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Episode #438 – Authority Everywhere We Go

Man and Woman bound

We Live to Bring Christ’s Authority Everywhere We Go
Episode #438
April 26, 2015

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #437.

(J) But we were both that sick. We were literally; it felt like we had eaten something weird.
(M) We knew something was strange; something was going on that was very strange. We knew it wasn’t the food. The food was exquisite and totally fresh. Everything was fresh. We knew it wasn’t the food. It was something else, and we were just miserably sick. If I remember right, the next morning you got up and said, “I’ve got it.” And then what happened?
(J) UhHmm. Yeah, the next morning I woke up, and I knew what it was. The Lord said, “It’s your fault,” and I went, “What do You mean, it’s my fault?” He said, “It’s your fault.” And I proceeded to ask Him what He was wanting to show me, because there was something that I needed to see. And it kinda goes to the same… I don’t know if we’ve done a podcast about this or a blog about this. I don’t remember what it was that we did it, but we talked about a church that we went into where the wife of the pastor shut down the move of the Spirit, and because I was praying against it being shut down and then the Spirit told me, “I have given her the authority. She can send Me away or bring Me in, depending on the authority that she has.” And I was just, that blew my mind. I didn’t realize that we had that kind of authority. So, what He showed me was that because we were there, and because we have the indwelling life of Christ, we are responsible for everything that goes on around us, that Christ’s life has the power to change the atmosphere. And because I didn’t take… Number one, because I didn’t take any authority; I just sat and watched a train wreck. I didn’t take authority. I didn’t… I mean, we were praying. We were praying, but we were praying without power is really what we were doing.
(M) I think we praying to survive a little bit and praying for them, but we weren’t in our position, whatever that is.
(J) Well, I just…
(M) Which is authority.
(J) Yeah, and so, here we are, and if it was the best case scenario, I literally could have possibly had the authority to stop their night from being ruined, and what more? I don’t know. Maybe God would have had something beyond that. But I could have stopped their disturbing the restaurant. I was responsible for the waiter, who was very, very, very uncomfortable with their situation. It was horrible. It was horrible. She’s spitting wine up, and just doing all kinds of stuff, and just obviously, when you knew, she was just drunk. And so, but I could have with the authority I had, I could have changed the atmosphere and bound the spirits. The spirits that were in place; it was clear that it was co-dependent. That was obvious, but probably it was Jezebel/Ahab all day long, and you have, you know, authority over that, wrote a book about it, and I’ve gone through much deliverance and dealing with the Jezebel and Ahab spirits, and I have authority. And I didn’t take that place of authority, and so, literally, like John Bevere says, “If you don’t use the authority God gives you, Satan will take that authority away from you and use it against you.” And so, that’s what he did. He literally… I was bludgeoned. I was beaten by these two people, the demonic that was on them. I was beaten, and I was abused by the enemy because I wasn’t in my place. And so, it’s a major lesson, and you know, the physical exclamation point was that we were so sick, and that we almost threw up, both.
(M) And the issue God showed me is that there is nothing we do, no where we go, nothing we experience that is not for the purpose of Christ, and we went there for our break from work. We were strictly there for us, so we didn’t occur to us to be in the right place. And He showed me 24/7 everything is for Christ; every moment, every experience. And we’ve known that in our travel. Good grief, we’ve had many occasions in restaurants where we knew that lives were changed, but that was sort of spontaneous, not deliberate.
(J) And we had the nights before, you know, the couple of nights before time that it was the Spirit, and it was led by Him, and it was directed by Him, and it was in His purpose.
(M) Umhmm.
(J) It was an amazing thing. It was magical.
(M) Yes. It flowed. And so, I think I’ve told this once in a conference, but I sometimes used to, I would say to John when we were traveling. “Well, now, John, everything’s about purposes. Everything’s purposes. This is the purpose we’re after, and we’ve got to find the purpose, because it’s all about purposes, and I would be real cute about it, I thought. But really, it is all about purposes.
(J) You were cute.
(M) Oh, thank you for grace. But it’s just blown me away because I see that everything is for the purpose of Christ, whatever purpose He has in a situation we are… And that there’ve been times I failed that I knew this lesson before. I was on a Marta train in Atlanta with a young woman with a bike, and she was being very verbally abused by some young men, and I prayed, but I should have taken authority, and I probably should have gone and stood with her until she got off and just made my presence known, even though I’m another woman. But there are other occasions… But I want to learn this occasion. We are to take the authority of Christ over all the power of the enemy wherever we go 24/7. Everything is for Him. There’s nothing for me, first of all. And that means that He will take care of us and our needs, wants, even our desires. Inside His purpose our needs and wants will be protected. It’s not like you give up a whole lot and let Jesus have everything. It’s not like that. You take care of Him and His need, and He will take care of you. It’s a priest’s ministry to Christ even if you’re in a restaurant, even if you’re walking down the street, even if you’re in the car, and He says, “Bless that person that’s going by.” It’s all for Him, and it’s had an impact on a lot of us. And I started going through the Scriptures on the word ‘purpose.,’ and I am just astonished. I know one of them is Paul’s account of the ‘road to Damascus,’ in the Acts. I don’t think it was his first mention of it, but what he said was… God said to him, “I’ve called you for this purpose, and it’s to open the eyes of the blind and to go to the Gentiles.” And of course that purpose unfolded into the making of the New Testament. So everyone is called for a purpose that has to do with God’s agenda and God’s plan. And one of the verses that I think we really don’t get, even though we quote it all the time is, “All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” Well, the NIV reads it this way, “God causes everything to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” And I’m going to make an interpretation of that, “called according to His purpose.” I think what it means is; if you live inside His purpose as your purpose, then God has complete control to cause everything that happens… See, this has worked out to our good, because we do love Him, and we are operating in what we understand to be His purpose, so it’s all absolute riches that are coming out of it, that we won’t make that mistake for His sake again.
(J) And this is not to say that if it had been according to His purpose that it would have prevented my inconvenience, or my being uncomfortable, or..
(M) Right.
(J) That’s not what this is about. I’m not saying that I go in…
(M) ..and perfect.
(J) Yeah, I go and I make sure everything’s… This was an obvious tragedy, and the purpose may have been just to intercede just for their souls.
(M) Yes.
(J) But, you know. I just wanted to say that because I didn’t to think that, you know, when you walk in, because you have Christ living in you, then everything is gloriously beautiful and wonderful.
(M) Good point. But see, Satan had that couple and was in a complete, chaotic confusion and swirl that was affecting everybody, and it did affect us, because we were not under the umbrella of His purpose. We were there in His will, but we were not there for His agenda. We were there for our agenda.
(J) That’s right.

We Live to Bring Christ’s Authority Everywhere We Go – Episode #438 – Shulamite Podcast

7 Responses

  1. Sandra says:

    is very neccesary translate to Spanish all the things that Martha offers us, the are jewels to me. I am argentine and many loved to listen to Martha in Spanish.

  2. Pauline says:

    Bless you both! This has been a Life-changing impartation, for sure! To realize that this authority from God can be brought into any sphere: home, work, neighborhood, fellowship, etc. . . what a privilege and honor from Jesus! I only ‘knew’ this in my head until it was expounded on here and He blessed me with another glimpse of Him, bringing freedom.
    Sometimes reading the Word, e.g., in Matt. 10:1, it’s like: well, that was them; this is…..me — NO – this authority to drive out unclean spirits, to heal the sick . . . is a promise of God that HE will do it, according to His purpose, through a vessel that is yielded to Him.
    “In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; I will wait in expectation for You.” (Ps. 5:3)

  3. Sam says:

    As Irene and Tammy said.

    I don’t remember such an living lesson before. Oh my gosh. What a spiritual slap in the face. What a conviction to our hearts of His authority. Thank you Jesus. Certainly, there are two agendas going on, and none of them takes a break! To be always, at all times, in His agenda, in His resting place. Then, authority just flows out.

    And He showed me 24/7 everything is for Christ; every moment, every experience.



    1. Martha says:

      What a statement, Sam! “Certainly, there are two agendas going on, and none of them takes a break!” That’s the statement of a soldier, always on duty. The commitment of a friend to Jesus, ever available. And then you added: “To be always, at all times, in His agenda, in His resting place. Then, authority just flows out.”

      I will be quoting your insight. You made it easy, and it IS! Much easier and more natural than going off duty and being caught without your weapon and badge of authority!

      1. Sam says:

        Yes… this has to be easy. We may be soldiers, but we are also sheep. A most strange sheep-soldier condition.

        When will we understand one of His offices is to lead an army? May we give Him the position He has, as Captain of His army. Then, whether we have to face a bludgeon or not, He will be manifested, and the swirling darkness ashamed.

        I remember now that picture of Aragorn going sword in hand against Mordor in the last scene of “The Return of the King”. We just follow that His courage, and His brave leading. He makes it easy.

        Bless you, you friends of the bridegroom!

  4. Tammy Hardin says:

    …and He teaches me step by step –

    “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be witnesses to Me…to the end of the earth.”

  5. Irene says:

    Oh my. This was worth waiting for.

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