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Episode #431 – Sovereign Foundation

Sovereign Foundation

Sovereign Foundation
March 8, 2015
Episode #431

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Carole Nelson

(M) So when we three were talking about transcendence, it was because the Lord gave that word to describe what He did through my experience. My experience was different than John’s. I didn’t, I wanted to experience what he had, but I had just peace and removal from it. I was out of it. You were kind of that way. You were removed from what was going on.
(J) I was removed from the whole situation with my finger, and it was like I was looking at myself in the situation.
(M) Umhmm. I wasn’t even looking at myself, and I don’t particularly… I tried to gaze at the Lord, and I think I did a lot, but I wasn’t, it was like stillness, absolute stillness.
(Carole) As I listen, it’s like the Holy Spirit is summing up something. And a summing up is that in all three of these situations there was a foundation present. And the foundation was the sovereignty of God, because if we do not believe in… And in these situations what happens is everything is shaken. Everything is shaken, and only a foundation is left, and I had no idea that this was even settled in me. And it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come into question. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t attacked. It doesn’t come into question from time to time, but I don’t believe that we can walk… I’m seeing it out of what you’ve seen about trans… I don’t believe that we can walk in transcendency without the absolute foundation of sovereignty; that GOD IS GOD. And I would listen to you. You knew that God was in absolute control of this, of your situation. There was never… I don’t want to say never. I can’t speak for you, but I look at John. He knew that this was, God was in absolute control. This wasn’t ‘out of whack,’ so to speak. Things were not ‘out of whack.’ God was holding all of this together. God is God! And if there is an area of our lives that we do not believe that, it will be shaken, especially in times of crisis.
(M) I wanted to tell one more promise that was precious. My husband said something so simple. He said, “do you know in Luke 6 that those who came to hear Jesus and be healed of their diseases, and all the people were trying to touch Him, that he said they brought the sick to Jesus and He healed them all?” And he said, “Do you understand?” And I said, “I think I do.” He said, “I have taken you to Jesus, and you will be healed.” And when I told him I was, he said, “Of course.” And that’s precious. Ok. The other thing about this is, the Lord gave me the 23rd Psalm for my year’s scripture, and my goodness, the transcendency is the Shepherd taking care of the sheep and especially the sheep who are broken, hurt, cast, sick. But I never fully understood “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me. Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me.” And that’s the sovereignty too, Carole, that you’re talking about. His presence… I wasn’t overwhelmingly spiritual. I wasn’t overwhelmingly aware of His presence. The stillness for me and the peace was His power to keep me from that… You walk through the valley of the shadow of death. But as His sheep you don’t ever really go to death. Don passed into heaven, but he didn’t die; He didn’t experience death. But it was such enormous preparation. And that wonderful Psalm 91 I recommend so highly that you memorize that, because that’s… We declared that over and over again and it stood me in the deepest sense of His absolute control. But when we had the revelation of transcendency which is on the podcast that probably will precede this, our excitement and revelation is so wonderful in that meeting because we saw transcendence and we’re still seeing it; that that’s God’s way. And I believe too, Carole, we have a foundation of sovereignty, and even when it is shaken, He transcends that, and takes you out of the shaking and takes you above it. And it’s really, probably the most incredible revelation of His power, His absolute dominion and power for His children. And I covet it for every believer. I just, I just covet it. I pray that everyone in crisis will know the transcendency. I don’t think I knew it as much when I was going through it, as I was when I got out of it and could experience. What I came to the beach to experience was the healing, presence of the Lord; rest and restoration, but what I saw was what God had done. And that shadow passed over me but it really never, never got me. And His authority and His dominion, the rod and the staff, His authority and His dominion ruled, and it was just an amazing experience.
(Carole) Well, I want to say this, because it’s a foundation that He built, that I… It’s not a ‘to do.’ It is something that He built over years, but it has been in your message from the very first of my walking with you. God’s sovereignty and His, God is God, that has always been your message. And it comes from, it come through surrender and bowing over and over and over to that. And it comes through, I believe…   it’s one of my favorite scriptures, and I can’t tell you exactly. It’s Matthew 10:41 has always been, I don’t know. God’s always put me on that scripture and takes me back to it often. It says, “He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward. And he who receives a righteous man, shall receive a righteous man’s reward.” And really and truly, for me, that is a scripture of authority, of bowing and surrendering to the authority that God has given you. And because that has been your message, and that has been what I chose to surrender to, not just the message but surrender to the prophet that the Lord had put in my life, I believe that foundation was imparted, and that He built that foundation in me quite unknown to me in many ways. I was not aware that that foundation was there until it came… The tsunami came, and it was shaken, but that remained. And because of that I was carried. I was carried and I, there were times that, you know, you kind of go down rabbit holes, but He, with that rod and that staff, He always brings you back and keeps you. And it is the transcendency of Jesus Christ. It is His life transcending the situation, transcending the circumstance.
(M) Well, you’re making me excited about seeing the transcendent life. And I’ve talked about it before, but I’ve never seen it in this way. The transcendent life is the resurrected life of Jesus. It is subject to nothing on this earth. And it’s subject not… It’s not affected, it’s not connected to the earth. It’s God’s powerful life in Christ that He talks about. He talks about it in Ephesians. He prays that we will know the exceedingly great power of the resurrection by which God raised Jesus. And that we experienced; that moving beyond time outside of humanity, unconnected to the earth. It’s a transcendent, spiritual move taking place and looking like an entirely practical situation. But transcendence is the life of Christ, the very life of Christ, moving in this earth situation unseen and unknown.
(Carole) I really, when you were talking about transcendency on Tuesday, it’s like all of a sudden, I thought that is what Colossians 1:27 really is: “Christ in you the hope of glory.” It is Christ transcending everything within the Body, and it make me so hungry for that, for His life to live and to be and transcend and rule in everything, every breath, everything; in the practical.
(M) In the practical, in the most low place of the practical, and it’s just incredible. And the lovely people who took care of me were just Godsends and we had some encounters of love with people that were very special.

Sovereign Foundation – Episode #431 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. Annalie du Toit says:

    What a totally precious podcast. What an awesome Christ.

  2. Sam says:

    It is something to be thanked that you always pull out of practical life (good good, the bad and the ugly) the Amazing God of Grace&Love.

    Bless you all for this “work”.

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