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Episode #401 – While We Wait on Earth

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While We Wait on Earth
August 10, 2014
Episode #401

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Carole Nelson, Jim Pierce, and Aaron

(Carole)  Waiting is an offensive weapon of warfare.
(Martha)  That’s what I saw with…yep.
(Carole)  Is that what you’re saying?
(Martha)  You’ve been seeking it, haven’t you, Jen, no Carole?
(Jim)  Just now, because when he prayed his prayer, the Lord made His decision right then.  The Lord decided to send His angel.
(Carole) But what you said, what you said… what you…
(Jim)  We just don’t know what’s going on.
(Carole)  What you said though, Jim, casts a whole new Holy Spirit perspective on waiting because we… I don’t know, I’m going to say we tend to believe there is nothing happening while we wait.
(John)  That’s it. That’s exactly it.
(Carole)  And that’s the pain of it.  That’s the mourning of it.  That’s, that’s, all of that, but the reality…  You have cast a new perspective of focus that this a, this is a, an offensive, not defensive;  this is an offensive weapon of our warfare.  And there is an end to this means.
(Jim)  “He will charge His angels concerning you and they will guard you in all your ways. They will lift you up in their hands and you will not strike your foot upon a stone.”  Ps. 91.
(Martha)  But if we understood that the waiting period has a validity and an end, then we would not be upset when we have to wait, because waiting is empty,
(Jim)  Daniel knew it.
(Martha) and he knew it.  He knew it.  He’s demonstrating it, and you’re helping us see it.
(Carole)  Yeah, you really are.
(Martha)  But there is a possibility in surrender to the Spirit to wait in nothingness and be content.  I’m telling you, that’s there we have to go, otherwise we go to the flesh, and if we don’t feel good, we’ll go on and feel bad.  But if you, if you can… If waiting is a valid phase of walking with God, that has a fruit of strength, which is Isaiah 40.  I went through a deep dealing with Isaiah 40 in the last 10 days.  Then there is a peace from the faith that you’re simply waiting, and you don’t have to go think.  You don’t have to go talk.  You don’t have to do anything but just do the dishes.
(John)   Do you have something?
(Aaron)  I was just going to say Daniel didn’t know at first.  The angel appeared to him and said, “Fear not, for from the day you set your heart to under…”  He knew it in hindsight.  I think the waiting tested his surrender.  And I think there’s a relationship between the travail of the saints on earth and the release in the heavenlies.
(Martha)  A message, is that what you’re saying?
(Aaron)  I think that verse makes it pretty clear that it is. The angel appeared to him to say, “Fear not.  Don’t despair because you waited, don’t despair because it’s been 21 days, cause the moment you set your heart, there was a response.”  And so, he knew after the 21 days, because the angel appeared to him after.  And the waiting tested his, the setting of his heart.  There’s a relationship I believe between the travail and prayer, intercession, whatever you want to call it, of the saints on earth and that on the heavenlies.
(Martha)  It’s terrifying to know that what the action of the angelic hosts is dependent upon our prayer and waiting.  That is an incredible, incredible idea.
(Carole)  I feel like kind of a broken record, because I just keep going back to “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds,” and that’s what this is about.  The pulling down of strong…  Daniel was after pulling down strongholds, and that waiting, for me….  Martha said the Old Testament is… They are our examples.
(Martha) The picture of the New Testament.
(Carole)  The picture of the New Testament.  If we believed, and I believe the Lord is after that, that faith, that trust, that relying on, rolling over everything on Him.  If we believed when we prayed that He heard us. Period.  End. Pst! If we believed that He heard us and that we are as soldiers engaged in the war, then the waiting is the warfare.  It’s not, it’s really not nothingness.  We may feel the nothingness of it, but it’s not nothingness.  It’s, it’s powerful.  There’s something powerful beyond anything we see going on.
(Martha)  Jim said it has to relate to the suffering.  The suffering is the subduing of the flesh, the subduing of the mind to be willing to wait.  That’s what His command to me was; “Stop fretting.  Stop thinking.  Stop projecting.  Be still in your mind,” is what it means to wait, and that’s the suffering.  It is the subduing.  Waiting means the subduing of the flesh.  If addiction is the unwillingness and inability to wait, then spiritual, spiritually subduing the flesh to be still and wait is the warfare, Carole.  That’s the warfare, being still to wait.
(Carole)  It is accomplishing that for which…
(Martha) You’re waiting.
(Carole)  You’re waiting.  It is accomplishing. It is… I can’t, I can’t.
(Martha)  You’re doing fine.  It’s coming across.  I want to go back to the issue.  The issue for Daniel was in chapter 1: To set his heart, not to defile himself with the dainties of the world.  That’s what I’m on right now.  He could not have set his mind and heart on intercession until he had set his mind and heart on subduing his own flesh, and it happened to be in eating and drinking.  There has to be a deliberate work of subduing the flesh, not so much by fighting the flesh with flesh, ‘cause that’s futile, but when you set your mind and heart in a direction, God meets you in that direction and gives you the power.  The first thing Daniel did was set his heart on His direction, and the rest of his life depended on that initial setting of his heart.  And for us it’s a setting of the mind and heart to please the Spirit.  It’s a…  I think it’s just a choice, a passionate choice of where I’m going with my life.  When God says to me, “Take charge of your life,” He means, “Choose where you’re going.”  Set your mind and your heart, your emotions and your thinking in that direction toward the Lord.  It doesn’t matter how weak in the flesh you are.  It doesn’t matter how…  It doesn’t matter where you are.  It matters whether you set your mind and heart in the direction of subduing the flesh and surrendering to the Spirit.  And does that sound legalistic or is that a spiritual principle?  That’s what I’m desperate to know.  You set your mind, and then you can wait, because your direction is set.  And the enemy will knock you off that path.  You said it derailed you.  All it is, is the enemy getting you off the path that you’re going on.
(John)  I had set my mind and my will and my spirit in a particular direction, and it was tested.  And in the waiting is where the warfare came.
(Aaron)  Umhmm.
(Martha)  Ohhh, I see.
(John)  That’s where, this is where the rubber meets the road.
(Martha)  That’s true.
(John)   This is where you’re set mind and spirit and purpose is tested.  “Do you really want that?”  And I said, “Yes, I want this.  This is what I want.”  But everything was saying, “You’re a fool.”  And I was saying, “Ohhh.”  And I had to wait.  And I had to wait.  See, you don’t set your mind and your spirit and wait like a statue
(Aaron)  Uh-huh
(John)  or like a angel.  It’s painful.  It hurts.
(Martha)  It’s the subduing of the flesh.  Waiting is the subduing of the flesh.  It’s starving the flesh.
(John)  It’s starving.  It’s fasting.  It’s fasting your own, your own derailment.
(Martha)  Umhumm.  It’s fasting your own wants and lusts and just feelings and thinkings.
(John)  That’s primarily, the enemy’s, “ne-ne-ne-ne, this isn’t real. This isn’t happening.”  And you’re like…  You get into discouragement.  You get into despair.  You get into all kinds of stuff.  But that’s where the rubber meets the road.
(Aaron) Hmmmm!..

While We Wait on Earth – Episode #401 – Shulamite Podcast

6 Responses

  1. Wanda says:

    You cannot set your mind or heart on intercession until you set your mind and heart on subduing the flesh. WOW Does that ever make the muddy waters clear. Thank you, thank you. I love you all, and love being a small part of this ministry. God bless

  2. Sam says:

    OH MY GOD: Just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    What an incredible testimony, people.

    “Waiting means the subduing of the flesh. If addiction is the unwillingness and inability to wait, then spiritual, spiritually subduing the flesh to be still and wait is the warfare.”

    “There has to be a deliberate work of subduing the flesh, not so much by fighting the flesh with flesh, ‘cause that’s futile, but when you set your mind and heart in a direction, God meets you in that direction and gives you the power. ”

    The whole of this is AMAZING. Thank you all, this is such an amazing sight.

  3. Ricardo says:

    El Espíritu Santo tiene el Absoluto Control, cuando tomamos nuestra decisión, Daniel la tomo y espero, siempre estamos esperando y siempre se estan cumpliendo Sus Tiempos, somos Su Obra Completa. Consumados Es. les amamos y gracias. r. <

    1. Sam says:

      The Holy Spirit has Absolute Control when we take our decision. Daniel took it and waited. We are ever waiting and His times are ever being fulfilled. We are His Completed Task. “It is finished.” We love you and thank you.

  4. LA says:

    Waiting…has been the theme of the life I am given. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the Word sent out from this Body, and for the very direct and immediate response to the question–who am I?
    ‘They also serve…who (only) stand and wait.’–On His Blindness, J. Milton

  5. Darlene says:

    Thank you for sharing. Your words are a comfort to me as I remain in the waiting mode. ADORATION has been my relief in my waiting. Asking myself am I believing as Mary, am I feeding on the Trust that has set this captive free? May I experience the suffering of my Lord before…in the waiting we ask expectantly… Am I experiencing God cares, may I enter in at the narrow gate and be stilled by the immeasurable presence of Perfect Love perfecting me. Knowing that I am the delight of God. Waiting expectantly.

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