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Episode #409 – One Body, One mind

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One Body, One mind
October 5, 2014
Episode #409

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Aaron, and Carole Nelson

(Part 1 of 3 parts) This series of podcasts is laid out as an object lesson to exemplify the point we are making, which is the coming to one mind under the Head (which is Christ). Hang in with us, the message will be made clearer as we proceed.

(M) I wanted to ask Aaron a question because John told me that he asked you, “What’s the difference in our meetings, and your answer was very significant I want to tell you.
(Aaron) The biggest difference I noticed, I think it was the first night, was that here everyone shared, but it was all one mind. It was all union. It was all flowing; different pieces, different perspectives, different aspects, but it was all flowing in the same flow. Like how he was dealing with each person or revealing something to each person was all flowing in the same direction, and I thought that was beautiful. And I thought that was what the biggest difference was, or one of the biggest differences was. Everybody flowing in the same life, same mind; like, yeah.
(M) I think that is the miracle of real Body life. When I was kind of and still praying that church would be formed, I kept seeing one thing. Paul said to the Philippians, “Complete my joy by being the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord, and of one mind.
(Aaron) Wooow!
(M) And he also said to the Philippians…
(J) What’s that scripture?
(M) Philippians 1:27 and 2:2. “Let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel, so that whether I come or see you or am absent, I may hear that you are standing firm in one spirit with one mind.” And I realized, wherever I was at that time years and years ago, that that was the essence of what Paul wanted for the church, and I began to pray that, and I prayed it for years. I must have prayed it for twenty years. And when I began to see it happening, and when it did happen and there was one mind, almost like every person will be on the same subject with different aspects, and we were moving together. I knew. It has to come by prayer, prayer, because it means that every person has to be brought into the Spirit by the Spirit. So you can’t…
(J) The scripture reference is 1:27.
(M) Yeah. Philippians 1:27 and 2:2. Umhmm.
(J) “If any fellowship with the Spirit, if any affection and mercy, fulfill my joy by thinking the same way, having the same love, sharing the same feelings and focusing on one goal.” Wow!
(M) Ok. Now see, in Acts, when it’s describing the prayer of, before Pentacost, “these all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer.” And then 2:46, “Day by day continuing with one mind in the temple.” What that means is not one mind. It means Christ’s mind. That’s why He’s called the Head. He is the Mind, the thinking for the church.
(Carole) That was so cool because it is that Body, it is that Blood flowing. It really is that Blood flowing through the Body, because before you even said Acts, I heard, “Acts.” And I just get real excited, because it’s, it’s just evidence and proof that the Blood is flowing constantly, and it’s circulating and it’s re-circulating, and it’s taking His message and His mind and His thoughts… Does that make any sense? And it’s… Oh, I just…
(M) And what the Blood is is the Life. It’s the Life that’s flowing between us. This one Life. This one Person, and until we come into that one Person, it’s Him
(Carole) It’s His life.
(Aaron) As you’re saying that, John and I have talked a lot the last few months about John 17, “that they be one as we are one.” And in that oneness the very love the Father has for the Son sits in that. And that’s what’s so beautiful to me. And what I saw last night about jealousy in the context of union is if we’re all in union, whatever’s in us good or bad will flow. And so if it’s love, it’s unto life. But if it’s jealousy, it’ll kill the very thing He’s trying to put in: the Father’s love for the Son.
(M) See, Carole, since you were so willing to be so transparent about it… The enemy’s diabolical knowledge somehow is the order of the church, and if he can provoke you to jealousy for the one who holds the secret of your soul, then you’re dead. Did I make sense? So, it’s such an attack of the enemy. Jealously is such an attack of the enemy for division and deception.
(Carole) It is a diabolical plan of Satan, but because God is working all things after the council of His own will, He’s “making everything work out according to His plan,” When that happens, this is just what I’m seeing. If we will admit, if we will confess our sins one to another; first to God, of course, allow that to come up and deal with it; that is God’s plan. Am I saying that fully?
(M) I think so. I think so. (Carole) So even the diabolical plan of the enemy is redeemed by…
(M) The very attack?
(Carole) The very attack.
(M) Yeah. You said it, “The wrath of man shall praise Him.”
(Aaron) The very thing the enemy could use to destroy it, could actually be the tool He used to build it?
(M) Yes.
(Aaron) Last night I was talking to John, and we were talking about it. But Carole’s so wonderfully been on the ‘weapons of our warfare.’ And toward the end of the night I just realized that love is one of the ‘weapons of our warfare,’ because it’s, “His perfect love casts out fear.” It’s violent. It’s a weapon. And I’ll just read you what I wrote. And what I hadn’t seen before about it is that His love, it can be a transaction you to Him but sometimes it can be His love expressed through a person. And as John and I were talking, I just realized that His perfect love in a person through union, you could even say, brings the existence of the reality of that love into your person to tear down false constructs of yourself based on the lie in fear of His non-existence. The fear I have, regardless of what it is in myself, external, financial is more than that I don’t believe His word; it’s that I don’t believe He’s real, because it doesn’t matter how great the promise is. If He does not exist, the promise is of no worth, if He does not exist.
(Carole) It is about existence
(M) Say that again.
(Carole) Mankind has the problem in not believing that God exists, ok? I had a stronghold and a problem of believing I existed unless I was better than… Oh Jesus.
(M) Better than one who you saw Who did exist. You had to be better than and have everything that…
(J) You were fighting… ohhhhhh, wow. But the answer is when you gave the yes, you said, “So be it” to the sovereignty of God, because you believed He existed.. (Carole) I did.
(J) And then you existed. You didn’t have to become… The reason why you were so hell bent on being better than, is because you didn’t believe He existed, and you didn’t believe you existed, so you were trying to self-exist to try to prove that you existed, because of the fact that you didn’t believe He existed. And then when God came and said, “This is who I AM. This is My sovereign Self.” And then you said, “Ahhhh, You exist. So be it.” Then you existed and you became the amazing person you are.
(M) (Laughing!!)
(J) You, you came out. You, you literally your “so be it” made your existence. Your whole struggle to exist, to self-exist, to say, “If you’re better than… I have to be better than you, because I have to prove that I exist. But when you said your yes to the sovereignty of God; when He came and He gave you and said, “Look at my magnificent mountain…”
(M) But see, Carole, you brought it out to the light. You confessed it to the one you felt it toward, and she said, “That’s it, that’s exactly it. I feel the same way. If I’m not better than her, I don’t exist.” And it’s just…
(J) But don’t you think that that’s the solution?
(M) Yes.
(Carole) What’s the solution?
(J) What I just said to you, that you…
(M) Ooooo, oh, but there has to be somebody who exists to prove that He exists. Do you get it? Do you get it?
(J) No.
(M) She saw that I existed, and that I existed in God, and it proved to her there was existence, and she went after it where she saw there was existence. And she went after it in my existence. But in being honest about it, God began to work.
(Carole) I sat there. I remember that day, sitting there, and we’re doing kind of like this.
(M) Umhmm.
(Carole) We’re waiting and things are developing, forming. They began forming.
(M) Umhmm.
(Carole) We were sitting there waiting on the Lord and things were developing and forming; thoughts were forming. I would never have got that.
(M) But it frightened me so badly.
(Carole) And I didn’t get why it frightened you.
(M) Oh, it frightened me because it meant I was going to be devoured. There were people I loved up under my arm who were there to devour me. Yeah. And it frightened me. I can’t tell you how much. And I sat on the floor. Do you remember I got down on the floor and just began to cry and cry and cry, because I felt I can’t defend myself against this, because I don’t even know what’s there, and I don’t understand this.
(J) How did the Alps fit in that picture? …The sovereignty of God that was being dealt with. Was it not?
(M) It was the favor, Carole. You wanted to see the Alps from Ber… from that little hotel.
(J) But didn’t those mountains tell you that you you existed?
(M) No, they told her He existed for her.
(Carole) That He existed for her.
(J) But when He existed, so did you.
(M) And she was in a time of chastening on that trip. She was in this gorgeous place in Berchtesgadten.
(J) Are those two connected?
(M) It is. It is. She got to the hotel. It was blanketed in fog and you couldn’t see the Alps. And would sit in the bathtub and night and cry and pray. I’m sure, cry out to God in that hotel. And she said, “Please, please let me see the Alps.” Well, that morning she woke up and opened the curtains and there in crystal clear purity, clarity against the blue sky, the magnificence of the Alps, and it was God answering her.
(Aaron) That He existed?
(M) So He knew you, and you existed. I think John’s got it.
(Carole) I think you’ve got it, John.
(M) I think he’s got it.
(Carole) I think got it for me. John, I don’t think I’m singular.
(J) Oh, no you’re…

One Body, One mind – Episode #409 – Shulamite Podcast

7 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    After my comment above during the hours and days to follow the Spirit showed me how you all do this as you each take responsibility to submit your flesh to God, in love, in forgiving and being forgiven.
    These podcasts are deep and somewhat difficult to follow bc they are personal and we do not have all the insight and pieces of each of your journey’s but the truths are being conveyed and much more.

  2. Andrea says:

    several years ago I came across the word “sobornost” … this is a Russian word , a holy and awesome word … ..when people of God become truly bound by the will of the Father into a community they take on the obedience of the Son … and they rely for total unity of heart and mind on the Holy Spirit, whom the Father sent to remind us of all the Son has taught ….sobornost is born in the heart of people who love God and follow Him totally and completely …. and who love their neighbour …..
    sobornost is part of the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit ….

    these words are taken from a teaching by Catherine Doherty …. and have had a profound impact upon my life …

    I so deeply appreciate you ….

    1. Tina says:

      Thank you for sharing this Andrea. It confirms something that is forming in my heart and was the topic of conversation with a friend last night.

  3. martha kilpatrick says:

    This message is a little confusing because it refers to a private journey and some events and persons are not revealed. Please stay with us and the main issue of the story will become more clear in the next two podcasts.

  4. Ricardo says:

    Jesús nos Ama y Bendice. En 1a. a los Corintios.14:26. tenemos el ejemplo a seguir, el problema es que El Espíritu Santo es el que Elige, es un Gran miisterio de Dios, este si este no, en Hechos. 2. lo veo claramente por Su Revelación, pero muchos no lo ven. Es Obra de Dios y no de nosotros. Gracias hnos. por compartir. su hno. Ricardo desde Pto. Vallarta. Mex. <

    1. Sam says:

      Translation: “Jesus loves and blesses us. In 1st Cor. 14:26 we have the example to follow; problem is the Holy Spirit is the One Who chooses. It is a great mistery of God: this one yes, this one no, in Acts 2. I see it clearly by His Revelation, but many do not. It is a work of God, not of us. THank you brothers for sharing. Your bro. Ricardo from Pto Vallarta, Mex.”

  5. Tina says:

    I would be interested to hear sometime how as a body you handle when the flesh rises out of one’s own woundedness, lies, etc. in the times that you meet together. Especially as you bring those new in Christ into the body. If someone would speak up and share something that wasn’t true, or may be experiencing the truth of what you share as an attack, offense or judgment…less mature in the Spirit…what does that look like? Because it takes time, love and truth to come to unity.

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