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Episode #441 – Triumph of the Lamb Conference

The Triumph of the Lamb Conference

Triumph of the Lamb: Upcoming Shulamite Ministries Conference
Episode #441
May 17, 2015

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Jennifer Wentzel

(J) Martha, you have recently just called forth for another conference, and even though we said at the end of the last one that was probably the last one, you did use the word, ‘might.’ And your ‘might’ was overcome by the Lord’s might, Who said, “Yes, there will be another conference.” So, what’s the name of the conference, and what’s the sub-title of this conference?
(M) The title is “The Triumph of the Lamb” and the sub-title is “Christ Enthroned as We’ve Never Seen Him.” And when I said that I could not see where we could go from that last one, “Love Reigns.” And in the meantime I came to understand that the Lord wanted me to write a booklet about the Lamb. And so, I asked probably 30 people to fast and pray for me, and they did faithfully, and had enormous encounters with the Lord in it. And when they fasted for me, even over the Christmas season, which was really committed, in January of that year I had an incredible encounter with the Lamb, because I had said to the Lord, “I’ve had sheep, Lord, you know, I’ve had sheep and lambs, and you cannot know the Son of God by a flock of sheep.
(J) Right.
(M) I have to know, I to have something other than that, beyond that. I have to know the Lamb, Jesus. And so He gave me an experience of it, of Him; very startling. And then other… Since that time, probably that was in 2013, at the end of 2013 and since that time, two years and more, I have gone from one experience of the Lamb of God to another. So this conference is going to be different. I didn’t think I would ever verbalize it. I thought it would be put in a booklet, and it will be. But because of those faithful fasters, the Lord took me on a journey to meet the Lamb head on, shall we say. And I’m going to be sharing that. It’s very precious to me, and it’s going to be very difficult to tell it, but I think that’s what He’s calling me to do in this conference. He wants His children to know that we will meet the Lamb of God, and we are not ready. The church is not ready. We don’t even think about it, but I’ll just say to you what I’ll say then, is the Lamb will be the end of everything and the beginning of eternity, and there will be no temple. The Lamb is the temple. And all that flows from the river of Life of healing to the nations flows from the throne of the Lamb. And the Lamb is the light. There’ll be no night and there’ll be no other light but the Lamb. And we aren’t… we don’t know what the Lamb is. And so, He’s given me this awesome privilege and most terrifying responsibility, but that’s what this conference is about, and it’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s the privilege, the highest privilege that humanity can know is what I’m going to present. I’ll just read you a bit from, just a little bit from the intro, my part of the introduction so far. “Jesus’ calling to His disciples and to others was stark and simple; two words. It was not, ‘go out’ or ‘save the world’ or ‘teach Bible’ or ‘go serve.’ He said, ‘Follow Me.’ And so they followed Him, not everybody. He invited many who didn’t follow Him. And what it meant to follow Him was to leave every other course of life, every other connection to life to follow Him. So, the most important words in the Bible are usually the most simple, and always we think unconsciously, ‘Oh, I know.’ ‘Follow Me,’ ok, I know that. I know that. I know what that means. But to follow means to go behind another’s path. To follow means I don ‘t choose the way, the agenda, the purpose. The ultimate objective, the end product, I don’t choose any of that. I simply and only follow. I don’t run the show, and I don’t make decisions and I don’t know where I’m going. And if you have to have that, you cannot and never will follow the Lamb. So, to follow just means I go behind Jesus wherever He goes.” One time, John will remember this. I had a radio interview with Sid Roth and Sid asked me, “What do you do in those night hours when you’re up?” And I wasn’t prepared with an answer, and I didn’t even want him to ask that. In fact, I told his representative, “I do not want to discuss the night hours, ok?” So, of course, he says, “What do you do?” And I was completely stumped, and I think I said something like, “Well, I ask Jesus where He’s going, and I follow where He goes.” And I thought… And He didn’t have anything else to say. I think he didn’t like the answer. But I felt like it was, came across as real stupid, but it was that simple. It was a Lamb answer. That’s all. I just find out in the morning where You’re going, what Scripture You’re on, what You’re thinking about, what Your heart has.” And so, he didn’t ask any more questions about that, and I didn’t have any more answers than that. And so, it turned out that that was the right answer. But I have known a number of Christians who washed out, and I can tell you why. There’s only one answer. They would not follow the Lamb. Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” In 1st Corinthians he said that. So, God sometimes gives you a follower so you can learn to follow. And I said to someone very dear to me when we realized she’d gone nowhere in the number of years, I said, “You never follow me into forgiveness. You never followed me as I followed Christ into all these areas. You never followed me.” And she said, “You’re right, I didn’t.” So, you follow Him. He says, “Follow Me,” and you follow Him and one day… Have you ever followed somebody and they stop and you bump into them?
(J) Umhmm.
(M) Well, there comes a day when you bump into the one you’re following and you discover He is a Lamb, and that you’ve all along been following the Lamb. That’s what the disciples discovered. So then it’s had not to follow Him, because if you consent to follow Him, He will correct your course always.
(J) Umhmm, umhmm.
(M) And keep you there, but.. Anyway, that’s what it’s about. But we’ve discovered some amazing things. Jennifer sees the overall of all our conferences, and I’ve had a clue to that, but I’d like her to share what she has seen.
(Jennifer) Well, John, you had the insight about the first three, so why don’t you give that; the setting the stage before we embarked on what I’ll call “The Ruling and Reigning Trilogy.”
(J) Yeah, because this has really been a set of six conferences that you have laid out in Atlanta. Each of them has been in Atlanta, and each of them have been at the same hotel. And they’ve really blessed us and really enjoy us coming, and we enjoy having the conferences there. But we started out in 2009 with “The Coming One.” And in that conference you really… 2009 was a year when things were being turned over and turned up. And people were beginning to really look to themselves and to preparation and for different things, and they were looking to prepare with gold. Or they were looking to prepare with food. They were looking to prepare with solar power. They were looking to prepare for any way to survive a crisis that was coming. And, you know, it was kind of setting a stage for… the conference was; it was setting a stage for the earthly crisis and the Kingdom reality. And so, it was so dynamic to me. It was incredibly dynamic.
(M) The key statement that the Lord gave me was, “It’s not what’s coming. It’s Who’s coming that we need to fear and prepare for.”
(J) So, that was The Coming One. It says it was a message of hope and preparation for times of trouble and crisis. And we had probably the most amount of people come to that one. You hadn’t done conference… It had been years since you had done a conference. And this was the first conference in years, and we had, we literally, the room that we had was standing room only. It was packed out, and we had to bring more chairs in and we had people lined up against the walls. And it was exciting to have that many people there and do the conference like that because you were setting a stage. And then later that year you did “The Body of Christ,” which is ‘transcendent believers in the end times.’ And that was talking about the transcendence of the Body of Christ and the church, and that it was, you know, that we are a Body. We’re all together, united as a Body. But you were leading kind of path. You were kind of laying out a foundation, and there’s been so many people that have been faithful, really faithful to the ministry. They’ve been to every single conference. They basically; they’re hungry for what you have to say. And they come to the conferences. They buy the series and they are, “What is He saying? What is He saying?” And they want to know how He’s reflecting that perspective through your life and through you and His life in you. And so, that one was amazing to me. And then you come up with “The Last Hour,” which was “Chldren, It’s the Last Hour,” ‘treasures for the child, undying love, enduring faith and living Word.’ And basically that was becoming the child. So you were bringing us into a reality of the child, ok. It’s the child who comes in to the Body. It’s the child who’s the Bride, you know? It’s the child, you know, “let the children come,” you know, and become a child. And that was, those are the ones that come that see the Kingdom, that know the Kingdom. And so, you laid out the ground work with those three entire conferences of the stage so to speak; of how Christ is bringing forth His revelation and reality. Would you say that’s a good way of saying it? So then the fourth, fifth and six conference we come in to the reigning reality, the ruling reality. So, Jennifer, give me your synopsis of where we went with that.
(Jennifer) Well, John had the revelation for the first three, and I hadn’t even seen that, and I realized that the Holy Spirit… There was it was preparing the stage, but it was also a preparation of us as believers, of, you know, first of all we’re not to look at what’s happening here, you know?
(J) Umhmm, umhmmm.
(Jennifer) That’s why Martha got that incredible word of it’s not about what’s coming. It’s about Who’s coming. It’s always about Who.
(J) It was a ‘lift your vision higher.’
(Jennifer) Absolutely. Absolutely. Come out of the fear. Come out of the turmoil. Come out of the chaos that’s so easy to look at. That’s not, you know, what the crisis is. The crisis is going to be do you belong to Him or do you not? Do you belong to Jesus? And that’s really where you took us. And that was, you know, step 1, and it’s interesting because that was the first full year that I was with Shulamite Ministries. So all of this, this entire journey has special residence with me because it was in no small part, this has been my schooling.
(J) So the fourth conference or all the conferences?
(Jennifer) All of them. “The Coming One,” that happened in the spring of the first year that I was there full time at Shulamite Ministries. And, you know, I mean I’ve talked about how, you know, the truth is I was saved a couple months like truly, radically born again a couple months after “The Last Hour.” And I look at the first three conferences and really they were so foundational, and they were a battering ram against so many things that I thought I knew about what it was to be a Christian, about what it was to be in church, about Who He was as God. And, you know, in every single one of them, it just upset the ‘apple cart’ of all I knew and all I thought I knew. And that was, you know… So for me it’s a very poignant journey to look back at these, because it’s my journey with Shulamite Ministries, and I’ve just now kind of put those two things together. But starting with “The Reign of Grace,” which came after “The Last Hour” and that was spring of 2012, I mean that was really when you embarked on the believer’s call to rule and reign, you know; and not just to rule and reign at Jesus’ side for all eternity, to rule and reign here, now. And that’s, you know, “The Reign of Grace” you were talking about what that is, what that’s going to look like in the practical. Grace is the power of God to move us through that; all the different things, the fact that He has basically moved heaven and earth to prepare the way for those who are willing, to be sanctified into that ruling and reigning, to be His to that extent, which was just mind blowing, really. And then to move on just a couple months later in “The Reign of the Kingdom,” I think what was so astonishing and anointed about that was in many ways it pointed back to “The Coming One” in that it was talking about, you know, the only safety is in the Kingdom. And this is a time of unrest and wars upon wars and natural disasters, and we’re getting used to them, and you talked about that. You talked about the rise of all these things. It was kind of, I think, a pause, and it was, you know, this isn’t just ruling and reigning for ‘look at me, I’m such a powerful believer’ and ‘look how I make nations shake,’ which there, you know, that’s easy to do, ambitiously. I mean, you know, it’s not hard to like, ‘look at me.’ But you brought such reality, I think, into “The Reign of the Kingdom,” and that was, you know, “What is the Kingdom and how do I get in it?”
(J) Umhmmm.
(Jennifer) And you looked at the very practical surrenders that are going to come with that, that you’re not just, you know, “Weeeeeee, I’m born-again so now all is mine, and everything I say and do is Jesus.” There was such practicality to “The Reign of the Kingdom,” and that ruling and reigning is not some ethereal concept. It’s not some theology that’s out there, some doctrine that we’re just checking off a box. You talked about it as practical living, that this is day to day, that every choice we make, every surrender we make, every time we embrace or reject the cross, this is, you know, a Kingdom issue.
(J) That reminds me of the Scripture when they come back, skipping back and saying, “Even the demons were bowing to us,” and He’s like going, “Well, yeah, that’s great, but it’s really about who’s name is written in the Lamb’s book of Life.” And so basically that’s what you’re saying, you know. It’s like, “Yeah, weeeeee, look at all that we…” yeah, but it’s not about that. It’s about the deeper thing.
(M) And what’s the name of the book?
(J) The Lamb’s book of Life.

Triumph of the Lamb: Upcoming Shulamite Ministries Conference – Episode #441 – Shulamite Podcast

6 Responses

  1. Tammy Hardin says:

    “…we are not ready.”

    Yes, we are not ready! I hear this often from Him. I hear it every time someone cries the words, “Lord come quickly!” I physically cringe…because I hear, “You [My people] are not ready.” And my heart grieves because if we are not ready how terrible for those who are not His.

    My prayer is that He will leave us here long enough for all who are to be His are His and we are ALL ready.

    “But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear Him, who after He has killed, has power to cast into hell; yes I say to you, fear Him!”
    Luke 12:5

  2. Sam says:

    People, you are holding the testimony of a river of deep running water amidst a dry, deadly, end-times enviroment.
    That should be enough to listen to you. Fresh life abounds only through the Lamb, for the Lamb, in the Lamb.

    Praised be the Lamb.


  3. Tammy Hardin says:

    “Have you ever followed somebody and they stop and you bump into them?”

    Only IF I’m following close enough…

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