
(Carole) But therein, “He who receives a prophet in the Name of a Prophet, receives the Prophet’s reward.” Wow! And I have received the Prophet’s reward, which is Him. Really and truly the Prophet’s reward is Him, and it’s all that He.. It’s all that He is, all that He represents. Oh, I wish I could even say what I feel.
(Jennifer) That’s the gift of authority.
(Carole) It is a gift.
(Jennifer) The ultimate gift of authority, and I can say that as somebody who loathed authority.
(Carole) Me too, me too, Jen.
(Jennifer) I have come from the opposite end, the darkest chocolate testimony of reviling authority, bittersweet chocolate. How is that? Awwww, yeah, but authority is not what we think it is at all. And, you know, that’s the beautiful thing. I never saw that before, that even that in my journey… That’s why it is such a gift to receive your story.
(M) Umhmm.
(Jennifer) To grapple with it, to wrestle it out and to ultimately accept the reality of it, to let it be redeemed but none the less incorporate it into my life today. I’m not two people. I am; I’m a new creation and my old, but I have one story.
(M and J) Ummmm.
(Jennifer) And the truth is my distrust, my reviling, my absolute rebellion against authority prepared me perfectly to be pole axed with the truth, because at the end of the day, I mean, authority is the exact opposite. The gift of godly authority, spiritual authority is the exact opposite of what I believed it was. I have every, every gift that I have in my life is born from a surrender, not just to Him ultimately, but to the delegated authorities He’s put in my life; John, Martha, Carole from time to time, because I don’t believe that, you know, delegated authority and mutual submission cross each other out at all. To be mutually submitted to somebody has no effect on whether or not they are your delegated authority. They’re still delegated authority. Martha does not submit to my authority in the terms of delegation. That does not happen. That’s topsy turvy. What she does in mutual submission is keep the door open to the Holy Spirit speaking through me. That’s all it is, is keeping the door open so the Holy Spirit can move from person to person, which is what we’re doing right here, all four of us. Yeah, I’m with you, Carole.
(Carole) But Jen, it takes us back again to… We cannot really, truly receive anything if we don’t have a need. And I think therein is something so big because Martha’s taught so many teachings on weakness and on not knowing anything. And if I think I already know anything, if I think I already have an answer, then I will receive nothing.
(J) Nothing.
(Carole) Nothing. And it’s really only an empty vessel that’s going to receive anything.
(J) A needy, empty vessel.
(Carole) A needy, empty vessel that can receive anything even the Voice of God. If you don’t have the need, you will not hear even if He’s speaking.
(J) UhUh.
(Carole) If you don’t come to the realization of your need. And I am ever, are you not? Ever coming to a deeper realization of your need?
(Jennifer) Ok, well this is the difference. You will hear the Voice of God, you just won’t think He’s talking to you. Pretty much every single CD of the Month that Martha does, every article I read, even if I’m re-reading the same article 15 or 20 times, there is never not a time when I don’t hear something for me. Now I grant you I’ve got some selfishness issues, but in this case it’s a healthy thing because I’m constantly listening for, “What does He have to say about me and my life?” Yes, that is an absolute priority. If I’m greedy for anything, I want what He has for me. If He has something for you, that’s great. I bless you. I don’t care. I really don’t. I do not have issues in that sense. I want what’s mine. I want what He’s got for me, and I’m fervent about it. I’m not going to get hung up on somebody else having something. Is it for me? Ok, bless you. I don’t care. You can tell me the details or not. It makes no difference to my life. But, if you don’t have a need… and I’m like that because I’m needy. I have lots and lots of needs, and lots and lots of wants. Hmm. Like ‘I wants.’ And that’s ok. He’s dealing with that, but if you don’t have a need, then you listen to stuff and you’re like , “Oh, so and so could really use this!.”
(J) Oh, yeah! Ummm.
(Jennifer) You don’t think it’s for you, because if you don’t have a need, why would it be for you?
(J) Ooooo. Wow.
(Jennifer) So then it would just be for everybody else. You hear the Voice of God, you just don’t accept that He would ever, possibly be talking to you about that, because well, that’s not you! That’s not me. I got no issues there.
(J) Everything else has application for another.
(Jennifer) Right.
(J) Oooo. Yikes.
(Jennifer) It’s almost like a force field. You put up a little force field, so it’s like pew, pew, pew, look at all these dirty people around me that could really benefit from this wonderful teaching.
(Martha) Your know what that force field is? “I know.”
(J) Ummmmmm.
(Martha) There are people I’ve worked with that everything that the Lord wanted me to say to them, they would say, “I know. Yeah, I know that one.” Eventually…
(J) And then why the heck did He tell me to tell you?   That’s what I want to say.
(M) Right. Right. Superfluous.
(Jennifer) Yeah, it’s just basically, “Ok, go on with your bad self,” because at that point it’s just, “Why are you wasting my time?” I’m ok with Him wasting my time, but, “Why are you sitting here acting like you have a need when you just told me you don’t? You don’t have a need.” And it’s fine. That’s, you know, that’s what we do. That’s our story until it’s not. I’m no stranger to, “I know.” You know what I mean? I have been the bearer of a force field, very, very much so.
(Martha) So, Carole’s going to come out with a writing, condensed about this, but now you know the long version and we can wait for her post that she’s…
(Jennifer) Which will probably be a brilliant series.
(M) Yeah. It’s quite a message, Carole. It really is. Well, thank you for being so real about it. It wasn’t easy for you.
(J) And I will, if she’s already done it, I will link in the transcription of this. I will link to the actual article. Someone asked me the other day about different things. I link always.
(M) You do.
(Carole) You do an amazing job linking.
(M) Jennifer does too.
(Carole) I don’t know how you do it. Really and truly, I am just astounded.
(Jennifer) He’s the link master.
(M) You are too. You do it, too.
(Carole) Yes, you do.
(M) You do.
(Jennifer) Oh, in my posts? Yeah, but John’s the link master in the transcriptions.
(J) So, if you ever listen to the podcasts and you’re saying, “What series are they talking about?” All you have to do is go to the transcript; boom.
(Jennifer) Click on the blue.
(J) Click on the blue. There it is.
(Jennifer) John’s got you covered.
(John) “What conference are you talking about?” Boom. There it goes.
(Jennifer) Yep. That’s it.
(J) That’s just a heads up.
(Jennifer) Or you could always write us. We love hearing from you.
(J) Martha would like you to tell about what’s transpired about “Adoration?” Could you give a quick little blurby about that?
(Jennifer) Yes, we have a bit of an update on “Adoration.” For those of you who have purchased “Adoration” via Kindle and are reading the Kindle edition, which if you have not and thought you would want something on the go, please remember you do not have an actual Kindle e-reader. Amazon, because they are fabulous, has made a Kindle App available for every single electronic device and computer you can possibly imagine. I think they even have an Xbox version. It’s crazy. So, but we have recently revised “Adoration” and we formatted and revised “Adoration.” And we have updated the edition that is on Amazon, so if you purchased “Adoration” on Amazon Kindle previous to last fall, you should have been able to update your edition. And if not you can go into your Kindle library and you can either sync or you can go directly into your content on your Amazon page, and you can press a button and get the updated version, which you definitely want to do because “Adoration” was originally put up and when we first put it up as a Kindle, the editor left off the last three chapters. Whoopsie! And so if you have not updated it, you really want to because that’s one heck of a whoopsie. You’re missing the last three and they’re worth it. You want them, trust me. And, you know, “Adoration” in general, it really didn’t need any specific revisions, but we did do; there were some minor content revisions that we did for clarity. And the rest of it was really just formatting, but those last three chapters are pretty important. We’re so excited now that we have the new edition, and we thought that Amazon was going to advertise it a little bit better, which is why we haven’t said anything in the 6 months that it’s been up there. But I’m real pleased to be able to tell you about it because it’s beautiful. And, you know, that book is just amazing every time I read it. So, I don’t want anybody to be out there missing the finale of what is already an incredible book.
(J) And you did such an incredible job in the formatting. It flows so much easier than it did before. It is literally seamless, and it’s just beautiful really. It’s beautiful the way it falls on each page and the way you have it laid out, and so I really thank you for doing all that work. And you’re going through, and we’re revising a number of the books and booklets to reflect this more…
(Jennifer) Well, it’s more seamless. There are constantly things being done with digital publishing and we now have software that is just light years ahead of what we previously had. And we also know so much more about it since we’re, you know, several years into the whole e-book phenomenon. And when you’re formatting something where people can pick their own fonts and pick the font sizes and do whatever they want, you know, there are just certain… It’s just looking at things a different way to make it that much more accessible without losing the original emphasis and anointing of the Holy Spirit on what Martha has done. So, she and I have worked on this and really, you know, put our hearts into it, and we’re really excited for how it turned out.

Receiving of the Fear of God – Episode #448 – Shulamite Podcast

4 Responses

  1. LT says:

    i just updated my Kindle Adoration (thank you!!) and read the last three missing chapters – they are so beautifully fitting to this conversation : ) … may i share an excerpt? “Mary let herself need Him by naked desperation. She received Him and let Him be her Savior.”

    Kilpatrick, Martha (2012-07-06). Adoration: Mary of Bethany – The Untold Story (Kindle Locations 992-993). Shulamite Publishing INC. Kindle Edition.

  2. Annalie du Toit says:

    If I LIVE to want to know Him, hear Him, experience Him, and if I am certain on the fact that HE alone has EVERYTHING I could ever need, I exist in a perpetual state of neediness!
    How exceedingly wonderful that our God created us so. How neat that He never gets impatient or tired of us, longingly and needingly stretching out hearts and hands to Him.
    I just thought of the ones who picked up little manna and did not have too little, and the ones who picked up much did not have too much! How astoundingly great and graceful Jesus Christ is …

    Love to you precious people.

  3. Sam says:

    “I need need”. Ha!

    I was mumbling about this “I think we hear God more than we probably know, more than we admit, and we are accountable for having heard”. It came to mind our conscience, how God works on that basis before and after He can revive our spirit. Since we are children, God works on that level of conscience, talking to us, if it could be said so. There is a fight going on at a conscience level, everyday on every human being. If men are going to be judged according to their conscience… then it means *GOD* is talking there. Speaking. Telling things. God talks to us through our conscience. It seems TItus letter talks of this so much:

    Cling to your faith in Christ, and keep your conscience clear. For some people have deliberately violated their consciences; as a result, their faith has been shipwrecked.
    1 Tit. 1.19 NLTse

    So, I just went thinking about the work of God in our consciences, and our duty to keep them clear (to keep on heeding to His talking). There is a peril here… a great danger not to keep our conscience clear in the work of repentance. It is no small issue. The latest news of mindless attacks on Christians in the USA have to do with a dirt conscience, over and over rejecting God.


    1. Sam says:

      “Since we are children…” I mean “From our childhood”….

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