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Episode #395 – God is Always New

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God is Always New
June 29, 2014
Episode #395

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Carole Nelson, and Jim Pierce

(J)  Well, today we have the amazing privilege to have a special guest here among us,  Aaron, who is our regular blogger on “GetAlongWithGod.com” and we have had him all to ourself, and we are very excited about that.  We’ve enjoyed him very much, and he has just come in, and he feels like a family just fits, utterly and perfectly.  He just fits among us perfectly.  So, we wanted him to be a part of the podcast, and to introduce him to you by voice, and you can read his blogs today.  We were pretty leveled by one of his blogs called, “Starting Over,” and you could go back and look at it.  It’s a wonderful blog.
(Martha)  Well, Aaron with his writings makes me cry in airports.  And this morning I wept over this blog where he talks about what John calls, ‘turning over the apple-cart’ and getting and just throwing everything away except the knowledge of Christ.  It is an incredible blog.  He says, “The Lord struck the very core of my own self-loving heart and asked me to start over, to put aside everything I knew and come as a child to be instructed from the ground up, and I did.  So, I remember talking to John a few days later, and I told him, ‘I don’t even know the gospel.’  I’ve talked about it for years and have no experiential knowledge of it.’  And he quotes Oswald Chambers, “If by letting your beliefs go you get a hold of God, Himself, then let them go.”  And I think of Carole always in this because she said she had to let go of her religion to get rid of that.  But then it goes on and on what you give up to know that Lord.  To know Him you have to be as abandoned as He was and holding onto nothing that God wants to take.  And what do I say?  “Letting go of what He has taken and giving Him what He’s asking.”  That’s the cross.  Sam wrote, “Welcome to the club of the ignorant.  I’m learning to appreciate the club members and striving to join in myself.”  And I think that club is us, the ignorant.  But this morning that started a move of the Sprit in our meeting and just enormous worship and surrender to Him.  And we’ve been listening to “Walking on the Water” performed my Fernando Ortega, and I realized it said, “Step out on the angry seas,” and that’s what the world out there is.  I’m challenging us and feel led to challenge you to throw out all limitations that we put on the Lord that are unconscious.  They’re limitation of my ability or my willingness.  I know how angry the seas are, and I’m content with not stepping out in that in my self.  And the Lord is asking me to abandon every restriction, every quenching of the Spirit that I know and don’t know.  And I told Him before going to speak to a group in the northwest that I said, “Lord, do whatever You want to do.  I don’t care how strange, how wonderful, how scary.  You just do whatever You want.  I’m not hindering You in any way.  You’re free of me.”  And He came in an enormous experience that will be told eventually and that had the effect of completely changing my life personally and whoever else, I don’t know.  My challenge to us this morning is something I read many years ago, before there was a Shulamite, before there was a book or a booklet or much of anything but just speaking to groups.  The Lord gave me this phrase from Chambers, “God gives a disproportionate power to an insignificant entity”  and that took hold of me and I knew that was the vision, the explanation, but also the challenge of belief that God could give a disproportionate power to an insignificant entity.  And so I always knew I’d have an insignificant entity, and that’s us.  That’s me, first of all, insignificant in myself and insignificant in terms of any worldly position we have.  We have nothing like that.  We don’t have any credentials.  The Lord told me many years ago, “I don’t want you to go to Bible school.  I want you to stand up with no credentials, so that you can be the ‘foolish thing that confounds the wise.’”  And I didn’t like it, but I bowed to it. And because I desperately wanted to go to Bible school and now, thank you, Aaron, you’ve thrown all that out, because you have been.  But I believe we’re coming to days when we will have to, have to have an unlimited God, and we’ll have to let Him be and unlimited God.  God so respects our free choice, our boundaries.  He respects them as our choice that we have to make sure we have no defenses, no boundaries, no possessions, that everything is for Him.  And this morning as I was driving to Carole’s house for the meeting, I just thought, “I’m so empty this morning Lord.  I have nothing for these people.  I want something for these people.”  And all of a sudden I realized that’s not the right approach.  I said, “I want You to be pleased.  I want something for You.  I want to see Your face.  I want You to see our face, so You get what will please You out of us.”  And we’ve had a marvelous time of worship. But the challenge is, “Throw off all the boundaries.”  Carole had read Oswald Chambers this morning, which is what?  June 18?  So, can you read it now?
(Carole)  It’s entitled, “Don’t Think Now, Take the Road.”   “And Peter walked on the water to go to Jesus, but when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid.  Matthew 14:29-30.  The wind was actually boisterous.  The waves were actually high, but Peter did not see them at first.  He did not reckon with them.  He simply recognized His Lord and stepped out in recognition of Him and walked on the water.  Then he began to reckon with the actual things and down he went instantly.  Why could not our Lord have enabled him to walk at the bottom of the water as well as on the top of them?  Neither could be done saving by recognition of the Lord Jesus.  We step right out on God over some things, then self consideration enters in and down we go.  If you are recognizing your Lord, you have no business with where He engineers your circumstances.  The actual things are, but immediately you look at them you are overwhelmed.  You cannot recognize Jesus and rebuke comes, ‘Wherefore didst thou doubt?’  Let actual circumstances be what they may be.  Keep recognizing Jesus.  Maintain complete reliance on Him.  If you debate for a second when God has spoken, it is all up.  Never begin to say, ‘Well, I wonder if He did speak.’  Be reckless immediately.  Fling it all out on Him.  You do not know when His voice will come, but whenever the realization of God comes in the faintest way imaginable, recklessly abandon.  It is only by abandon that you recognize Him.  You will only realize His voice more clearly by recklessness.” Actually, Martha, I said years ago that the Lord showed me I had to leave the faith.  No!  My faith.  I had to leave my faith in everything I had faith in.  And I wonder when you’re talking if that isn’t something we have to do everyday, whatever we’ve believed in thus far really has to go, and you have to start fresh without anything, and let Him establish and call you to wherever it is He wants you to go.
(Jim)  That’s what Art Katz was talking about in one of his talks.  I thinks it’s called, “Selling All Your Possessions,” that he went to that depth to give away even the faith that you have in the minute, in that moment, in that day, in that life and start over; and everyday, of course, because His mercies are new everyday.  Thank the Lord.
(Martha)  Yeah.  The Lord has asked me at different times, “Ok, throw away your Bible.  Start with a new one.  This is a new life and new day.  All the notes and all the personal prayers and everything, my treasure.  Throw it out, and everything you know, think you know, start new.”  And it’s, I’ll say things sometimes with real enthusiasm, and Carole will say, “Martha, you know that!”  And I read this in Sparks at one time that whatever God is saying is brand new and if you knew it, you don’t know, compared to what He’s telling you.  He brings it up over and over again, the same issues, because there aren’t many.  Really and truly, I believe there are only seven issues of life and they come up in different forms and God keeps going to them, but He give new light every time, and it’s always fresh water.  The thing about the living water, and He says streams.  It’s always fresh if it’s a stream.  And so, that’s, it’s even down to that abandonment, and that’s what Aaron wrote about in his blog; the willingness.  That was, my Bible was my possession.
(J)  Well, that’s been the amazing thing of walking with you, Martha, is that literally I have watched you over and over and over for the last 20 years.  I’ve watched you really pitch your ‘apple-cart.’  I really have.  I would have not put those words on it, because Aaron and I were talking about that about him.  But I’ve actually I’ve seen that with you that literally you come to the… You’re just amazing, you know that?  You’re just really wonderful.  So you come to the, you clearly come to the table of the Lord everyday.  We have to come to the table to eat every single day.  And you come to the table every day, and you do multiple things.  One thing you do is you cast off the offenses from the days prior.  You start everybody with a fresh slate.  Everybody has a fresh slate.  Now there’s dealing, ok, but, you know.  Yesterday’s offenses are in yesterday, and today is new.
(Martha)  You know why, John?  Because I need a clean slate everyday.  That’s the reason more than anything.  I’ve got to be able to come before Him and not be an offense.
(J)  Then the next thing you do is you come to Him, brand new, fresh.  Your revelation of Him, you don’t hold on to past revelations.  Your manna is literally manna, and you for the day, and you take it and then…  I don’t watch you apply principals and things, ‘oh well, this would work here and this is the prescription that worked in that sickness, so here, there’s that.’  You come…  Don’t you see that, Carole?
(Carole)  I do.
(J)  Every single time.  It’s like the reason why walking with you is so amazing is because everything is fresh always.  There’s always fresh bread goin on.  There’s always a new revelation.  And you don’t block…  And this isn’t like a…  this isn’t.  I’m just lovin on you, and I’m going to do it in front of the three worlds listening.  So, you know, you do it in front of us, and you don’t…  It’s not like you come, and you’re like, ‘ok, you’re a newby, so I’m not going to hear anything from you.’  You literally just, you’re wide open.  “Where is God going to speak today?  Where is He going to speak today?”  And that’s my heart.  That’s always been my heart. Literally I’m looking for where is He?  Where is He?  “Where are you speaking?  I don’t care where it is, You can speak in a song.  You can speak in a movie.  You can speak in a person.  You can speak in a baby.  You can speak in an event and the news.  I don’t care where You speak.  Where are you speaking?”  And that’s what you do.  And youre…  When we come here, and the reason why this group is so amazing is because we come here, and it doesn’t matter where we are in the maturity scope.  The Spirit of the Living God is able to bring forth His life in any single one of us regardless of where we are.  Boom.  There’s some, because you’re submitted and surrendered, that Life can come forth.

God is Always New – Episode #395 – Shulamite Podcast

5 Responses

  1. A.J. says:

    So good! This reminds me of a time my friend Sam and I were sitting on the couch having a chat. The next thing we knew, we were praying together for a lot of things, each other – world events, our leaders, etc. After prayer, while we were still talking, we entered into a very deep discussion… there were scriptures being brought up, addresses even – and all of a sudden we both came to the realization that it was God IN both of us speaking through us to each other – because we knew “we aren’t this smart”!!! It was truly an amazing joyful experience. <3

  2. Wanda says:

    Thank you, Shulamites, for sharing yourselves so freely with us who are not a part of the immediate core group. This Podcast has spoken to me so much today, and in some ways has set me free to let go and abandon recklessly. I love you all

  3. Sam says:

    To “pitch the apple-cart”, another way of saying “marching against yourself for His sake.” I loved Carole’s description of “going against her faiths” (pitching her own apple-cart), and John’s describing Martha’s own pitching all along. Also this word is so stricking: “whatever God is saying is brand new and if you knew it, you don’t know, compared to what He’s telling you.” WOW.

    So true. It is so amazingly easy to build up a box of poof knowledge to feel secure and in control. And then He comes with a gold scepter in His hand and a sword out of His mouth and those fiery eyes to bring us to the place of being ignorant children… if we look for the Real God.

    Not many walk this path of getting rid of ourselves (knowledge, wisdom, riches, hiding places, low places, high places) in order to see Him, and thus, really come to appreciate Him in spirit and truth, as the marvellous God He is.

    I also have to fight myself day after day, and say to the old “get out of here and cast into the sea.”

  4. cinthya says:

    So clear,so precious. Thanks God for His Word and life. Love to you

  5. Sandy says:

    Precious, precious people… Thank you for giving to the Lord! You are a blessing more than you know… It’s just to bad that the way John puts it: “see you on the web” is from so far away and mostly one sided… But even so, it’s what the Lord has given for now, and I wouldn’t miss it for anything else!… I love you guys.

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