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Episode #406 – The Beautiful Yes

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The Beautiful Yes
September 14, 2014
Episode #406

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Carole Nelson, Aaron, and Jim Pierce

(J)  Well, when you said that, what I heard is when I say yes, does it make it beautiful for other people?  If I had a yes to God about my story, your yes would meet my yes and you would see my story as beautiful, and I would see your story as beautiful.  But if you had said no to your story, you couldn’t even see the beauty of my story, because a yes will meet a yes.
(Carole)  And what I see is when you say yes to your story, it goes out and can diffuse other people’s no’s.
(J)  Ooooo.
(M)  But John, what you’re saying is that a yes person and a no person haven’t got the same connection that two yes persons have.
(J)  That’s right.
(M)  Two yes persons have union because they are surrendered to the sovereignty of God.
(Carole)  Two yes persons make Body.
(Aaron)  And two people in yes seeing and receiving each other enhances the beauty, draws it out more fully and distinctly and perfectly in each story.
(M) …just simply by seeing God for each other?
(Aaron)  Yeah.  But I think it does.  It’s like you say yes to your story and He redeems it.  And somebody says yes to your story and it vindicates it.  I said something to the effect that if you receive your own story it redeems it.  And if I enter into your story and I see it, and I love it, I vindicate your story, because I’m entering into all of the pain that was for His purpose.  And I’m saying yes to His story in you, and I don’t even see anything but beauty.  It’s irrelevant.  It means nothing to me.  I see His purpose, and I’m coming under that purpose to see His purpose, His story in you realized in my story, and that’s vindication of His…  Your story is redeemed when you say yes to it; was vindicated and enhanced, and the beauty’s sucked out and the purpose is pulled out when somebody else says yes to it.  It vindicates.  His whole thing.  There’s a way we can receive somebody so wholly and perfectly that it, it literally enhances and draws out and brings to perfection his yes to all that pain.  And my yes to you, the calling, why He did it, vindicates the whole thing.
(Carole)  And what you just said prompted me to think that it is the vindication of God, and that vindication is proclaimed to the three heavens in Ephesians 3:10.  It is proclaimed just by your yes to the three heavens, and God is vindicated.
(J)  Martha, your yes to your story entreated my yes to my story.  I don’t know. This is one of those things that I believe that it’s life begetting life, that’s a living impartation that you don’t get on your own.  Somehow this is something that is imparted and passed forward.  You literally, your whole, you know, the whole time in the monastery and Him saying, “Can we now be friends?” You did a whole dealing where you put the blanket yes to your life and to the pain and situation that hurt you, and then you were like, “Now, say yes to yours.”  God was able to woo me and draw me and to say yes to Him.
(M)  In Oregon you said, “What if I hadn’t said yes?”  What if I hadn’t said yes and hurt these people?”
(J)  Well, I know from it my yes has been an entreatment of your own yes.
(Carole)  I can look around this room, and I believe we’re all His fruit to your yes that went out as a living impartation, and I wouldn’t have…I wouldn’t.  First of all, I wouldn’t have known to say yes.  I know that takes, that’s just…  God knew what He was going to have to do.  That is your message…  Martha, you know what?  I’m just wondering if that isn’t, that is not the least…  Right this moment my perspective is that is your message is yes.  It’s absolute surrender to Him and we can’t…  That is the message.  And we are His fruit.
(Jim)  The Lord started me reading the Bible again in the Old Testament and the New Testament, and I really haven’t gotten very far, but I’m up to in Matthew 11:27.  Right before He says, “Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden,” He says, “All things have been delivered to Me by My Father and no one knows the Son except the Father, nor does anyone know the Father except the Son.”  And this is the line, I didn’t get hung on.  I’m not hung on it but I wanted…  “And the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him.”  I’m chosen.  He put me in a place where I cannot say no without dying, or under the threat of death.  I believed it.  Other verses, other interpretations to say, “Except the Son…”  It’s Matthew 11:27.  “Who comes through the Son.”  This version says, “Who the Son wills…”
(M)  Do you remember when Paul turned a man over to the devil for the destruction of His body that his soul might be saved?  He did.  That is really, really Paul saying yes to that man.  You will be put in a place…  It’s really asking God to exert such pressure that the person can see the choice.  That’s a big yes to God on Paul’s part to be so committed to that salvation.  I don’t know how to say it.  Do you get it?  The Lord has asked me to do that twice, to the impossible, the people who were absolutely impossible.  Perhaps three times.  And I didn’t understand that it is to people who have said no to the yes of God.  And Paul would not accept their no.
(Aaron)  I had never heard it read like that.  It said, “Anyone who the Son wills to reveal the Father..”  So that’s the Son’s yes to us, to our story, to our person.
(M)  That’s the yes of your scripture to your blog, because of God’s yes to us in Christ our Amen is yes to His yes.
(J)  “For as many as are the promises of God, they all find their yes answer in Him, Christ.  For this reason we also utter the Amen, So Be It to God through Him in His person and by His agency to the glory of God.”  So Be It is like Yes.
(M)  What is the reference?
(J)  It’s the second Corinthians 1:20.  Well, it’s the only reason I use that version of it is it did the ‘so be it.’  But that is so Wow!  So be it!  You’re literally saying, “YES, God.”  YES, YES God to Your choices in my life.  I didn’t like it, but yes, yes to You.  Yes, So be it.  So be it is a huge, huge, huge thing.  SO BE IT.
(M)  One of my life verses that He just pressed on me is, “Resist not the evil men do to you.”  “Resist not the evil men do to you.  When they strike you on the right cheek turn the left.  When they ask for your coat, give them the cloak as well.  If they ask you to go a mile, go another mile.”  But the one that got me was, “Resist not.” I can give you my cloak.  I can let you slap my other cheek, but to resist not?  That was impossible to me.  I couldn’t understand it.  And it has taken me many years to come to this place, to understanding it.  And you are understanding it as a Body, as an experiential yes.  The yes is yes to my, the evil men do.

The Beautiful Yes – Episode #406 – Shulamite Ministries

4 Responses

  1. Annalie du Toit says:

    Thank You. I wept…and wept…not so much because of my own struggles to say yes, but it felt rather like a release in my spirit. I experienced great relief in my weeping because I “saw” Him anew; capable, bigger than my story, able to carry, care, and restore. And also, I experienced a sense of relief like a burden falling from me… I bless you with His love and peace.

  2. Sam says:


    I have found that my “Yes” to Him always means a previous “no” to me. That’s painful, boy. Can a “Yes, Christ” coexist with a “Yes, me”? Well… I don’t think so. “YES” to Him comes parallel to “NO” to our life-rights and life-thoughts… mainly to our own stuff about God. All that is to be trashed with heavenly joy at His feet, and that’s why so very few even find the door, because It is incredible the amount of strength we humans exert to make God join our agenda.

    This is no small feat for the gentiles, and even less for the israelites. The jews rejected the Saviour to this day simply because Jesus did not join their agenda. He did not join their “YES, us”, but instead said joined the “YES, Father” opening His Flesh to the whole world through His blessed sacrifice. The YES of Jesus was so BIG to the Father that it shook the whole jewish nation to this day! Do you see? And I think if He had joined their agenda, the whole jewish nation would have believed in Him. “Oh, yeah, that’s our Messiah, because He did this and this…”

    But He did not fit the thoughts of jews regarding a externally liberating Messiah, and chose a very different way, a stumbling rock in Zion (praised be!). And this is the “way” you are sharing here. The Most Glorious stumbling rock in Zion.

    1. Sam says:

      And in the “YES” of Jesus to God we all find (personally, individually) the GREATEST and most SPLENDID YES we could ever dream.

      That “YES” to us (led) by Jesus from God the Father is yet to be revealed (as we are still here with this body of flesh!). But that will be the most amazing thing ever to happen, when this corruptible shall be clothed of glory, as Paul said: “But when this corruptible shall have put on incorruptibility, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall come to pass the word written: Death has been swallowed up in victory. ”


  3. Pauline says:

    I’m glad this topic came up again because when it was first introduced, months (years?) ago, my thought was: “OK, this is essential.” But I mourned my “no,” which I believe negated my “yes.” (Does that make sense?) So rather than it be “Yes. Amen!” it was more like, “Fine, if that’s what You require, then ‘Yes.'” So heart-less.
    After hearing this message and the testimonies throughout the months (which, by the way, is so unique – only God could have orchestrated this), the Holy Spirit started to soften my cold heart and show me, to a degree, how my story was the only way for Him to draw me to Himself . . . even into His forgetfulness of the hurts.
    Finally, as a new creation, I see and my “yes” is a joyful Amen!
    And, as John mentioned, it was entreated by hearing (CDs, conferences, podcasts) about the “yes” experiences of John, Martha, Carole, Don, Jen . . . not to ignore the “new kids on the block,” just not as familiar to me.

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