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Episode #393 – Revival of Holy Intimacy

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Revival of Holy Intimacy
June 15, 2014
Episode #393

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Jim Pierce, Carole Nelson, and Jacquelyn Nawrocki

(J)  What I’m seeing is that to the degree that you will go down into that cavern and allow the Spirit of the living God to excavate your deepest heart’s feeling about Him, resistance of Him, and hatred for Him, to that degree – this is the motivation – to that degree you’ll be shot into the heavens, and you will not go any higher than you will go down.  It’s to the degree, like a pendulum swinging.  If you will only let it go just this, that’s all you’ll get.  But if you will literally allow it to go to the dregs, then it will swing just as far the other way into the heavens.  You’ll experience the living God.  So, there’s the motivation for the whole thing.  He knows it anyway, but to the degree you’ll admit it and go down into there, experience it and feel it, to that same degree will you experience the living God in intimacy.  And so, if you demand all this intimacy but have no interest in going below your most comfortable plateau of acceptable feelings towards God.  You’re just, the only thing you can do is make falsehood.  All you can do is whirl up something that isn’t there, because it isn’t going to happen.  You can’t go one way and not go the other.  I can’t just go to love God.  It says if you say, “if you speak the truth in your heart” that is who will dwell in the tabernacle and upon His holy hill.  It’s only those that are willing to excavate the deep recesses of our heart trusting that He knows it anyway, and that He will bring us through.  So, does that make sense?
(Martha)  I said on the tape if I have a secret, if my life is worth anything, the secret is I’ve been forgiven for murdering my Savior.  If I’ve gone to any heights, and I have, it’s because I am forgiven.  And when you’re forgiven for the murder of God, you are, you enter a realm of His forgiveness that makes it just flow through you.  It’s like, “Forgive as you’ve been forgiven.”  What have I been forgiven for?  The murder of God.  So that forgiveness just is like a river, and it accounts for a recent experience I had of just the most huge…  I don’t think I’ve shared it, but I have with this group.  The sweetest, most powerful forgiveness just came to me.  I wasn’t even asking for it.  Every offense was swept away by His forgiveness of me.  So, we can only forgive in the same measure.  You’re making it a measure.  You can only forgive to the degree that you’ve been forgiven, and that’s why the woman who wiped His feet with her hair and washed them with her tears, He said of her, she loves because, “To whom much is forgiven, there is much love.”  So it’s almost like you can tell about a person’s level of love the degree to which they have themselves been forgiven.
(Jim)  So, what you all are saying, what John is saying or vision is that we’re setting those parameters of how high and how deep and how wide and how long is the love of God.  That’s a question I’m asking.
(Carole)  I don’t know the answer to this, but I’m really wondering how much this has to do with binding and loosing, that we, “Whatsover is bound on earth is bound in heaven.  Whatsoever is loosed on earth on earth is loosed in heaven.”  Do we bind ourselves to death by our refusal to be honest with Him?  Do we loose ourselves by being honest, and we are loosed in heaven.  And I’m thinking about what you said, John, that to the measure that we are truly honest in the depths of our hearts, is the measure to how much we really experience being seated with Christ in the heavens.  And, but the power, I don’t know if this is right, but the power lies with us, the power of, the fulfillment of that intimacy and being really, truly with Him in the heavenlies.  That power lies with us, and we can either bind ourselves or we can loose ourselves according to our willingness to be honest with Him.
(J)  It’s about our choice.  It’s about our choice to allow Him to take us to the depths.  When you choose to allow Him to go down there and excavate your heart, it’s almost like He’s excavating capacity.  He’s expanding the dwelling of your heart and excavating, making room for His own presence and purpose and experience.  And see, what I’m looking for, I’m looking for a holy revival of intimacy coming off of, the launching off of this message.  That’s what I want.  I want a holy, holy, holy revival of intimacy, because people will do it.  People will say yes, and they’ll feel it, and they’ll experience it, and they’ll let God go down into that depths.  It’s the truth.  It’s not like you’re, you know, glossing over your vision is making it reality.  The truth is that all of us hate Him.  We’ve hated Him from the garden.  We bought the lie, and we don’t like Him being God.  Who likes to be, who likes to be ruled over?  Who likes to be that vulnerable to a Being, has ALL power?  Who wants that?  Ok?  It’s reality, but if we’ll go there, if we’ll go there and let Him individually.  It’s not like it’s, mine is going to be yours, and yours is going to be Jennifer’s, and Jennifer’s is going to be Carole’s, and Carole’s is going to be…  I mean, all of this, yes, it’s the same, but it’s all going to manifest and be different.  We have to go to our own.  You know, I had to deal this weekend.  I was asking, “God, take me down there. I wanna walk on that floor.  Ok?  Get it.  I wanna walk on the floor of it.  I don’t want, give me the bottom.”  And, you know, my floor, my resistance to His Lordship and His Godness in my life circumstantially is different than yours.  Mine has John Enslow written all over it.  It’s me.  It’s my no’s.  It’s where He said, “It must be this way.”  It’s all of mine.  And yours are all of yours.  Holy revival of love.
(Jacquelyn)  John, you’ve put words to my prayer.  You’ve spoken my heart, because I’ve just asked that much fruit for Him come from this.  And in my repentance I have said, “Not just for me, but for the multitude.”  And when Carole was talking about binding and loosing, I had another view of that.  I want prayers for the multitude to bind and loose.  I don’t have words.  Perhaps God will give somebody here at the end of this words to bind and loose.  So thank you for what you said.
(Martha)  The conference of Love Reigns was really my passion for people to experience the presence of God.  And so, I kept bumping into writings about the manifest presence of the Lord, the realized presence of the Lord.  But, you know, only one place did I find that the writer wrote about the cost of having His presence.  In this day and age we’re all caught up in intimacy with the Lord, and we make it some “la-la land” that is delusion.  The presence of the Lord, itself, is the most real, earthy, practical experience.  It’s heavenly, yes.  But there is a way into that presence, the price that has to be paid.  And that price is the price of repentance and honesty.  We can’t, the books that just say, ok, you want His presence, you gotta have His presence, how wonderful His presence, but gives you no pathway of what it takes to secure that from God, for God to give that, for you to be able to receive that.  And it’s Psalm 15 is real deep and wide and high for that reason. But for me, the most primal, basic way is honesty.  And see, Satan doesn’t tempt us.  He doesn’t say, “Don’t you hate God?”  Oh, no.  He’s far more subtle than that.  He says, “Yea, has God said?  No, you will not die, and God has withheld something from you.”  And you draw the conclusion that I hate Him, because He hasn’t given me what I need.

Revival of Holy Intimacy – Episode #393 – Shulamite Podcast

3 Responses

  1. Annalie du Toit says:

    As the honey bee is drawn to the beautiful flower, so the pure heart is drawn to the beautiful Body of Christ. Love.

  2. Sam says:

    What you say here is so true. Not only we do murder God, but we enjoy it. As John points, we do need to taste the bottom of our *reality* with Him around this. Somehow, a lot of I would say real *mental sanity* and *soul healing* comes from this raw honesty with Him. The Scriptures say that we must confess being prophet-killers and Son-murderers, unless we want to keep in darkness. His Word also says we go justified when we see our *real* wretchedness.

    Of course, this is a pathway led of the Spirit, the only one capable of showing with mercy our very dark places.

    I bless each of you today, in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit.

    1. Annalie du Toit says:

      I guess its about light and darkness. Lies cannot live in the light. Truth comes to the light. I think we become transparent when we walk in The Light. I don’t think it can happen outside relationship. How dependant we are on Jesus, the Source of Light. No light, no life.

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