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Episode #400 – Setting Your Mind and Heart

Door through the heart

Setting Your Mind and Heart
August 3, 2014
Episode #400

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Jim Pierce, Aaron, Jennifer Wentzel, and Carole Nelson

(Martha)  But I don’t think you can come into the law of the Spirit or the dictates and control of the Spirit until you’re sick to death of self, and that’s what Paul went through, as a born-again believer.  That’s not contrasting being saved and not being saved.  It’s not that at all.  He was sick of that self, sick enough to demand of God a solution.  “Who will deliver me…?”
(Jim)  It’s easy for me to think the law, Moses’ law, the Mosaic law convicts us of our sin.  For me, my turn was all about lie; the opposite of life is death, lies.  I’ve lived in lie, I’ve perpetuated lies, I didn’t know anything but lies.  My truth was built on lies.  Everything was law, so I got so mad at everything that had to do, with anything that had to do with me because it was all… everything about it was a lie.  So truth is everything to me.  It’s what drew me here.  And Jesus says, “I’m the life.  I’m truth.”  So it’s easy for me just to go right there. But I’m, that’s what turned me was hating the lie.  It’s what you’re saying.  So it’s really easy to …  There’s only one other direction, and that’s my Lord.  I thank God that somebody, that there were those that showed me who that is, that began that process of me seeing Him and learning of Him.  But I was led through a series of events to Shulamite that is showing me.  And now I’m going into the deeper things of how to stay in the Spirit.  I’ve experienced moments of it and maybe minutes of it.  But it is my life, cause it is truth.  So it is.  It started with the hate of the lie.  This is kind of like a side note, sidebar.  The Daniel verse that you’re talking about, was that Daniel 10?  Yeah, ok.  I don’t have the same words it said, but you know what’s really cool?  After he set his mind and waited 21 days while he was doing the fast, you know what was going on those 21 days?  He had to wait for the warfare, for the angels to come down and fight against the Prince of Persia.  Michael had to come save him and send him on.  It took 21 days of waiting for that to happen.  That’s what’s going on while he was waiting.  It wasn’t just you need to wait.  There was stuff going on, taking place and…
(Martha)  That’s incredible, Jim, because what that means is when we have a long wait, there’s nothing going on appearing, but the wait is producing the warfare.  I’m going to wait for the mind of God.  And I never saw that waiting as a principle.  He was waiting in the faith that he would hear.
(Aaron)  It’s the nature of his waiting.  It’s how we waited.
(Jim)  Well, my Bible uses the word, “He mourned.”  “And in those days, I, Daniel was mourning three full weeks.  I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine.”
(Martha)  I’ve been thinking, you were on…he set his heart to not eat the king’s delicacies, and he was able then to set his heart to pray and wait.  That’s important to me.  He set his heart on subduing the flesh, then he was capable of setting his mind on..  What does yours read?
(Aaron)  Daniel 10:12.  “Fear not, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand.”
(Martha)  It’s all about setting your…  if, when you set your heart.  What you set your heart toward, it’s about setting your heart.
(Jim)  All of Daniel 9 is the prayer for the people, his prayer that he waited 21 days to get the answer for.
(Jennifer)  The Amplified version says, “Set your mind and heart to understand and to humble yourself before your God.”  So because, or actually, “for from the first day that you set your mind and heart to understand and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come as a consequence of and in response to.”
(Martha)  But it is a matter of setting your heart and mind.  That’s what, that’s what it’s about.  That’s what Romans 8 is about, about the Spirit.  There’ve been difficult times when the Lord would say, “Take control of your life.”  And I would say, “What?  Take contol…,”  and He meant set my heart and mind where I was going and what I believed.  When you do that everything has to fall off.  Am I making any sense?
(Aaron)  Yes.
(Martha)  We can’t willy-nilly our way through life and let our mouth go wherever it wants to go, because it will always go to death.  Ok.  Today I had an emotion.  It was not a good emotion, and I didn’t know it was warfare, but I set my heart and mind to go in a certain direction and so it disappeared.
(Aaron)  Ah!
(Martha)  I said, “No, no, that’s not where I’m going.  I’m going this way with the Spirit.”  And so it left.  And then later I found out that it was an attack.  So then for me we found the secret of pleasing the Spirit.  It’s what you set your mind and heart on, and you have to set it before you live, because your flesh will take over and run, and then you’re caught, and you’re dragged along with the loneliness of your flesh.  But it’s a matter of setting your heart and your mind, your emotions and your thinking to set it on Him.  And that’s when God hears prayer apparently.  I never saw that before.  But the angel said, “The day you set your heart and mind was the day you were heard.”  It’s just big, and I don’t have…  It’s bigger than me. I don’t have words.
(J)  I’m amazed at the waiting.  I’m amazed at the waiting and the mourning, because of the fact that in my flesh I can get whirled out and diverted into the gutter.  It’s just that I get derailed, literally derailed and thing that something is happening that’s not happening.  I had it happen the other night that I was, got in despair about something and felt like I was being derailed, and I had to wait.  And I had to wait.  And I had to wait.  And there’s pain in the waiting.  There’s the mourning.  That’s what, see?  I’m so glad that they put that in there; “mourning,” because nobody thinks that the waiting is painful, that there’s any kind of… If it doesn’t feel good, then it’s obviously not the Spirit. (laughing)  So, if it doesn’t feel good, it’s not the Spirit.  There’s no way it could be the Spirit, because God only does good things.  Well, no.  There is pain in waiting.  There’s a pain in hunger.  There’s pain in love.  There’s pain in lots of things.
(Martha)  There’s pain in surrender.
(J)  And there’s pain in surrender.
(Martha)  Loss.
(J)  Yes, it’s loss.  You’re literally empty, and you’re waiting for the filling.  And so, he was experiencing a mourning, a death while the heavens were going…  And so often, when I feel like I’m derailed in the flesh, I get all worked up in that.  And I’m all like, “O, my gosh.”  And it’s forever.
(Martha)  No, I’ll tell you what…  To be able to wait and feel nothing is a discipline.
(J)  Thank you.
(Carole)  Ok.  You all judge this, but waiting is an offensive weapon of warfare.
(Martha)  That’s what I saw with… yep.
(Carole)  Is that what you’re saying?
(Martha)  You’ve been seeking it, haven’t you, Jen, no, Carole?
(Jim) Now, because when he prayed his prayer, the Lord made his decision right then.  The Lord decided to send his angel.
(Carole)  But what you, what you said, what you…
(Jim)  We just don’t know what’s going on.
(Carole)  What you said though, Jim, casts a whole new Holy Spirit perspective on waiting, because we…  I don’t know.  I’m going to say we tend to believe there is nothing happening while we wait.
(J)  That’s it.  That’s exactly it.
(Carole)  And that’s the pain of it.  That’s the mourning of it.  That’s, that’s all of that.  But the reality…  You have cast a new perspective of focus that this is a, this is a, an offensive, not defensive.  This is an offensive weapon of our warfare, and there is an end to this means.

Setting Your Mind and Heart – Episode #400 – Shulamite Podcast

4 Responses

  1. Gaby says:

    This is stunning! Huge!

  2. Annalie du Toit says:

    Oh yes,yes,and yes! I have a sister in the Lord who says: “everything I ever did, I never did”.I don’t even know fully everything that happens to us while we wait, but I know it is fruitful. It is impossible for me to take the glory for something I have waited on heaven for- I am much too intimately acquainted with my own failure to perform for the situation.I think it is abiding in the Vine.Definitely painful. Also delightful. Thank you and bless you.

  3. sAM says:

    Just put this vision up against the (sorry) crap that is floating all over the place. “Get and grab it”, “you can do it”, “go for it”, etc… all in the flesh mind and all for the mind of the flesh to rise up.

    This kind of light just shows off how thick darkness is out there… and also in us when we do not render up our darkeness.

  4. sAM says:

    The waiting as a weapon… just amazed at this vision.

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