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Episode #384 – God is Love, Love Reigns

God is Love, Love Reigns

God is Love, Love Reigns
April 13, 2014
Episode #384

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Jennifer Wentzel and Carole Nelson

(Carole)  I think about the weeks, probably months, months prior to the conference and how He prepared His servant to experience even more deeply the; experience the power of His love, and how He even worked in her death that He could work in us His life.  I’m overwhelmed by the preparation and the answer.  And I was reading this morning, “O, give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name and make known His doings among the people.  Sing to Him, sing praises to Him, meditate on and talk of all His marvelous deeds and devoutly praise Him.  Glory in His holy name.  Let the hearts of those rejoice who seek and require the Lord as their indispensable necessity.”  And I just, I praise Him for His doings, because they were marvelous.  And He ruled and He reigned and He ruled and He reigned in love and not just the way we thought.  Martha, at one point talked about what love is not as well as what love is.  And we are in wonder, I believe, even this morning at the magnitude of His love that is not necessarily the way we would have expected it to be.  So, I just stand amazed at Him and what He accomplished and how He drew us, all of us, to Himself.
(Jennifer)  Yeah, I felt like I had to do this again.  I think I said this after the conference, but this was not a conference on one aspect of love.  This was full-orbed.  This was so complete and the beauty of that is that I think we have a tendency to focus on one aspect of love.  It’s almost like we’re…  I don’t know, you know.  If you’re going to use stereotypes we can use stereotypes, like some people focus purely on the ecstasy of God, ok?  The miraculous, mysterious, mystical presence of God.  And then there are other people who refuse to acknowledge in some respects, it seems like, that there is any other God but Jehovah Makkeh.  So, it’s fire and brimstone and, you know, hell reigning down and strike, strike, strike.  And what was so amazing to me was that the very premise of this conference that Love Reigns, what we were introduced to was that a reigning love is entire.  It is allowing the Lord to appear as He wants to appear in all His many facets, both the rugged, you know, the reality, the love that cleans a bathroom in a hospital.  The fire, the zeal, the love that is jealous and all consuming, the Jehovah Makkeh, the love that will fight someone for someone.  Ok?  That will fight a person for that person.  And then there is also the glory and the bliss and the inexplicable love that I think every single one of us was created to hunger for and to go after.  And they all work in perfect harmony and He is, the Spirit is perfectly, not only capable of but absolutely will without fail bring the right thing at the right time.  And that’s what we saw at the conference.  We saw; I had never expected to see that much, I’ll just say, that much of His face in love.  And that, I realized as I was looking through and I said ok, it’s not that there is one side of God that reigns.  It is not that there is one kind of love that reigns.  It is all, all or nothing.  You get the whole thing.  God is love, love reigns.  You know?  And it was just, I still can’t take it in.  I want words, but I’ve wanted to make that clear.  This is, this is a full, this is a full service conference.  We covered all the bases, and it was amazing.
(Carole)  And the experience of that love goes on and on and on and on,,,
(Jennifer)  Yes!
(Martha)  Well, it’s not only is it a miracle that I got through it with the message.  It’s a miracle that there was a conference because my husband became very ill.  One son turned around from Nashville and drove straight to the hospital.  The other son said I’m canceling all meetings and things where I speak, and I said well, I have a conference.  Well, we have to cancel everything, and I just silently said, no.  People have bought their airplane tickets.  They have made arrangements.  The Lord has to make it possible.  And that was one of our…  In the last weeks one of our biggest prayers is that God would make my husband’s care possible so that I could go.  And it was sacrificial for the family, but they did in such a way that I was completely relieved and able to focus and enjoy and go through it.  And then, you know.  So, I was very thankful.  I just said, “Lord, I cannot cancel this.  You called for it.  You set the date.  We didn’t.  So, I’m counting on You to protect the situation because I had to make sure he was cared for.”  And he was and sent me off with a great blessing.  So, it had behind it a whole drama taking place that much more than I can tell, that His love does reign over every detail.  His love for my husband reigned over every detail and every, every person that came.  And so, he had a good time, I think, with different ones coming in.  And so, I’m very thankful we had a conference and that the Lord did somehow put it together in a way that seemed very orderly in the message, because toward the last two or three sessions I really didn’t know.  I was just speaking what He gave to me second by second.  So, I’ll be interested to hear it myself.  I don’t think I was there.
(Jennifer)  I was just going say, well that’s a perfect example of how He reigned before He even gave you the message to tell us about how love reigns.  Love DID reign.  Love reigned in the months and the weeks leading up to it and provided the miracle and was over it all totally in charge.  And then love sent you into a conference where you stood up in front of people and said, “I’m going to talk about how love reigns.”  I love it!
(Carole)  And it is again, because we say this often because John introduced this.  All of that preparation, meaning the Holy Spirit working in each life, bringing each person to incredible repentance before the conference, incredible dealings, getting our hearts…  Even the people out beyond that were coming, all of those, many of those were involved.  But that is exactly what made it not just another method, but a living impartation.
(Martha)  When we asked or got some volunteers to, some thirty people agreed to fast on the Daniel fast, pray for the writing of the booklet about the King and then about the conference, we had no idea how desperately we would need that kind of support.  We’ve never had for any conference that we organized that kind of support.  And I just pray a big huge blessing on everyone because most of those who prayed did not get to come to the conference.  A lot of them didn’t get to come.  And that I know the fruit of all this will be credited to them because really, we were desperately in need of prayer.  And you were right, Carole, the Lord answered every single request.  We had very specific prayers that I would be able to deliver the message boldly as I should.  And so…
(Carole)  Jen just ignited this in me, but it is because it leads us back to the scripture that Jacquelyn got in Ephesians 3 toward the end.  He did over and above and beyond and exceedingly above everything that we could even think of to pray, ask or just anything.  He went far beyond our greatest expectations.
(John)  So, by this time this is coming out and then you hear these words, the CD’s will be shipping if not shipped.  And so, if you haven’t received your copy of the messages, you can go to livingchristianbooks.com and get the Love Reigns conference and have them shipped out to you tomorrow.

God is Love, Love Reigns – Episode #384 – Shulamite Podcast

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