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Episode #396 – Church is a Symphony

A Symphony

Church is a Symphony
July 7, 2014
Episode #396

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Carole Nelson, Aaron

(J)  The reason why this group is so amazing is because we come here, and it doesn’t matter where we are in the maturity scope.  The Spirit of the Living God is able to bring forth His life in any single one of us, regardless of where we are.  Boom! There’s some, because you’re submitted and surrendered, that Life can come forth, and I was talking to my family. They were asking me, you know, “What do you do?”  You know?  My uncle and my aunt go to a very large mega church.  My father and my mother go to a large reformed church in Orlando.  And you know, there’s, t’s big church.  And they’re like, “What do you do when you go to these little small groups?  What do you do?  Who’s speaking?”  I’m like, I didn’t get into it, but I really wanted to.  I really wanted to say, “It’s the Spirit of the Living God speaking among all of us.  We’re all listening for the Spirit of the Living God to come forth and to show Himself in each one of us.”  And that is the most amazing thing.  And that’s what I hope everybody that listens to the podcast, that’s what I hope always is what’s heard is that literally if it’s coming through Carole or Jennifer or Jim or Aaron or me or you or Jacquelyn or whoever is here, that that Life that’s coming forth…  He’s not a respecter of persons.  He wants to move, and He wants the freedom to move, and if we give Him the freedom to move, He will speak and make a symphony among us. And it’s a beautiful, beautiful symphony among us that literally He’s able to play His song in each of our voices bringing up one and then the next and then the next.  And that to me is Body life.  That to me is church.  I don’t want to hear one person, and I’m not judging any body for their deal, but if you want to know what I experience and what God has been birthing among us is it’s not one person speaking.  You know, my dad asked, you know, “does Martha speak?”  I’m like, “Well, yeah, and I speak, and Carole speaks and we all speak.”  And I think it was kind of fascinating to him that he was like saying, “What do you do when you go to these meetings out here, you know, in Oregon and Vienna and, what do you do,” because it’s not in that grid.  It’s not in the grid, but it’s literally letting the Spirit of the Living God.  When we go to, when we went to Vienna and we were sitting in Vicki’s apartment, and it was Margaret Makinwa, we were listening to her.  The Spirit of God was coming through her about the whole human trafficking and the sex trafficking of the area.  And we were listening, we were involved in the whole relationship with her.  It’s, this podcast is just for us, it’s just Body life, and we’re just sharing it. We just happen to put it out there to let people listen to it, but this is what goes on.  And so, that’s what I’m excited about.  And so you, you, dear woman, you have what you’ve done is, you have laid the ground work and the foot work of all of us to be able to come and not expect it to be any way.  It’s how God wants to move, who ever He wants to move through.  See, because Jennifer could be like over here goin, you know, waving her hand and wanting the mike and boom, I would hand it to her, and then she would add something to this.  And then Carole would, and then it’s a weaving, but it’s music.  It’s not that…  Like it is a tapestry, but it’s vocal and it’s beautiful and each of us is instruments, and…
(Carole)  Well, I had to look it up, but what came to me when you were talking was I Corinthians 2:2, “For I resolve to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified” and that is a secret that I have discovered that Martha lives in as she is in Christ.  She knows nothing.  She comes to life knowing nothing.  It’s those of us who say, “Oh, I know.”  And you addressed that, Aaron, so beautifully.  I could just weep, but I’ve watched her through the years because, as an example.  Christ in her has been that example for me because when He called me to throw out the faith, that’s really what it was.  It was a faith in whatever I thought I knew.  And I know nothing.  And if I think I know anything, then I will receive nothing.  I can’t receive anything, because I’ve already thrown up the wall that won’t let anything else come in, if I think I know anything.  And I watch people sometimes, and I’ve watched them with you even with myself, and I can see it on their faces.  And they’re thinking, “I know that.”  And I know they’re receiving nothing…from the Lord!  There’s nothing.  I’ve watched you receive, and I’ve said this before, but I’ve watched you receive healing from what I called a real whippersnapper, who thought he knew.  He really did think he knew lots and lots.  He was very charismatic, but he was passionate about what he thought he knew.  And you received healing because you knew nothing.  You were looking for Jesus.  You wanted to nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  And that is the example that I have seen is that.  And it has caused me to want to live knowing nothing except to desire to know Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
(Aaron)  So it’s I Corinthians 2 starting through 5?  “For I resolve to know nothing (to be acquainted with nothing, to make a display of the knowledge of nothing, and to be conscious of nothing) among you except Jesus Christ (the Messiah) and Him crucified.  And I was in (passed into a state of) weakness and fear (dread) and great trembling (after I had come) among you.  And my language and my message were not set forth in persuasive (enticing and plausible) words of wisdom, but they were in demonstration of the (Holy) Spirit and power (a proof by the Spirit and power of God, operating on me and stirring in the minds of my hearers the most holy emotions and thus persuading them).  So that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men (human philosophy), but in the power of God.”
(Martha)   It always reminds me of Laodicea because I believe that we’re in the last church age of Laodicea, and the main thing that the testimony of Laodicea is, “I have need of nothing.”  And this is Jesus speaking, “ You say, “I am rich. I have prospered and grown wealthy and I have need of nothing and you do not realize and understand that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked.”  And the solution to that is chastening.  That’s what He gives.  I asked for the repentance that comes.  But you know John 17 says Jesus is praying to the Father the last, what do they call it?  The priestly prayer, thank you, and He says, “This is eternal life that they might know You and Jesus Christ the son, whom You have sent.”  That is eternal life to know Him.  Nothing else is eternal life.  So, I think if we just knew that to do as John says, and it has to be the Spirit giving you that hunger, and it has to be your need that accepts that hunger and it has to be whatever God does in your life.  But I think if we understood.  I’ve been among the ill and like Jeremiah, I do not boast in myself, but I boast in the Lord at the degree of health He’s given me.  I filled out a questionnaire to become a patient of a doctor that I’m very impressed with, and there’s absolutely nothing on there that I could say was wrong with me.  And that is, for me, that’s amazing to be 74.  And I believe it’s knowing Him.  If we only knew what is infused in us physically, mentally, morally, spiritually, intelligently, dynamically, the benefits of knowing Him…  And that’s not to say…  I’ve been very sick in my lifetime at His hand, so it’s not to say if you’re sick, that means you don’t know Him, but the remedy, I think, is to know Him.  And so, I’m so enthused about that, Carole, and thank you so much.  And I’ve prayed that, that I Corinthians 1:2 or 2:2? Anyway, I’ve prayed that. “Lord, I want to know You and You alone.”  I want to have that as that passion. So you ask for it, and He gives it.  But everything is about knowing Him and what He’s up to, what He’s saying.  He never…  Oh, I’m thinking of something that happened recently.  Oh, I think it’s Jennifer’s blog where she was thinking down one avenue and the Lord had whole different dynamic for her, a whole different view and mind of that for her.  And there’s a whole story behind the story she writes.  And the end of the story is freedom.  And so we never know.  We never, never know.  Ignorance is bliss in the Lord, because you are a clean slate.  Carole, thank you for reminding me of that.  I haven’t been there a long time.  But I want to say about Body life with you, John.  I have spent lots of years in the passages in Corinthians about church life and Body life asking the Lord to understand.  And one of the primary things He gave me was, “You are individually members of the Body of Christ.”  And I’ve gone into that many times about becoming you.  And that’s the beauty of this group.  That’s why I want to hear you.  You are an individual, and I want to see Christ in you, and it’s quite selfish why I want to hear you, and I want you to be you.  It’s quite selfish, because I will never know Him unless I know Him in others.  I’m dependent on the Body of Christ both in this room and beyond and back in time.  To know Him means I have to receive Him on a huge scale of input from people.  The other thing that is about relationship, and I think really it has, it’s written in context of marriage, but at the end Paul says…  I may be off on my scripture references, but it’s you submitting one to another, and call no man father, for you have a Father.  And the new covenant is you won’t have to teach somebody, although you do. It’s this passage that says, “Submit one to another.”  And that is Body life.  I believe in the office of the pastor, prophet, apostle, all that, and there’s the place most definitely for that, but the Body is, as John describes, a symphony, an orchestra of different instruments.  And there’s so much lost when there’s not that permission to sing.

Church is a Symphony – Episode #396 – Shulamite Podcast

5 Responses

  1. Andrea says:

    oh my … I weep at the simple beauty of this truth …
    and I weep for all the lost years I was tone deafened by pride and could not hear His symphony …
    a few years ago I was quite ill,completely incapacitated,alone and not able to care for myself …I who absolutely delight in serving others found it soooo terribly hard to have someone serve me … God orchestrated things though that in order to survive I had to receive help from all those who came alongside … and my dearest Friend spoke to me saying “I want you to feel Me, to see Me, to hear Me in those I send to you” ….. I learned so acutely that It was not resisting help from friends, It was resisting Jesus …. when submitting to the Spirit of the Lord in one another, the symphony is heard …and it is beautiful …

    may all your days be filled with unforced rhythms of grace …

  2. Ricardo says:

    Sin intimar como el marido con su mujer, NO hay comunion asi creeo que es con mi Señor, Gracias damos a Dios por su vidas, y por la Vida de Iglesia que nos ha dado, solo Viviendola se puede entender. les amamos. <

    “Without the intimacy as between husband and his wife, there is NOT communion. That’s how I believe it is with my Lord. We give God thanks for your lives, and for the Church Life He has given us. Only by living it you may understand it. We love you.”

  3. Sam says:

    “I will never know Him unless I know Him in others.”

    That’s quite a sentence. It talks of the “musicality” of God. like John put it down.

  4. Annalie du Toit says:

    I have wondered for years about the song of the Levite in the New Covenant. When I listen to you or read the blogs, my heart resonates with every one. There is no discord- only harmony. Its a little bit like the song-sparrow; learning all the bird’s songs and singing it back in a unique way to their neighbours.I believe it is the only song that can not be copied- not even by a mocking-bird.Made me think of the heavenly things requiring better sacrifices.Hebrews 9:23

    1. John Enslow says:

      How beautifully stated Annalie! Bless you!

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