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Episode #403 – My Brother’s Keeper

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My Brother’s Keeper
August 24, 2014
Episode #403

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Aaron, and Jim Pierce

(Martha)  You know, one of the things we’ve had to learn, it’s certainly been a dire lesson at times with the Lord’s chastening behind it, is that we have not been willing in the group meetings to say, “Stop. You’re in the flesh.”  Haven’t we had experiences of chastening over that?  We would sit and know that that’s flesh taking over, ruling, spewing, exalting itself, and we wouldn’t say, “Stop!”  If that offends the Holy Spirit, I’m to be on the side of the Holy Spirit and say, “Stop, that’s flesh.”  We’ve had it happen so many times and we’ve just not done anything for the most part.  I think it’s one thing we… No, what?  What is it?
(John)  No, we’ve come really into it. We have really, really, really.  We did start there, but we have really come into where we will say, “Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.  Stop. No.”  I’ve evidenced it many times boldly.  And due to the fact that I was so sorely chastened because of not doing it.  I had a situation where I didn’t stand up when there were several people that were going in a particular direction, and the person that was sitting next to me literally felt my temperature rising.  I was getting fevered.  And it wasn’t because I was getting angry.  It was because I wouldn’t open my mouth.  And I was getting sick.  And you had no compassion at all for my sickness.  All I wanted was some Gatorade.  “Please, just give me some Gatorade.”  You had no compassion.  “I’ll get it when I can.”  I was like, oh, my gosh.  And it was God’s chastening of me.  He was like, “How dare you not speak, when I’m telling you to shut them up?”  And so, you know, I have learned.  I’ve learned my lesson, and I’ve done that.
(Martha)  That’s true, John.
(John)  And as a Body we do that.  We do do it.  We stand up.  We’ll say, “Shhhhh.”  And it’s perfect.
(Martha)  When somebody gets in the flesh, it quenches the Spirit for everyone.  When somebody’s in the Spirit, it gets everybody in the Spirit.  That’s the essence and the power of life and death.
(John)  Life begets life, and death begets death, and that’s just the way it is.  And so, you know?  I mean if we just wanted to, you know, do a morgue, and just all be around being dead, then that’s one thing.  But if we’re wanting life, we have to all be standing for life.
(Martha)  Here’s your not a weapon of warfare, Carole, but here’s the motive.  And it’s just the title of a book.  Austin Sparks wrote, “The Battle for Life.”  That’s what the battle is for, and we have to know how to battle for, have to stand for life and battle for life, and battle for life in each others personal story.  There is a battle for life.
(John)  We are our brother’s keeper.  We are!  That’s the..
(Martha)  Scripturally we are.  Most definitely.  When you your brother sins, go to him.  If he doesn’t hear you, take two witnesses.  If he doesn’t hear you then, tell it to the church.
(John)  And even in a less dramatic and formal way, just, “Hey, let me give you my hand.  Come on. Let’s not go there.”
(Martha)  Well, you correct my thinking a lot of times, John.  I’ll be thinking, and you’ll say, “No, that’s not the way to think about this.”  And you’ll tell me how I should view it, and it’s very, very helpful.
(John)  I am my brother’s keeper.  I am, that’s my job.  I watch out for you.  You watch out for me.  That’s Body life.  That’s union.  We… Yeah, we’re walking through a fallen world.
(Martha)  “Bear one another’s burdens.”  And a little later it says, “Bear your own burden.”  So it’s both.  But I’m passionate to be set on the Spirit’s control.
(John)  I don’t know the mourning thing.  I’m still on the mourning thing, because it gives to me permission to have the pain.  It’s just that to me is really big.  The mourning thing, because as a good charismatic, I feel like I shouldn’t have any pain.  It shouldn’t ache.  There shouldn’t be suffering in it, and there is.  You set your, you set your will.  You set your spirit.  You set your choice.  You set your heart.  And then you go through the testing and, you know, something will come up and there’s pain, and you’re saying no to the flesh.  Yes.  But it gives me permission to know that Daniel had a mourning time.  He mourned.  Because then I say, ok, it’s not out of order for me to have pain.  You think that once you set your, once you set your will and you set your heart, then you’re just beaming in glory.  No, it’s not.  It’s not like that.  You set it, and then you stand in it, and you stand by it and stand with it.  And you have the onslaught that comes against you.  I mean, in the middle of it, you can underneath it.  I was underneath it.  I was like…  I was losing sight of it all, and I had to wait.  And then I had you help me through to say, “No, you can’t think that way.  This.”  “Oh, Ok.”  The enemy is crafty. What are you thinking?
(Martha)  I was thinking that I had to listen to see what mind to tell you.  I had to get the mind of the Spirit for you, and you had to get the mind of the Spirit for me.  It’s not that you’re giving me good counsel; you’re giving me the mind of Christ.  It’s His thoughts on this and that, His view.
(John)  I don’t need logic.  Logic’s just…
(Martha)  That’s what flesh is.
(John)  Exactly.
(Martha)  Logic.
(John)  Sense and reason.  Sense and reason without the Holy Spirit.  I have that.  I’ve got plenty of that.  I can sense and reason myself straight to hell.  I don’t need that.  But it’s cool that I know that Daniel, a man of God, mourned.  He went through the death.
(Martha)  There’s no death without pain.  If you don’t have pain in the cross, if you don’t have the mourning for loss, you’re not dying.  You’ve said it and didn’t mean it.
(John)  And this was for someone even else.  This is the one I was doing for someone else.  This was standing for someone else, which is exactly what Daniel was doing.  That’s right.
(Aaron)  Daniel stood to hear a word for the release of his people.  It wasn’t even for himself per se.  But I was thinking though when you said that about going in the gutter, I was thinking every fear I had, every fear go into, and every fear I have lived in and put on myself and the failure to wait to hear what He said about a situation.
(John)  Would you say that again please?
(Aaron)  Every fear I have, every fear I go into, every fear I’ve put on myself is my failure to wait to hear what He says about a situation.
(John)  That’s powerful,
(Aaron)  In a situation in another person in myself to not have His mind for it.  Fear is to have Adam’s mind for it, not Christ’s mind for it.  And that’s death.
(Jim) In Romans – the last part of Romans 8:17, “if indeed we suffer with him, with Christ, that we may be also glorified together.” I’d read that a while ago, but it hit me and came back to me when you were just talking about your experience. There’s okay to mourn, when if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may be also glorified.
(John)  There you go.
(Martha)  Amen.
(Jim)  Together.
(John)  Together.  Amen.
(Jim)  Amen.

My Brother’s Keeper – Episode #403 – Shulamite Podcast

2 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Yes, a lot of things to meditate on here. I think we have been taught a very different gospel, kind of be-nice-and-smile God. But soonest He comes to show that’s death, and He confronts it fiercely. His gospel clears the way, stands, cleanses, confronts -is violent for sure- but the end is to draw us to Himself.

    The end is not the process. The end is Himself.

    That makes the pain bearable.

  2. Andrea says:

    blessed are those who mourn ……

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